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C++BuilderX, Enterprise Studio for C++
Borland Software has launched Borland C++BuilderX, a C++ IDE, and Borland Enterprise Studio for C++, an application life-cycle management suite.

C++BuilderX offers Unix support with VisiBroker CORBA IDE integration. It includes an IDE based on the enterprise IDE framework used by the company’s JBuilder. The product’s single XML project format user interface simplifies the management of multiple compilers and debuggers. Debugging capabilities, a 100% ANSI/ISO C++- and C99-compliant compiler, and a C++ platform development framework are also included. Support for mobile and embedded computing is offered, as well as integration with Borland and other standards-based C++ compilers.

Enterprise Studio for C++ is an application life-cycle management solution that includes the new Borland Together Edition for C++BuilderX, which helps developers to create detailed UML-based models.

C++BuilderX Enterprise Edition is $2,500, the Developer Edition is $1,000, the Mobile Edition is $400 and the Personal Edition is available free from Borland’s Web site. Enterprise Studio for C++ is $5,000.

Borland Software Corp., Scotts Valley, Calif.,

Security Builder Crypto 4.0
Certicom Corp. has announced the Security Builder Crypto 4.0 cross-platform cryptographic toolkit. The product supports standards-based algorithms on several platforms. It is said to help developers incorporate encryption, public keys and other security mechanisms over disparate platforms.

Version 4.0 includes compliance with FIPS, ANSI and IEEE standards, and algorithms, including ECC, RSA, Diffie-Hellman, SHA-1 and AES. It is intended for use with constrained platforms, and the cryptographic suite of algorithms with Security Builder Crypto 4.0 can be used in desktops and servers. The release’s smaller key sizes with higher strength per-bit are said to provide better performance in resource-constrained devices. By providing the same API for several platforms, the product can be integrated into apps without porting.

Pricing for Security Builder is available for developer or distribution licenses.

Certicom, Mississauga, Ontario,

InterSystems Corp. has released Ensemble, an integration platform aimed at helping organizations to implement new business solutions that increase the value of existing applications, implement new business processes and integrate data across the enterprise.

The product’s unified, graphical, XML and code-based development environment is aimed at speeding modeling and automating business processes. The environment supports service-oriented development of composite apps. The product’s universal service architecture provides a consistent object representation of disparate programming models and data formats to enable access to legacy data and functionality as reusable .NET or J2EE components, Web services or XML. Its persistent object engine is a distributed, SQL-compliant object database that manages and stores meta data, message and process state information to give firms real-time access to live and previously processed messages for auditing and BAM, and reliability and recoverability for long-running business processes. Ensemble’s management and monitoring facilities automatically monitor resources and generate alerts specific to the enterprise.

Ensemble is available on the HP Alpha OpenVMS, HP Alpha Tru64, Unix, HP-UX, IBM AIX, Linux, Sun Solaris and Microsoft Windows platforms. Ensemble Enterprise pricing starts at $125,000 per CPU.

InterSystems Corp., Cambridge, Mass.,

c-treeSQL Server for Windows
FairCom Corp. has released the new c-treeSQL Server for Windows, a high-performance database server incorporating a SQL engine built on the c-tree Server.

c-tree Plus includes c-treeVCL/CLX, new VCL and CLX data access components that give developers working in Borland environments access to c-tree Plus. Additional interfaces in this release include new C and C++ database interfaces, termed c-treeDB, which are said to reduce development overhead for developers working in C and C++ environments.

FairCom Corp., Columbia, Md.,

BusinessObjects Performance Manager
BusinessObjects Performance Manager helps firms respond to changing business conditions through a goal management interface.

The product provides a wizard-driven workflow environment for defining, modifying and distributing goals based on an employee’s role. For example, users can set tolerance levels, giving an accepted margin on the desired target. A scorecard interface enables users to sort goals in categories most relevant to them, for example by status or by particular corporate strategy, and allows users to focus their analysis on the critical issues.

Business Objects, San Jose, Calif.,

OLAP Hub 4.1
OLAP Hub 4.1 is the newest release of SPSS’ Web-based analytical reporting solution.

Companies can now make the most of the features and performance improvements inherent in .NET, including improved security and easier integration with XML Web services, including XML for Analysis. The .NET Framework also allows individual users to personalize and customize features such as default reports, and display and presentation options, to best meet their decision-making needs. The product’s enhanced security layer simplifies the administration of permissions; the new system also associates permission profiles with users or groups to simplify the process of assigning and specifying application-feature access.

Pricing starts at $16,600 and increases based on the number of users and the size and number of servers.

SPSS Inc., Chicago, Ill.,

FirstSQL/J Version 2.5
FirstSQL/J Version 2.5 adds an extension to support recursive queries on hierarchical data and can expand the execution sandbox for extending internal database objects.

The product supports execution of methods from user-defined classes cataloged in the database (with CREATE CLASS). SQL commands can reference both instance and static methods. Static methods also serve as stored procedures. The internal database methods execute in a special sandbox that restricts access to portions of the standard API. The list of classes that are accessible from database methods can be expanded to all of the standard API plus packages outside the standard API.

FirstSQL Inc., El Cerrito, Calif.,

Flashline 4
Flashline 4 is the latest release of Flashline’s asset-based software engineering family.

Flashline 4 includes new features, options and packages in four major areas: FlashPacks for Web Services, Open Source, Java, .NET and Model-driven Development encapsulate best practices for software asset management; Enhanced Asset Discovery and Collaboration allows teams to eliminate redundant development by discovering similar development efforts across projects and collaborating to develop agile, reusable assets; Round-trip Metrics compare predicted vs. actual savings to determine if an organization is meeting ROI projections for greater accountability to business goals; and Enterprise Environment Support to facilitate large-scale deployments.

