Product Briefs

dtSearch 6.2
dtSearch Corp. has announced Version 6.2 of its dtSearch products, which search text across desktop, network, Internet or intranet sites. The products can also be used to publish and search large document collections to Web sites or to CD/DVD.

dtSearch Spider allows users to add Web site content to a locally searchable database, while the dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine lets developers add text retrieval to Web-based and other apps. dtSearch Web uses a wizard-based setup to publish document collections to Web sites. dtSearch Web and dtSearch Publish include automatic hit-highlighted synopsis displays, while dtSearch Network allows for instant full-text and fielded data searches across large enterprise networks. Forensics improvements in the dtSearch Desktop, Network and Text Retrieval Engine products include automatic parsing of text segments in large data blocks.

dtSearch Desktop is $199, while dtSearch Network and dtSearch Web are priced starting from $800 and $999, respectively. Pricing for dtSearch Publish starts at $2,500.

dtSearch Corp., Bethesda, Md.,

Bowstreet Portlet Factory for WebSphere v5.6
Bowstreet has released Bowstreet Portlet Factory for WebSphere Version 5.6. The latest version includes a Lotus Collaboration Extension, as well as advanced portlet creation tools and improved J2EE automation.

The Lotus Collaboration Extension helps Domino customers to extend Domino apps and data to WebSphere Portal. It includes graphical tools that automate the creation, customization and maintenance of Domino portlets for WebSphere Portal. Users are said to be able to create the portlets without writing Java code or learning Domino or WebSphere Java APIs. Portlets can also enable end users to view the status of, and instantly communicate with, other users via Sametime chat or e-mail.

The portlet and J2EE features help users to build multi-page, process-driven portlets that adapt to user role and scenario; create custom edit or configure pages; use the WebSphere Portal Credential Vault to provide single sign-on capabilities; and convert objects between Java and XML.

Bowstreet Portlet Factory for WebSphere 5.6 is priced at $27,500 per CPU and $2,500 per named user.

Bowstreet, Tewksbury, Mass.,

ColdFusion MX 6.1
Macromedia ColdFusion MX 6.1, from Macromedia Inc., is said to feature improved speed, savings and standards compliance for Web app development. The product, previously code-named “Red Sky,” is also said to be easier to use and administer; include better backward-compatibility, installation and configuration tools; and feature updated Windows, Solaris and Linux OS version support. The release includes bundled installation support that provides better access to technical assistance.

The Enterprise Edition can be deployed as a standalone server, on the bundled version of Macromedia JRun, or on third-party app servers such as IBM WebSphere, BEA WebLogic or SunONE. This helps users to integrate ColdFusion with their environment and isolates apps in separate instances of ColdFusion running on a single server. The entry-level edition, called ColdFusion MX Standard, is targeted at organizations building basic Web sites and small- to medium-sized applications.

The update is free for existing ColdFusion MX customers. ColdFusion MX Standard 6.1 is priced at $1,299 per server, while upgrades from ColdFusion 4.5 and 5 are $649 per server. ColdFusion MX Enterprise 6.1 is $5,999 per two processors, while upgrades from ColdFusion 4.5 and 5 are available for $2,999 per two processors.

Macromedia Inc., San Francisco, Calif.,

PatchLink Update 5.0
PatchLink Update 5.0 provides fully customizable graphical reporting, as well as the ability to assess patch compliance by groups of computers, application or severity. It is available from PatchLink Corp.

Role-based administration now provides IT administrators with the ability to specifically designate how and who is permitted to release patches and updates throughout an entire organization. Fully customizable graphical reporting, based on Microsoft .NET framework and powered by Crystal Reports, is said to facilitate an IT administrator’s responsibility for justifying patch compliance and be an effective method for debriefing management on the organization’s current patch status and/or network vulnerability.

PatchLink Update 5.0 corporate pricing for Microsoft server software starts at $1,249. Single-user licensing, including an annual subscription and maintenance, is $15 per single user (minimum 10-user license) for Windows, and $120 for Unix, Linux, NetWare and Mac OSs.

PatchLink Corp., Scottsdale, Ariz.,

Openmake Version 6.2
Catalyst Systems Corp. has released Version 6.2 of its Openmake application build management product.

