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By ADT Staff

PathWAI Monitor

Candle Corp. has announced PathWAI Monitor for WebSphere MQ V110. The performance management product's integrated configuration and management capabilities can help to optimize middleware environments from a single management console, as well as identify and address performance issues. Additional support for Linux helps to optimize middleware technology across multiple environments.

The product helps users manage multiple message queues with centralized monitoring, configuration and real-time alerts. New features include a browser-based interface and expanded automated configuration capabilities to simplify setup and management requirements and configuration issues. This lets administrators check changes before deployment. V110 includes new queue statistics capabilities that can be used for historical trending analysis and detailed inspection of system health. The product's expanded message statistics provide visibility for distributed environments.

PathWAI Monitor for WebSphere MQ V110 supports Microsoft Windows, HP-UX, HP NSK, AIX, Sun Solaris, OS/390, z/OS, AS/400 and Linux for Intel platforms. Pricing starts at $14,250, which includes installation and training. Candle Corp., El Segundo, Calif.,

SOAPtest 2.5

Parasoft has announced SOAPtest 2.5, a Web services testing product that includes support for WS-Security, MIME attachments, improved load testing features and other features to help development teams reduce errors in Web service initiatives. The release includes: WS-Security support, including configurable SOAP Headers and support for X509, SAML, username security tokens, XML Digital Signature and XML Encryption; MIME Attachment support, including meeting SOAP with Attachments and OASIS ebXML specifications, and sending and receiving text/XML and binary attachments; load testing features, including SNMP and Windows monitors, customizable HTML reports and detailed report histograms; and a WS-I Analyzer Tool to verify WSDL and SOAP traffic for conformance that includes WS-I Testing Tool 1.0 and produces WS-I conformance reports. The release supports JMS and asynchronous testing. SOAPtest 2.5 is available for Windows 2000/XP, Linux and Solaris. Pricing starts at $3,995. Parasoft, Monrovia, Calif.,

Integra Enterprise 4.0

Solstice Software has released Integra Enterprise 4.0, an enterprise-class integration testing suite. The product enables visibility and control of the messaging backbone of mainframe integration, Web services and other complex software integration projects. The suite consists of four main components: Automate, Simulate, Validate and the Protocol Library. The product also includes a capability called Flex-Adaptor that supports multiple protocols on a scalable basis. The Testing module allows users to test message-based components and their interfaces in isolation. The Intelligent Record and Replay capability lets users record message traffic across protocols and replay it in a synchronized way for functional and volume testing. The Simulation module emulates unavailable systems with intelligent business rules. The Validation module sifts though the information generated by complex transactions, and compares message replies, and database and file updates to help identify errors. The Protocol Library contains support for industry protocols (HTTP/XML, HTTPS, TCP/IP, FTP, SOAP/WSDL), vendor protocols (WebSphere MQ, Tibco, webMethods, JMS), and proprietary protocols (Flex-Adaptor provides rapid modeling). Solstice Software Inc., Claymont, Del.,


ASG-Zena is a software solution that allows organizations to manage workloads across multiple operating environments, including both existing and emerging technologies such as Microsoft .NET and Java J2EE. The product addresses distributed operations environments that support "event-based" scheduling, as well as traditional date- and time-based scheduling methodologies. ASG-Zena provides exception-based management, a highly scalable architecture, fault tolerance and role-based security. A single console enables workload management across multiple operating environments. ASG, Naples, Fla.,

Compuware Vantage 9

Compuware Vantage 9 monitors application service from the end-user perspective rather than just monitoring infrastructure components, allowing companies to identify and resolve problems before they impact the business. Vantage 9 lets managers see where a poorly performing transaction has spent most of its processing time, while its English language interpretation of performance bottlenecks is said to enable IT staff to characterize a problem with greater accuracy. Compuware Corp., Detroit, Mich.,


EdgeControlSM is a suite of tools and services that is said to make distribution and management of Internet apps and content easier and more cost-effective. EdgeControl services offer enterprise-class management of a customer's content and apps across the Internet. In addition, EdgeControl can now seamlessly integrate with existing enterprise management systems, including HP OpenView and IBM Tivoli NetView, allowing customers to manage their distributed content and apps via a common interface. Akamai Technologies Inc., Cambridge, Mass.,

