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WebFocus Web Services Adapter
Information Builders has added a Web services adapter to its WebFocus data integration product. The WebFocus Web Services Adapter enables Web services created and deployed using any Web services authoring tool to be consumed by the WebFocus report server and manipulated like relational data. It allows WebFocus to read the output of a Web service as a data source, and to be called to present data as a Web service.

The product enables customers to author, publish and deploy Web services. It then enables meta data describing the Web service as a relational structure to be automatically created, catalogued and made accessible for reporting or analytical purposes. The same Web service may also be manipulated in conjunction with the other RDBMSs, DBMSs and legacy file systems accessible through the WebFocus enterprise adapter architecture.

The WebFocus Web Services Adapter is sold on a one-time, unlimited user basis. Pricing ranges from $8,600 to $60,200, depending on the size of the server.
Information Builders,
New York, N.Y.,

SAP RFID Solution

SAP has announced a packaged radio frequency identification solution for supply-chain management that is aimed at helping companies manage the data reads from and writes to RFID tags. The product uses ERP and SCM functionality to integrate data from RFID tags with business processes, including packing and unpacking, shipping and receiving, and tracking and tracing across the supply chain.

The solution is built on the company's Web Application Server (SAP Web AS), which enables extension and integration into SAP and non-SAP IT environments. It can be integrated into existing IT environments through Auto-ID connectors for SAP R/3, Version 4.6c or higher, and mySAP ERP. The company and its partners aim to help customers build individually tailored RFID solutions that address business case building, integrating RFID hardware infrastructure, creating solution blueprints and implementing projects. The automatic identification concept is said to enable companies to manage multiple Auto-ID technologies, including RFID, barcodes and sensors.
Waldorf, Germany,

Automate!Program Manager and Automate!Test Manager

Newmerix has launched the first two products in its Automate! software suite of program management, automated testing and change management software for packaged apps. Automate!Program Manager and Automate!Test Manager are aimed at packaged app users who need to manage change planning and quality for packaged app upgrades and implementations.

The Automate!Program Manager provides a centralized location to collect, organize, prioritize and track service requests in the packaged app environment. The product lets developers create customized roles that allow users to add and track change requests, while the development team organizes and prioritizes project activities around them. The product's platform includes versioning, asset management, role-based security and auditing. Automate!Test Manager recognizes changes as they are made to packaged apps and helps developers test critical business processes and transactions. The product also helps testers update automated test scripts.

Automate! supports PeopleSoft. It is sold on a perpetual license basis, with an annual maintenance contract. Prices range from $25,000 to $250,000, depending on the size of the implementation.
Newmerix Corp.,
Superior, Colo.,

Struts Studio 5.2

Struts Studio 5.2 is a Web application development tool implemented as a plug-in to the Eclipse open-source IDE.

The product provides a Web Flow interface that uses a visual 'drag-and-connect' approach to allow for the rapid development and reengineering of Web apps with minimal coding. Web Flow allows users to see and edit the various types of components in a Struts application -- Java classes, XML configuration files, resources and JSP pages -- through a common view.

Struts Studio 5.2 is available in a Standard Edition for $200 and in a Professional Edition for $400.
Exadel Inc.,
Concord, Calif.,

Qt 3.3

Qt 3.3 is a multiplatform C++ app framework developers can use to write single-source apps that run -- natively -- on Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X and embedded Linux.

Version 3.3 adds support for the GNU C++ compiler on Windows. This makes it easier to build multiplatform apps, as developers can use the same API -- Qt -- and the same compiler - gcc - on Unix, Linux, Mac and Windows. Qt applications built with Version 3.3 can now transparently support secure Internet Protocols v4 and v6.
Oslo, Norway,

Openmake Version 6.3

Catalyst Systems Corp. has released Version 6.3 of its Openmake application build management tool.

With Version 6.3, developers can work within the IDE while at the same time enabling the organization to standardize and maintain consistency across the entire build process, all without the need for coding makefiles, XML scripts or build-specific Java classes. In addition, a new feature called Build Tasks is said to make the underlying Openmake technology more easily accessible to developers.

Openmake pricing is based on a client/server model starting at $299 per client and $3,900 per Knowledgebase Server.
Catalyst Systems Corp.,
Glencoe, Ill.,

Sift Service Integrity
has announced the latest version of its Sift software for BEA WebLogic Platform 8.1.

The technology provides end-to-end monitoring and analysis of XML/ Web services business and operations data flows in production environments, delivering the necessary information and context for real-time decisions. Sift provides scalability and ease of installation across .NET and J2EE environments and lets customers see and understand their business, as well as its integrated apps and processes.
Service Integrity,
Newton, Mass.,

Tidal Enterprise Scheduler Version 5.0

Tidal Enterprise Scheduler Version 5.0 is the latest version of Tidal Software's job scheduler.

The product automates business-critical apps across hundreds or thousands of servers running heterogeneous OSs and app platforms, facilitating enterprise app integration and server consolidation. Version 5.0 includes deeper functional support for SAP and PeopleSoft application platforms, and support for OS/400 apps.
Tidal Software,
Mountain View, Calif.,

Veritas OpForce 3.2

Veritas OpForce 3.2 is automated server provisioning software that helps to reduce the time, cost and resources required to deploy servers in heterogeneous environments.

Version 3.2 includes expanded OS support for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 8, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Server 3.0 and Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition, as well as increased capability to automate provisioning for both 32- and 64-bit servers to run SUSE Linux or Red Hat.

Licenses start at $7,500 for the OpForce Server Provisioning License; each additional CPU costs $500.
Veritas Software Corp.,
Mountain View, Calif.,

Lisa 2.0 Web Services Testing

Lisa 2.0 Web Services Testing involves the entire team in automated testing throughout the development process.

