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Pantero SDS Suite
Pantero Corp. has released the Pantero Shared Data Services (SDS) Suite, a product aimed at reconciling data inconsistencies between enterprise business systems. It is said to provide companies with a standard way to design, deploy, and manage the rules that govern data usage and interpretation. The company bills the product as an alternative to hand-coding rules to reconcile differences in data. Pantero SDS is said to automate this process through the implementation of shared data services. It is based on the company's Exchange Modeling technology, which lets common XML messages, and the rules that govern data quality and interoperability, be captured and linked as meta data and then encapsulated in meta data-driven services. This can help to reduce the cost of reconciling data from diverse sources, decrease the time and cost necessary to respond to changing market conditions, and improve data quality and access. The SDS Suite comprises the SDS Editor, for graphical and declarative development of shared data services, and the SDS Engine runtime environment. Pricing for Pantero SDS Suite developer licenses starts at $15,000 for a 5-pack; pricing for runtime licenses starts at $40,000 per CPU.
Pantero Corp.,Waltham, Mass.,

GSX Server 3
VMware Inc. has announced Version 3 of its GSX Server virtual infrastructure software, which is aimed at helping enterprise IT administrators consolidate servers and streamline development and testing operations. It supports Windows and Linux platforms and features improved performance, management and portability. The product partitions and isolates servers in secure, transportable virtual machines that can run Windows, Linux or NetWare OSs and apps. These VMs can be managed remotely, provisioned automatically and standardized on a uniform platform. Improvements include 3.6 GB memory per VM to support larger server apps, teamed network adapter support, and better disk and networking performance. New management and portability features include VirtualCenter-based customization and provisioning of server images/configurations; Windows integration for performance monitoring and event logging of VMs; automatic virtual machine start-up and shutdown; PXE provisioning for booting and installing OSs into new virtual machines over the network; and the ability to migrate VMs from GSX Server to data center-class ESX Server. Pricing for GSX Server 3 starts at $2,500 for 2-CPU servers, and is free for current GSX Server customers with support contracts. A trial version can be downloaded from the company's Web site.
VMware Inc., Palo Alto, Calif.,

SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services
Microsoft Corp. has announced the availability of SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services, a reporting tool aimed at providing real-time information from any data source to any device. Reporting Services is an addition to SQL Server, part of Microsoft's Windows Server System data management and business intelligence platform. The product features integrated analytics that include online analytical processing; data mining; data warehousing; extract, transform and load tools; and reporting functionality. SQL Server 2000 is a business intelligence platform that helps users to build custom business intelligence applications. Reporting services is said to provide an open and extensible reporting platform that industry partners can use to broaden their offerings without building reporting infrastructure. A valid SQL Server 2000 license is required for each server on which Reporting Services is deployed.
Microsoft Corp., Redmond, Wash.,

Crystal Version 10
Business Objects has released the Version 10 suite of Crystal products, which combines Crystal Enterprise with Crystal Analysis and Crystal Reports. Version 10 is said to extend the value of reporting to users by providing greater end-user interactivity and tighter integration with Microsoft Office. Broader app integration options are provided through a new Java report engine and advanced controls for Visual Studio .NET developers. The suite is also said to increase the performance and scalability of the Web-native reporting infrastructure with performance gains across Windows and Unix platforms, large-scale admin capabilities and a new architecture for data access.
Business Objects, San Jose, Calif.,

DeZign for Databases Version 3.1
Datanamic Solutions has released Version 3.1 of its DeZign for Databases data modeling tool. The product is a database development tool that uses an entity relationship diagram; and full support for Entity-Relationship modeling techniques is provided. DeZign for Databases visually supports the layout of entities and relationships, and automatically generates most SQL and desktop databases. New features in Version 3.1 include support for views and Firebird database creation, an improved logarithm for automatic relationship line positioning, and the ability to export MS SQL Server comments on tables and columns to the SQL script. The price is $229.
Datanamic Solutions B.V., Hazerswoude, The Netherlands,

Report Sharp-Shooter 1.6
Report Sharp-Shooter 1.6 is a royalty-free report building engine for .NET. It is capable of creating complex reports from multiple data sources and featuring various report expert export options (PDF, HTML, EMF, BMP, JPG, Excel, CSV and TXT). The components library is 100% .NET-compatible and features support for ADO.NET hierarchical data model with relations, WinForms and ASP.NET Web forms and a data-binding model analogous to ASP.NET. The software package includes Win/ Web Forms viewers and end-user designer for both report templates and final (rendered) documents. Report Sharp-Shooter can be used to create both bound and unbound reports with an unlimited number of master-detail relations. Report Sharp-Shooter 1.6 is distributed electronically over the Internet; a free trial version is available.