DataMirror iFederate

DataMirror iFederate enables firms to maximize their mainframe investments and re-allocate valuable mainframe development cycles to production-related tasks and key business initiatives. The product can be used standalone or in conjunction with DataMirror DB/XML Transform to provide enterprise-wide access to mainframe data types. Data can be extracted directly into a flat file or consolidated report, or it can be captured, transformed and flowed into XML or popular databases, including DB2 UDB, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and Sybase. DataMirror Corp., Markham, Ontario,

Borland Janeva 6

Borland Janeva 6 offers secure and high-performance connectivity between Microsoft .NET Framework-based apps and J2EE and CORBA server-side technologies. The latest version of the product offers certified support for all major J2EE app servers with transaction and security services, including user authorization and authentication. J2EE and CORBA apps can also utilize new callback capabilities to "talk back" to .NET Framework-based apps for two-way interoperability. Borland Software Corp., Scotts Valley, Calif.,

Cape Clear Data Interchange

Cape Clear Data Interchange provides a visual environment for transforming diverse data sources, such as text files, spreadsheets and ZIP files into XML Schema, as well as a runtime capability that securely routes data to the appropriate back-end application. In addition, the product has a host of wizards that analyze new data and suggest appropriate XML Schema-based representations and mappings. Cape Clear Data Interchange requires the Cape Clear Business Integration Suite. Pricing starts at $75,000. Cape Clear Software, Waltham, Mass.,


Intalio|n>2.5 is the latest version of Intalio's business process management system. V2.5 includes Page Designer, a WYSIWYG user interface development environment that lets business users define page layouts and build forms without doing any coding. It runs in a standard Web browser and enables drag-and-drop manipulation of a library of out-of-the-box user interface components. The product is also fully Web service-enabled with Systinet's Web Applications and Services Platform (WASP). Intalio Inc., San Mateo, Calif.,

DevTrack Version 5.6

DevTrack Version 5.6 has an improved Web interface and an Offline Edition. The new DevTrack Web interface allows users to customize the application's look and feel through the support of dynamic user interface-style theme selection. Administrators can define Web stylesheet themes in DevTrack Admin and, once defined, each project can have a default theme. The Offline Edition is a portable version of Dev- Track for users who need to use the application but do not have access to the live central DevTrack database. The offline add-in module allows existing users to access DevTrack from anywhere at any time. TechExcel Inc., Lafayette, Calif.,

Scapa StressTest-Express

Scapa StressTest-Express is a load-testing tool that analyzes the scalability, reliability and performance of Web applications. It is based on the Eclipse platform, and provides a high level of integration and interoperability with IBM WebSphere Studio. The product captures, generates and simulates user activity and behavior to ensure the performance of Web applications before deployment and monitors it on an ongoing basis. Scapa StressTest-Express allows users to dynamically control load and visualize test results through the GUI. Historic test data can be automatically replayed at the touch of a button, and is said to facilitate export of test results to third-party reporting tools. Pricing is $1,750 per Web developer for an unlimited number of simulated users. Scapa Technologies, Edinburgh, Scotland,

IxChariot 5.0

Ixia has announced IxChariot 5.0, the first Ixia-developed product based on the acquisition of Net-IQ's Chariot source code. The product offers expanded IPv6 functionality and is said to be capable of emulating transaction rates at extremely high speeds. IxChariot integrates all current NetIQ Chariot features with a range of Ixia-designed functionality into a single software release for Ixia hardware, Sun Solaris, HP-UX and PC platforms. Users can use the app to stage new devices/apps and then measure the impact of protocol and application changes before they are implemented. Ixia, Calabasas, Calif.,

MetaEdit+ Version 4.0

MetaEdit+ Version 4.0 is a customizable modeling and code generation environment that is aimed at expert developers looking to gain productivity by generating full code directly from models. The MetaEdit+ environment includes Method Workbench, which experienced developers use to define a modeling language as a meta model, and a code generator to turn the model into code. Version 4.0 provides an API connectivity tool based on the .NET/SOAP/ Web services standard API that allows tool integration. The new version also extends modeling support with ports and enhanced reuse support. Platform support now covers Windows XP/2000 as well as Windows 98/NT 4, Linux, HP-UX and Solaris. MetaCase, Jyvaskyla, Finland,