The product is designed to eliminate the need for XML scripting and makefiles, while empowering developers with the robust functionality of ANT and Make. Openmake supports a collaborative engineering process that allows developers to contribute to the build while ensuring standardization and consistency across all platforms. Version 6.2 focuses on redefining the way developers build and deploy Java applications. It also comes with expanded support for .NET, an Eclipse plug-in and Ready for WebSphere Studio Validation.

Pricing for Openmake starts at $299 per client and $3,900 per Knowledgebase Server.

Catalyst Systems Corp., Chicago, Ill.,

Q securities processing software
Comprehensive Software Systems (CSS) has launched its new Q securities processing software. The evolution of CSS’ first-generation SABIL software, legacy-interoperable Q is said to increase the quality and quantity of transactions and data client customers can process.

With the announcement of Q comes the general availability of Q Front, CSS’ securities processing system that allows users to go from CRM to trade execution in just two clicks. The product also allows financial advisors to track changes in their client and contact databases, as well as better manage trading, portfolio and compliance activities.

Comprehensive Software Systems, Golden, Colo.,

Signal Identity Manager
Signal Identity Manager is a certificate, token, policy and audit management product that is seamlessly integrated with the Microsoft Windows 2003 Server Certificate Authority and Active Directory, providing a scalable enterprise management system. It is available from Spyrus Inc.

The product has a Registration Authority that provides a customizable capability to authenticate certificate issuance. Enhanced policy management enables organizations to establish, tailor and enforce business rules and policies consistent with company operating procedures. Token management enables personalization, certificate enrollment, and key and PIN management on smart tokens, including Spyrus Rosetta Smart Card and USB Tokens.

Spyrus Inc., San Jose, Calif.,

SyslogAnalyzer 2.0
eIQnetworks Inc. has released SyslogAnalyzer 2.0, a browser-based, Windows and Unix Event log analysis and reporting solution.

The product integrates all the syslog/event log events from distributed systems and shows the results in a single browser-based user interface. It periodically collects the syslog/event logs and automatically sends out notifications based on the administrator-defined policies, ensuring that important events are not overlooked and eliminating the need for manual intervention. Historical reporting also helps administrators to backtrack events. SyslogAnalyzer 2.0 installs on any system running Microsoft Windows NT/2000/2003/XP, and can be configured and viewed from any browser on any system.

SyslogAnalyzer 2.0 is priced at $495 per 10 managed systems.

eIQnetworks Inc., Wayland, Mass.,

Vanguard Security Solution Version 5.1
Vanguard Integrity Professionals has announced Vanguard Security Solution Version 5.1. The product is said to help a company build a more secure infrastructure, ensuring that enterprise security and administration capabilities keep pace with changing business environments.

Version 5.1 has been designed to inherit and expand the security capabilities of the mainframe. Seven enabler components manage security and administration needs and provide seamless, cross-platform integration.

Vanguard Integrity Professionals, Las Vegas, Nev.,

IntraSmart Version 3.0
Mindbridge Software has released IntraSmart Version 3.0.

The latest version includes an asset scheduler to schedule conference rooms and other assets and the people that utilize them; a help system tied directly to a user’s role or position in the firm; synchronization with Microsoft Active Directory; and auto login integration with Microsoft Internet Information Server.

Mindbridge Software, Norristown, Pa.,

EiffelStudio Version 5.3
Eiffel Software is shipping EiffelStudio Version 5.3. With the latest release, Eiffel Software continues to make a free edition available as a download, and is adding its advanced GUI Builder -- EiffelBuild -- to the Free Edition.

With the 5.3 release, Eiffel Software has also announced the availability of the public beta of its version for Mac OS X.

Eiffel Software, Santa Barbara, Calif.,

CodeWarrior Wireless Development Kit for Symbian OS, Siemens SX1 Edition
Siemens AG and Metrowerks have collaborated to create CodeWarrior Wireless Development Kit for Symbian OS, Siemens SX1 Edition. The kit, built for the Series 60-based Siemens SX1 smartphone, is expected to provide developers with the tools and services they need to start building Symbian-based applications and games for the Siemens SX1 and other Series 60 devices in the CodeWarrior environment.

Included in the kit is CodeWarrior Development Studio for Symbian OS v2, Personal Edition, and the latest Series 60 SDK for Symbian OS. Also included in the bundle is a first-access, commercial-release version of the Siemens SX1 mobile phone, a new Series 60 tri-band phone.