SoftArtisans OfficeWriter
SoftArtisans OfficeWriter is a Web reporting product that opens, modifies and delivers native Word and Excel reports over the Web without the need for Microsoft Office on the server. OfficeWriter is said to deliver reports in the format that users want, requiring no end-user training. The product maintains all of Excel's and Word's formatting/styles and advanced features such as VBA and macros. OfficeWriter unites SoftArtisans ExcelWriter and WordWriter in a package that supports both Java and Windows platforms.
SoftArtisans Inc., Brookline, Mass.,

ShellPlus 2.3
ShellPlus 2.3 is a shell extension components package that enables Delphi and C++ Builder developers to write eye-pleasing, feature-rich applications with the help of shell/ namespace extensions. The intuitive component package handles all required methods and interfaces, allowing developers to focus on writing application code. The product also offers a set of VCL components to extend Windows Explorer with third-party applications without having to implement all operating system-level required interfaces.
ShellPlus Development Group,

ComponentOne Doc-To-Help 7 Standard and Professional versions
ComponentOne Doc-To-Help 7 Standard and Professional versions let users create HTML Help, cross-platform HTML-based Help, JavaHelp, WinHelp, Microsoft Help 2.0 and printed documentation from a single set of Word documents. New features in the professional version include natural search, a modular TOC utility, an image map editor, a theme designer and a context string editor. A yearly subscription service is also featured with the professional version and includes new version releases, free updates and upgrades, select product betas, savings on training, 30-day phone support and e-mail support for a year. Doc-To-Help 7 Professional is priced at $999.95. Doc-To-Help 7 Standard is $499.95.
ComponentOne LLC, Pittsburgh, Pa.,

FlowBuilder Version 3.0
FlowBuilder Version 3.0 employs a dual Portlet/ Servlet controller architecture that loads dynamic pages as generated Java classes. These pages can be designed through visual component assembly. Version 3.0 includes a new "Eclipse" interface; a four-step app wizard that generates and deploys a basic J2EE app with workflow in minutes; improved Web app server deployment; automatic server/portal authentication that lets developers leverage the authentication capability of the underlying Web app server or portal; and XSP beans for charting and app navigation.
Trilog Group Inc., Woburn, Mass.,

ASN1C Version 5.6
ASN1C Version 5.6 is an ASN.1 compiler that produces C, C++ and Java source code from Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1) source specs. ASN.1 is an international standard for describing interoperable binary message formats. Developers can use the code generated by the compiler to encode/decode ASN.1 messages conforming to any of the encoding rules defined in the standards. Version 5.6 includes NISCC vulnerability advisory notice patches, improved XML support for generation/validation of XML docs based on a given ASN.1 spec, and support for Java table constraints.
Objective Systems Inc., Exton, Pa.,

World Wide Web Windowing Toolkit (W4T) Eclipse Plug-In
The World Wide Web Windowing Toolkit (W4T) Eclipse Plug-In provides Java developers with a visual method of creating Web user interfaces for their apps. Developers utilizing the W4T Eclipse Plug-In compose Web front ends that serve as interfaces to Java server apps. They can use pre-built elements (components or "building blocks"), create their own building blocks by composition, and integrate them with events and Java functions. The components use rendering kits to deliver customized output for all standard browsers, including Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator and Mozilla. Developer licenses are $129 per seat, while runtime licenses start at $199.
Innoopract, Karlsruhe, Germany,

SftTabs/DLL 4.5
SftTabs/DLL 4.5, a tab control product, is specifically designed for use with C and C++ applications as well as Visual C++/MFC. Version 4.5's tab control supports several styles and tab locations, and tabs can use different colors, display images, use special fonts and display multi-line text with various alignment options. SftTabs/DLL 4.5 supports ANSI and UNICODE character sets on all supported platforms, Windows 95 through Windows Server 2003, allowing for easy migration of apps. A single developer license costs $599.
Softel vdm Inc., Punta Gorda, Fla.,