Flashline Inc., Cleveland, Ohio,

Marimba advanced OS migration solution
Marimba Inc. has announced its advanced OS migration solution, a package that is said to allow companies to reduce the cost and time required to migrate an organization’s computer systems to a new operating system.

The solution automates each stage of the migration process, including inventory-based planning and preparation, protection of personal data and deployment of the OS. Marimba’s software distribution technology then automates the provisioning of user-specific apps and content to each system, managing apps and OS service packs.

Marimba Inc., Mountain View, Calif.,

Talisma WebCenter 5.0
Talisma WebCenter 5.0 is a customer service management suite that is said to help turn customer service centers into profit centers by integrating pre- and post-sales customer information, knowledge management and reporting.

The product enables multi-contact queuing, routing, management and threaded interactions that provide agents with a fully integrated view of all customer communications -- regardless of channel -- within a single Outlook-style window. The foundation provides automated logging per single point of entry, eliminating the need to manually update diverse systems with interaction details and results, thereby reducing errors.

Talisma, Kirkland, Wash.,

Visible Developer 3.3
Visible Developer 3.3 is a software component design and development tool that generates fully functional, three-tier apps incorporating ADO.NET, Visual Basic .NET, Visual C# .NET and XML.

The tool maps the physical database design to a single, logical business object. Developers use design-time objects to express business requirements in Visible Developer’s model. Code patterns translate requirements into the Visual Basic .NET classes, modules, forms and stored procedures comprising the apps.

Visible Developer Corporate Edition, priced at $2,595, includes software analysis and design that supports UML, XML and round-trip structured software engineering in one integrated toolset. The Professional Edition is $1,595, while the Standard Code Engine is $595.

Visible Systems Corp., Lexington, Mass.,

OSTnet AMS Version 1.4
OSTnet AMS Version 1.4 is a software reuse tool that provides developers with seamless integration into Visual SourceSafe and other enterprise-level source control systems. With AMS v1.4, developers can now search their own source control servers before turning to other sources. Additional features include full support for Microsoft Windows single login architecture, allowing companies to leverage their existing security framework by assigning Windows domain User and Group-specific rights to AMS assets.

OSTnet OpenSource Technologies Inc., Montreal, Quebec,

Desaware has announced INITools-5M, the first product in its “Five Minute Software” line of software tools and components that developers can master, implement and deploy in about five minutes. INITools-5M provides Initialization (.ini) file access to .NET Framework-based applications and components without requiring the use of Win32 API functions.

INITools-5M is $79 per developer seat, $399 for a site/source license; royalty-free distribution within an application.

Desaware Inc., Campbell, Calif.,

Visual UML Version 3.2
Visual UML Version 3.2 includes a new user interface with the look and feel of Microsoft Office XP and Visual Studio .NET. Dock windows for Model Explorer, Description, Class Code and Diagram Navigation can be docked, floating, tabbed and fly-out. Users can zoom into a selected area of a diagram and generate to and reverse-engineer from directory/ sub-directory structures.

Pricing starts at $495.

Visual Object Modelers, Boulder, Colo.,

WebLoad Analyzer
WebLoad Analyzer diagnoses and pinpoints performance problems prior to an app’s rollout.

The product captures data on the internal specifics of the Web app, while the load-generation engine floods the app with real-world, end-user transactions. WebLoad Analyzer monitors and collects detailed information on the application infrastructure, and correlates that data with user transaction activity and traffic bursts.

Pricing starts at $27,000.

RadView Software Ltd., Burlington, Mass.,

Portfolio Edge 2.0
Portfolio Edge 2.0 enables organizations to consider business investment opportunities in terms of their contribution to overall corporate objectives.

The product identifies redundant, low value or non-strategic initiatives. Users can perform full business life-cycle management of assets, products, projects and resources. They can also perform real-time, multidimensional analysis and scenario planning. The product can prioritize, select and sequence investments, and deliver closed-loop, agile, shared planning among all investment stakeholders.

Pacific Edge Software, Bellevue, Wash.,

Tifosi 2002 ESB release 3.0
Fiorano Software has announced release 3.0 of the Tifosi 2002 ESB, Enterprise Service Bus, a standards-based solution for event-based distributed computing.

An SAP adapter provides standards-based connectivity between SAP applications and the rest of the enterprise. It also allows synchronous and asynchronous bi-directional interactions between Tifosi Services and SAP applications. New enhancements include support for transformation to and from EDI, support for embedding user-defined JavaScript and increased ease of use.

A free evaluation copy can be found at

Fiorano Software, Los Gatos, Calif.,

Visual RPG for .NET
Asna has released Visual RPG for .NET, a product that creates traditional Windows, browser-based and even PDA-based applications that connect to IBM iSeries platforms.

Using Visual RPG for .NET, RPG programming teams are said to be able to create modern applications using their traditional RPG language skills. The product uses Asna’s iSeries managed data provider for record-level access and enables OS/400 program calls. In 2004, Visual RPG for .NET will also seamlessly connect to Microsoft’s Yukon version of SQL Server.

Asna, San Antonio, Texas,

Ch 4.0
Ch 4.0 is the latest version of SoftIntegration’s C/C++ interpreter for cross-platform scripting, 2-D/3-D plotting, numerical computing, shell programming and embedded scripting.

The product supports 1999 ISO C Standard, C++ classes. It has generic mathematical functions and computational arrays for linear algebra and matrix computations, and advanced high-level numerical functions for linear systems, differential equation solving, integration, non-linear equations, Fourier analysis and curve fitting.

Ch Standard Edition is free for both commercial and non-commercial uses in all platforms. Ch Professional Edition is free for academic use; it is priced at $399 for personal or commercial use.

SoftIntegration Inc., Davis, Calif.,


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