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By ADT Staff

Keel 2.0

Keel 2.0 is an open-source Java server-side meta-framework or “framework of frameworks” that provides standard interfaces for a variety of other open-source frameworks and components.

The latest release offers a service-based component architecture that allows developers to plug in the best components from any standards-based, open-source library in their system and then upgrade to future components without having to rewrite the code. Services see each other as “black boxes” with clear boundaries that are said to protect developers from being locked into a specific implementation environment.

Version 2.0 offers persistence service that has been decoupled from the core of Keel to give developers more options for tasks such as organization and storage.

An automated build system compiles Java code, while a new workflow editor allows applications to be modified or rearranged in minutes. Keel 2.0 utilizes Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS) as its default security mechanism. However, the product can also make use of virtually any security architecture already in place.

The Keel Group Ltd., Reston, Va.,

Network Director 2.5

Blue Titan Software Inc. has announced Network Director 2.5, an enterprise service-oriented architecture (SOA) Fabric.

The product consists of three software components: Blue Titan Manager, which provides policy creation, persistence and state management functions; Blue Titan Engine, which propagates policy updates; and Blue Titan Control Point, which executes and enforces policy.

Version 2.5 is now said to be scalable up to 2,000 messages per second in a distributed deployment using only commodity-based Linux hardware. Throughput is said to be throttled and increased without administrative effort in configuration or deployment; and deployment can be delivered across multiple network topologies and line-of-business boundaries in a geographically transparent manner.

Blue Titan Software Inc., San Francisco, Calif.,

ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2004 v1

ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2004 v1 is a component subscription service that includes PDF for .NET, 15 new features for ComponentOne VSFlexGrid Pro 8, and more than 60 new features and enhancements for .NET and ASP.NET products.

The service includes an integrated framework for developing enterprise-style .NET, ASP.NET, Mobile and ActiveX applications. The ComponentOne Studio Enterprise Framework targets all runtime environments and application layers, including transformation, reporting, presentation and data.

A new PDF for .NET component supports features in PDF specification, including security, compression, hyperlinking and file attachments.

The full version of ComponentOne Studio Enterprise, available electronically via ESD, is priced at $899.95. Current ComponentOne customers can upgrade to ComponentOne Studio Enterprise for $599.95. Boxed versions of ComponentOne Studio Enterprise will be available on February 17, 2004. All Subscriptions automatically deliver the latest releases for components included in each Studio Subscription, new product releases, free updates and upgrades, select product betas and e-mail support for one year.

ComponentOne LLC, Pittsburgh, Pa.,

Realbasic 5 for Windows

Real Software has released Realbasic 5 for Windows, a development tool that enables Windows users of all levels to create custom applications and compile them for both Windows and Macintosh.

The product supports Windows-specific features such as ActiveX/COM, Registry access and Win32 API calls. Windows applications created with Realbasic do not require an installer or DLLS.

Pricing starts at $99.95. Pricing for Realbasic 5 Professional Edition, which is required for cross-platform compilation, starts at $399.95.

Real Software, Austin, Texas,

Version 5.0 of Q-Link app dev platform

Q-Link Technologies has announced Version 5.0 of its app dev platform designed to reduce the complexity, time and cost of developing J2EE apps.

The product’s architecture is said to enable developers, utilizing reusable components, to assemble every aspect of an app -- from the design of the user interface to the definition of the workflow and business rules. With the 5.0 release, Q-Link has added functionality, based on the new XForm standard, which enables developers to visually assemble forms by dragging components from a toolbox onto a form canvas. As each element of the form is added, a unique dialog is displayed that allows developers to configure the form element properties.

Q-Link Technologies Inc., Tampa, Fla.,

SciTech Snap Graphics for Linux 2.0

SciTech Snap Graphics for Linux 2.0 targets the Linux enterprise markets with a host of features designed to reduce the total cost of ownership associated with maintaining Linux on corporate enterprises.

The product allows for a single device driver solution to be deployed across an entire enterprise. Both X11 and Qt are supported -- on virtually all graphics chipsets -- in one package. The solution also delivers advanced 2-D acceleration for business users, plug-and-play support, and supports all versions of Xfree86 4.0.2 to 4.3.0 with consistent device support.

SciTech Software Inc., Chico, Calif.,

Actuate Active Portal for .NET

Actuate Active Portal for .NET, a new component of Actuate 7, enables organizations that have standardized on the Microsoft platform to build and deploy Information Applications.

The product provides Visual Studio .NET developers who are building information applications, such as performance dashboard or information portals, with a set of pre-built ASP.NET pages and a library of ASP.NET user controls. Developers can also tailor their Web-based user interface for Information Apps or integrate reporting and analytic content from Actuate iServer with existing ASP-based apps.

Actuate Corp., South San Francisco, Calif.,

Teamstudio Analyzer for Java Edition 3

Teamstudio has released Edition 3 of Teamstudio Analyzer for Java, its best-practices audit tool for Java developers.

The latest edition features autofix and reporting, in addition to 192 rules that address coding issues such as standards compliance, unused elements, common coding errors and J2EE compliance.

Licenses include one year of maintenance and unlimited technical support for the life of the then-current maintenance agreement.

Teamstudio Inc., Beverly, Mass.,

Python Version 2.2.3

The Python Software Foundation has released Version 2.2.3 of the Python programming language. This maintenance release introduces more than 120 enhancements to the language and its extensive standard libraries.

Among Python’s key features are object orientation, modular name spaces, exceptions and multithreading; high-level dynamic data typing and very late binding; String and regular expression processing; and unit testing, profiling and documentation generation.