TeemTalk and ezSnap
Neoware has announced TeemTalk host access software and its "ezSnap" snap-in software for the Citrix ICA 7.0 Client. The latest version of TeemTalk allows companies to access applications running on mainframes, midrange, Unix and Linux systems from any device connected to a Citrix MetaFrame XP Presentation Server. "ezSnap" enables user access from IBM, Boundless and Neo-ware thin clients to the most recent enhancements to Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server for Windows, providing secure and instant access to enterprise apps and information on demand. Neoware Inc.,
King of Prussia, Pa.,

PrismTech's OpenFusion Notification/JMS
Bridge PrismTech's OpenFusion Notification/JMS Bridge is based on OMG's internetworking spec (CORBA Notification Service/JMS Internetworking Specification). PrismTech's implementation can link Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs) deployed in any application server, whether it is IIOP-compliant or uses other object transport protocols. This is said to ensure that PrismTech's solution is generic. This approach contrasts with other proprietary solutions that make EJBs CORBA Notification-aware. These approaches require either the implementation of some Notification Service APIs at the EJB level or the implementation of the JMS APIs at the CORBA application level.
PrismTech, Burlington, Mass.,

Westbridge XML Message Server (XMS) 3.0
Westbridge XML Message Server (XMS) 3.0 now includes advanced Web Services Management (WSM) capabilities. XMS 3.0 is said to be the premier implementation of the Service Views capability. Service Views enable customers to achieve the reusability and interface control that is central to Service-Oriented Architectures (SOAs). Also included with the latest version is SmartParser, a series of performance improvements that provide more than 10 times improvement for some XML-intensive operations. XMS can also automatically generate XML schemas from the WSDL of services and enforce the integrity of each message. Westbridge Technology has also added a wizard-driven "getting started" process as part of a "Self-Start" productivity initiative.
Westbridge Technology, Mountain View, Calif.,

SpectrumSCM is now integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and the open-source Eclipse platform. The integration with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET gives developers using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET programming languages, including Microsoft Visual Basic.NET, Microsoft Visual C# .NET, Microsoft Visual C++ .NET and Microsoft Visual ASP .NET, direct access to advanced software configuration management features, including check-in/check-out, visual diff/merge, pattern-based branching and direct integration with SpectrumSCM's issue management functionality, all from within the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET environment. The integration of SpectrumSCM with Eclipse brings advanced software configuration management features not only to the Eclipse IDE, but also to all applications and plug-ins that are built for, or on top of, the Eclipse platform.
Spectrum Software Inc., Atlanta, Ga.,

Reasoning code inspection services
Reasoning has announced enhancements to its Java, C and C++ code inspection services. The latest enhancements to Reasoning's Java code inspection services include the addition of a new defect class: Database resource leaks can be applied to specifically identify database connection leaks, statement leaks and result-set leaks. The latest enhancements to Reasoning's C and C++ inspection service was expanded to discover and eliminate "dead code" -- code in an application that is unreachable or unexecuted -- as well as object management leaks that are caused by incomplete constructors and operator anomalies. Contact the company for pricing information.
Reasoning Inc., Mountain View, Calif.,

Visible Systems' Razor
Visible Systems' Razor product allows software developers and configuration managers to drive every facet of the development process from its point of origin. Razor is an integrated suite of tools that combines a tailorable issue-tracking system with traditional configuration and build coordination capabilities. The product integrates requirements definitions so all check-ins and projects can be related to requirements. Each requirement, bug report or change request is entered in terms of an issue and assigned a unique issue number. Issues can, in turn, be associated with files that are under version control. When it is time to gather files to perform a release, the files are then identified by their issue number. Razor is based on a floating license scheme whereby usage is not locked to particular clients or users. Prices start at $683 per license for a 10-user license and include every platform at no additional cost.
Visible Systems Corp., Lexington, Mass.,

Red Hat Inc.'s new Provisioning Module
Red Hat Inc. has announced a new Provisioning Module in Red Hat Network that will allow Red Hat Enterprise Linux users to dynamically deploy, configure and manage multiple new or existing Linux systems. The Provisioning module lets users manage the complete life cycle of their Linux infrastructure and includes features such as OS provisioning, configuration management, multi-state rollback, kickstart configuration tools and RPM-based app provisioning.
Red Hat Inc., Raleigh, N.C.,