Statemate NodeAllocator

Statemate NodeAllocator automates the allocation of functional requirements and specs to the physical architecture. The product is said to expand upon the core capabilities of Statemate, I-Logix's systems design and analysis tool, by automating the process of defining complex interface definitions with clear descriptions and documentation done by developers when moving from the functional architecture to the physical architecture. NodeAllocator also provides bus and communication loading estimates to analyze network performance, enabling distribution tradeoffs to be made up front. Model checking capabilities that check signals between functions in the new architecture are also included. Pricing for Statemate NodeAllocator starts at $10,000. I-Logix, Andover, Mass.,

Xpediter/DevEnterprise 4.0

Xpediter/DevEnterprise 4.0 analyzes and understands components in apps by assisting in the identification of business logic to simplify its reuse in other applications. The product can also provide insight into how an application change could impact multiple apps. Version 4.0 includes a Metadata Analyzer that responds to the business need for identifying the impact of changes across apps. Compuware Corp., Detroit, Mich.,

SpatialFX Version 3.3

ObjectFX has delivered Version 3.3 of its SpatialFX software platform. The product is said to provide Location Based Services (LBS) software based on Java J2EE standards that support intelligent asset management capabilities through the integration of business information with Web-enabled spatial interfaces such as mapping, vehicle routing and other spatial operations. Version 3.3 also has advanced Web and J2EE capabilities. ObjectFX Corp., Minneapolis, Minn.,


Logic Programming Associates has updated WebFlex, its Web-based Expert System dev tool. The product allows AI developers to deliver commercial rule-based systems, expert systems and knowledge-based systems on the Internet. WebFlex offers an integrated solution that runs out of the box as a CGI app on most commercial Web servers using industry standards. The product can define the appearance of runtime questions using Flex KSL, automatically generate HTML and integrate with existing HTML files, and automatically generate JavaScript for validation of user data input. Pricing ranges from $2,000 to $5,000. Logic Programming Associates Ltd., London, England,

Covigo Portal Enhancement Suite for BEA WebLogic Portal Server

The Covigo Portal Enhancement Suite for BEA WebLogic Portal Server provides traveling executives, field service technicians and sales personnel with offline and wireless access to BEA portal apps and data on their laptops and PDAs. Mobile users can perform transactions offline and then sync the stored information once they are back online. Using Covigo, BEA WebLogic portal apps only have to be built once for deployment across all laptop and PDA types. Covigo Inc., Menlo Park, Calif., QACenter Performance Edition Version 5.0 Compuware has announced Version 5.0 of its QACenter Performance Edition enterprise performance testing solution. Version 5.0 includes a new Visual Navigation interface with full graphical displays of captured Web pages, as well as new agentless monitoring that allows users to monitor server performance in real time. The latest version also integrates with Compuware's Vantage app monitoring solution to provide granular breakdowns of transactions so testers can understand performance problems within the context of the client/network/server relationship. Pricing for QACenter Performance Edition Version 5.0 starts at $35,000. Compuware Corp., Detroit, Mich.,

Ektron CMS300 Version 4.0

Ektron CMS300 Version 4.0 is a browser-based XML content management system designed to manage HTML, XHTML and XML content in an environment that scales for nearly any project size. The latest version includes eWebEditPro+XML, an editing tool to hide XML and XSLT complexities from business and technical users. Also included in Version 4.0 is a new Design Mode feature that automates the manual step of creating XML structure and supporting documents (XSLTs, Schemas, etc.). Pricing for Ektron CMS300 Version 4.0 is $4,999 for a 10-user license and $19,999 for enterprise licensing. Ektron, Amherst, N.H.,

JReport 6

Jinfonet Software has released JReport 6, a Web-based solution that combines production reporting with ad hoc querying and analysis. The product is built on a 100% J2EE platform and is said to seamlessly integrate into existing IT environments. JReport supports data sources, including user-defined data sources, and is capable of preserving and generating reports based on the data structure inherent in hierarchical data sources like XML and EJBs. JReport also features a server performance and profiling tool that lets system administrators drill down into a server to log, monitor and profile system status and performance. Jinfonet Software, Rockville, Md.,

Certive Server

Certive Server uses a model-driven architecture to automate data integration and management. Certive Server provides the runtime environment for Certive solution models, manages all aspects of execution, stores and manages appropriate sets of data and meta data, and provides the resulting set of data services. It is native Java middleware, and does not require any additional components to function. The server speaks SQL92 and SQL99 OLAP protocols to ensure interoperability with industry-standard app servers. Certive Corp., Redwood City, Calif.,


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