Python Software Foundation, Fredericksburg, Va.,

Application Data Management 3.0

OuterBay has announced Application Data Management (ADM) 3.0, an integrated software suite to manage data growth across apps, databases and storage infrastructure.

Version 3.0 includes new functionality that allows companies to take a life-cycle approach to managing data based on its value to the organization at a given point in time. The suite enables enterprises to monitor and forecast data growth, set and enforce data retention policies, and relocate or archive data to the most cost-effective storage class. The suite’s Instance Generator allows enterprises to create smaller, relationally intact subsets of their production database.

Outerbay, Campbell, Calif.,

Visual CE for Windows Mobile 2003

Visual CE for Windows Mobile 2003 is database and forms development software for the newest generation of Microsoft software for Pocket PCs --Windows Mobile 2003.

The product provides Windows Mobile 2003-based devices with an array of mobile development tools, including full support for GPS devices, complete picture control, multi-device synchronization, and a range of numeric, string and date functions.

Pricing for Visual CE Lite is $79. Visual CE Personal Edition is $129, while Visual CE Professional Edition is available for $399.

Syware Inc., Cambridge, Mass.,

EspressReport v3.0.2

Quadbase Systems has released EspressReport v3.0.2, the latest version of its reporting solution.

Written in pure Java, the product allows users to develop and deploy professional-looking reports across virtually any platform. Version 3.0.2 now offers information, reporting and visualization capabilities for the Mac. The Swing-based GUI components, including the Report Designer and query interfaces, have been optimized for Mac OS X. In addition, several new API interfaces are said to make it easier to deploy parameterized reports. With just a few lines of code, an HTML form can be automatically generated that allows the user to select parameter values based on information stored in the report template and to then run the report.

Quadbase Systems Inc., Santa Clara, Calif.,

JNBridgePro 1.4

JNBridgePro 1.4, from JNBridge LLC, is a Java– .NET interoperability tool for software developers.

The product supports J2SE or J2EE, as well as leading J2EE app servers, allowing .NET code to access J2EE facilities, including EJBs and JNDI. New features include an automatic failover mechanism that enables a backup Java-side server to take over if the primary server fails, and faster proxy assembly.

JNBridge LLC, Boulder, Colo.,

Voyager 4.7

Voyager 4.7 allows any object bound into Voyager to become available dynamically and simultaneously as a Web service and as a remote object, without the need to modify the bound object.

Version 4.7 dynamically handles writing proxies and WSDLs for the object, simplifying distributed application development. In addition, Voyager now implements SOAP 1.2, while Voyager Messaging is currently a full implementation of the JMS standard.

Recursion Software Inc., Frisco, Texas,

OnWeb 7.0

NetManage has released OnWeb 7.0, which allows users to bring host processes and other business applications to the Web environment.

The enhanced product is said to enable the rapid development of reusable app components that can encapsulate processes from diverse host and non-host systems into a single, reusable Web service or component. The Web service or component can then be consumed by new apps to present and process information from multiple back-end systems in a personalized view.

NetManage Inc., Cupertino, Calif.,

Qtopia 1.7

Qtopia 1.7 is a Linux-based app platform designed to make mobile computing intuitive and flexible.

A complete environment, Qtopia’s intuitive and customizable user interface is said to provide near-desktop power on mobile embedded devices. Version 1.7 has improved the app launch time and now has a better division between GUI and non-GUI parts of the source code.

Trolltech, Oslo, Norway,

QAsset Tracker for Networks

QAsset Tracker for Networks, from Alchemy Lab, is an inventory tool for network administrators and technical support.

The product does not require a client installation on each individual PC and only needs to be configured on the network server itself. The program is said to be able to be optimized for performing maintenance operations for the entire network in 15 minutes. The product collects all the necessary data itself, and users do not need to access the target computer.

The single license price for Asset Tracker for Networks 2.7 is $199.

Alchemy Lab,

adTempus Version 2.0

Arcana Development LLC has released Version 2.0 of adTempus, its batch job scheduling and system management application for Windows platforms.

The integrated reporting framework now allows users to run reports such as Job Inventory or Job Accounting against the adTempus database. In addition, a new distributed scheduling feature allows jobs to be coordinated across multiple servers.

Arcana Development LLC, Fairfax, Va.,

AccuRev release 3.3.1

AccuRev release 3.3.1 is configuration management software that is scalable to large development teams engaged in modifying and maintaining development projects of high complexity.

The product supports release 1.4x of the Java Runtime Environment on Solaris, Linux and Microsoft Windows. A compiled Java version of the GUI for Windows users improves the performance of the AccuRev system. In addition, release 3.3.1 has single-step promotion of files. Using the CLI, users can now promote an unlimited number of files with a single command without first having to issue a “keep” command.

Pricing is $1,400 per named user.

AccuRev Inc., Lexington, Mass.,

Websense Enterprise software Version 5.1

Websense Inc. is offering Version 5.1 of its Websense Enterprise software.

The product performs three-tier integrated filtering at the gateway, network and desktop to manage employee use of Web sites, network protocols and desktop apps through the enforcement of an employee computing policy -- all from a central console. In addition, V5.1 provides two deployment options: self-contained standalone mode or integrated with the industry’s widest selection of gateway devices.

Websense Inc., San Diego, Calif.,

Sarbanes-Oxley Express

Proforma Corp. has announced Sarbanes-Oxley Express, a series of pre-built, best-practice financial process and control models that help companies to meet the demands of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

The product features models for six core transaction processes and their associated internal controls: cash disbursements, cash receipts, payroll, purchasing, inventory and revenue. It also includes a generic financial reporting model based on best practices in financial reporting.

Proforma Corp., Southfield, Mich.,


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