Unicenter Web Services Distributed Management
Unicenter Web Services Distributed Management (WSDM) is a solution for monitoring and managing Web services across and beyond the enterprise. Unicenter WSDM is the latest addition to Computer Associates' end-to-end management solutions that help users build enterprise-class reliability and security into their Web services applications and supporting infrastructure. By automatically discovering, testing and monitoring Web services, Unicenter WSDM is said to enable firms to closely track a range of performance indicators and rapidly respond to service interruptions.
Computer Associates International Inc., Islandia, N.Y.,

MySQL Administrator
MySQL Administrator is an open-source tool with a GUI designed to provide easy management and monitoring of MySQL database servers. The product is a graphical front end for administering and monitoring MySQL servers. It integrates database management and maintenance into a single environment with an intuitive GUI. MySQL Administrator is designed to simplify and maximize the effectiveness of a database administrator's key tasks, such as server configuration, user administration and database health monitoring. MySQL Administrator is offered under MySQL's "dual license" business model. It will be provided at no cost under the free software/open-source GNU General Public License (GPL) and also under a commercial license aimed at software vendors and other commercial MySQL customers.
MySQL AB, Seattle, Wash.,

Veritas Cluster Server and Veritas Foundation Suite
Veritas Cluster Server and Veritas Foundation Suite software, which now includes Veritas File System and Veritas Volume Manager, are now available on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. In addition, Veritas Cluster Server for Linux is now available for VMware ESX Server. Veritas Cluster Server support for VMware is available at no additional cost to current Veritas Cluster Server for Linux customers with support and maintenance contracts. For new customers, pricing starts at $1,995 per Linux client. Pricing for SUSE Linux starts at $1,500 per CPU for Veritas Foundation Suite and at $1,995 per CPU for Veritas Cluster Server.
Veritas Software, Mountain View, Calif.,

Changepoint Version 9.0
Changepoint Corp. has announced Version 9.0 of its portfolio and IT business management solution. Version 9.0 is said to simplify governance processes around IT portfolio investment planning through the inclusion of automated scoring models that provide an objective calculation of an investment's potential fit according to each organization's unique criteria. In addition to existing bi-directional integration to Microsoft Project Desktop, Version 9.0 also offers bi-directional integration to Microsoft Project Server.
Changepoint Corp., Toronto, Ontario,

Marimba Six
Marimba Six gives enterprises dynamic control of heterogeneous IT resources and a scalable, secure way to manage clients, servers, apps and operating systems. New features include patch management and a new software usage solution that enables tracking and reporting of software installation and usage on corporate systems.
Marimba, Mountain View, Calif.,

IPCheck Server Monitor 4
IPCheck Server Monitor 4 is a Windows-based software and multiplatform Application Service Provider (ASP) service that allows users to detect network and Web site failures early, minimizing downtime and avoiding economic impact. It is available from Paessler GmbH. The product combines a monitoring ASP service and an installable software package. As an ASP service, smaller businesses have the ability to outsource their servers and Web site monitoring to Paessler's network technicians. Notification comes via e-mail, pager/SMS or ICQ as soon as outages occur and Paessler manages all system maintenance and software updates. The IPCheck Server Monitor software is available for download in a freeware version that can monitor three basic sensors and may be used for free for personal and non-commercial use. Full licenses are available starting at $99. The IPCheck Server Monitor ASP service also offers free accounts that include free monitoring of up to two sensors. Full accounts for more detailed monitoring are available starting at $9.95 per month per server.
Paessler GmbH, Fuerth, Germany,

Version 5.2 of CyberGuard's firewall
CyberGuard Corp. has begun shipping enterprise-class firewall/VPN appliances that enable organizations to deploy critical enterprise applications and emerging technologies while ensuring maximum network security and throughput. Version 5.2 of CyberGuard's firewall enables security professionals to create security policies based on deep inspection of HTTP-based applications, streaming media, VoIP, and applications that employ SOAP and XML. New features include enhanced mail/Web server security and performance options, advanced Denial of Service attack prevention and enhanced VPN functionality.
Cyberguard Corp., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.,

Canto Cumulus 6
Canto Cumulus 6 manages multimedia data and introduces Embedded Java PlugIn (EJaP) technology, which allows customers and system integrators to customize the available out-of-the-box solutions to meet their specific needs. All assets can be managed and made accessible centrally in one window, allowing users to create virtual asset repositories.
Canto Software Inc., San Francisco, Calif.,


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