Lisa 2.0 uses an inline testing technology to sit alongside and talk to any component that can impact a Web service. Inline testing goes beyond simply mimicking expected user behaviors to discover both the cause and effect of bugs that may not be visible behind the scenes. The product uncovers and reports the exact source of any Web service problems stemming from Web and app servers, network transmission, database storage and retrieval, middleware, other apps and attached components down to the most granular Java and XML code level.
ITKO Inc.,
Dallas, Texas,

Rhapsody Automatic Test Generator

I-Logix has announced Rhapsody Automatic Test Generator (ATG). The product is said to deliver automatic test generation for embedded software development, allowing software engineers to automatically generate test cases from their UML designs.

Once a software engineer defines the scope of the system under test -- either a single class or a collection of classes -- and its interface, Rhapsody ATG automatically generates test cases. This results in high coverage testing of the UML model. The test cases provide full coverage for states, transitions, operations calls, as well as events used in the model. The product is also said to be flexible enough to 'read' the user-defined test cases, analyze the coverage and then automatically generate new test cases for the uncovered portion of the design.
Andover, Mass.,


SiteAnalysis is a hosted testing service that automates the process of validating critical Web site elements, including page load performance, internal and external links, domain names, DNS servers and SSL certificates.

A subscription-based service, SiteAnalysis can be run as often as once per hour, or as little as once per week. Users define testing perimeters and reporting preferences via Webmetrics' Web-based control panel. SiteAnalysis captures site performance at common Internet connection speeds and graphs download times of all embedded objects on the homepage. With the ability to verify that DNS servers resolve accurate IP addresses and validate certificate authority and common names of SSL certificates, SiteAnalysis can also be used to help companies protect against security vulnerabilities such as 'man in the middle' and Web spoofing attacks.

SiteAnalysis is priced according to the level of service subscribed to by the customer. Pricing starts at $50 per month and allows for testing once per day.
San Diego, Calif.,

PowerDesigner 10.0

PowerDesigner 10.0 is an enterprise modeling tool that combines business- and technology-centric techniques to foster greater collaboration between business and IT users.

Version 10.0 features a single, integrated tool for business process modeling, data modeling and UML in addition to supporting the latest techniques such as MDA. SOA-enabling features are supported, including round-trip engineering of BPEL4WS. A new interface to SIMUL8's simulation tool allows business users to adjust processes to maximize efficiencies and minimize operational costs.

Pricing for PowerDesigner 10.0 starts at $995.
Sybase Inc.,
Dublin, Calif.,

Formula One e.Report Engine Version 7.0, service pack 2

ReportingEngines has announced a 100% exposed eAPI and an enhanced report designer for the Formula One e.Report Engine. These new capabilities give Java developers more control in building and embedding reports into any J2EE project.

The new eAPI gives developers programmatic access to a report's appearance and behavior. Java developers can use a single template to serve dynamic, highly customized reports to multiple users and provide users access to real-time data from various sources. Developers can also leverage a visual report designer that features point-and-click wizards and customizable features.

Formula One e.Report Engine Version 7.0, service pack 2 costs $4,995 per license. A license allows one developer to build an unlimited number of projects for an unlimited number of users on one physical server regardless of CPUs.
Overland Park, Kan.,

ETL Manager 5.5

ETL Manager 5.5 is an extract, transform and load tool from iWay Software.

Auditing capabilities now include the real-time collection of information about ETL tasks on different platforms and their display in a Web console. An ETL Manager now makes it easier to create 'source transformations,' transformations that occur on host platforms before any data is moved to the central ETL Manager server. In addition, a GUI is the most visible result of the product's redesign. Cross-platform control has been improved with diagnostic capabilities, adapter configuration and testing. An improved data-flow designer allows users to create ETL tasks that map one or more data sources into one or more targets.
iWay Software,
New York, N.Y.,

SQL Server Comparison Tool v.1.2

SQL Server Comparison Tool v.1.2 is a Windows app that allows software developers and system administrators to analyze, compare and document SQL Server databases.

The tool performs complete analysis on the structure of SQL Server tables, procedures, functions, views, triggers and relationships. The comparison data is stored in tables, and the program generates detailed reports displaying the results of the comparisons and analyses. Users can also export data differences reports to HTML or CSV formats. The product is a read-only tool, and it can analyze and compare databases even if they reside on different servers.

SQL Server Comparison Tool v.1.2 is priced at $99 for a single-user license.
AlfaAlfa Software,
Toronto, Ontario,

Sybase EAServer 5.0

Sybase EAServer 5.0 is an open application server that can power numerous Web sites, portals or Internet apps. The product allows access from browsers and wireless devices, and can execute secure enterprise Web services that help firms react to changing business conditions.

New features include fully configurable caching and load-balancing options that provide enterprise-level performance while maintaining full data integrity, as well as new user wizards that make standard setup and configuration easier.

Pricing starts at $3,000.
Sybase Inc.,
Dublin, Calif.,

Brightline Application Server-Enterprise Edition

Brightline Application Server-Enterprise Edition is a full Java app server platform integrated with the IBM Lotus Domino messaging and collaboration platform.

The product deploys, runs and administers new and existing J2EE applications using IBM Lotus Domino 6, adding standard J2EE 1.3 services to Domino, including EJBs, Servlets, JSPs and Java Messaging Services. The new server can be installed in 15 minutes and runs in a memory footprint that is the approximate size of a Web browser, even when combined with the embedded SQL database management system.

Brightline Application Server-Enterprise Edition is priced at $2,500.
Brightline Technology,
Portsmouth, N.H.,


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