Metrowerks, Austin, Texas,

JNBridgePro 1.3
JNBridge LLC has announced JNBridgePro 1.3, the latest release of its Java-.NET interoperability tool for software developers.

At its core, the product enables the integration of pure Java with .NET applications, while maintaining Java’s cross-platform portability and conformance to Java standards. JNBridgePro supports J2SE or J2EE and the leading J2EE application servers, allowing .NET code to access J2EE facilities, including EJBs and JNDI. New features in Version 1.3 include support for transactions via thread-true classes, pass by value, direct mapping between collection classes, strong naming, J# support and performance improvements enabling faster network support.

JNBridge LLC, Boulder, Colo.,

Excel Software has released QuickUML MacOSX, an object-oriented design tool focused on tight integration and ease of use for a core set of UML models.

Projects are accessible through a tabbed window of use cases, class models, object models, dictionary and code. Projects are saved as XML files that are compatible with the Windows and Linux edition of QuickUML. QuickUML works with Excel Software’s MacTranslator to generate class models from source code. Sequence diagrams illustrate object interactions and timing with horizontal operation connections between vertical lifelines under objects, modules and packages. A project dictionary is automatically produced as class and object models are drawn, but designers can also directly access dictionary entries.

A single-user license is $495.

Excel Software, Placitas, N.M.,

TotalView 6.2
Etnus has released TotalView 6.2, a full-featured, source-level graphical debugger that provides software engineers with control over threaded and parallel applications written in C, C++ or Fortran.

The latest version includes support for Intel Itanium 2-based systems. The Itanium 2 processor’s floating-point performance, 64-bit addressing and large cache memory are said to be well suited to a wide range of large, multi-process technical computing applications. TotalView supports Intel compilers for Linux on both the Intel Itanium and IA-32 architectures, such as the Intel Pentium 4 processor.

Etnus, Natick, Mass.,

Lightweight Application Integration Framework
The Lightweight Application Integration Framework (LEIF), from Rogue Wave Software, is a new framework for C++ apps to access the services of the Microsoft .NET-connected software.

The framework is a structured set of tools with which developers can expose applications created in C++ to Web services and to functionality of software developed to run on the Microsoft .NET Framework. LEIF supports Microsoft Windows, which enables organizations with diverse operating systems and hardware environments to enhance their applications with access to Microsoft .NET-connected software and services.

Rogue Wave Software Inc., Boulder, Colo.,

eDeveloper v9.4
eDeveloper v9.4 is said to be the most significant release to date of Magic Software Enterprises’ flagship development and deployment environment. It is designed to preserve business logic across multiple generations of competing standards and proprietary technologies.

The latest version provides developers with an “Absolutely Open” development and deployment environment with new standards-based messaging and integration features, advanced XML component functionality, enhancements to the development paradigm and other programming improvements.

Magic Software Enterprises, Irvine, Calif.,

STK Toolkit v7.2
The STK Toolkit v7.2, from Prime Factors, provides programming routines that allow programmers to add security features to their software applications. Security routines can be called from C, C++, Java, RPG, COBOL, Visual Basic and other high-level languages.

The product allows users to encrypt data using three encryption algorithms: 56-bit DES, 112-bit Triple DES and 256-bit AES. Authentication routines support 64-bit Triple DES-based X9.19 Message authentication Codes (MACs) and 160-bit X9.17 HMACs based on the SHA-1 hashing routine.

Prime Factors Inc., Eugene, Ore.,

Comverse Media Server 3.0
Comverse has released Comverse Media Server 3.0, a modular, standards-based VoiceXML gateway for delivering voice-controlled and DTMF-driven services in carrier networks.

The product is modularly scalable from single-server implementations to configurations supporting thousands of ports. Media Server features full OMAP functionality with SNMP alarming, system monitoring, system provisioning and configuration, reporting and statistics.

Comverse, Woodbury, N.Y.,

TME Glue Version 4.1
The Mind Electric (TME) has released Version 4.1 of TME Glue, a Web services platform for Java developers creating, deploying and managing apps with Web services, JSPs and servlets.

The product provides a compact implementation of all core Web services standards, including XML, SOAP, WSDL and UDDI. It also allows any Java object to be instantly published as a Web service and third-party Web services to be consumed as if they were local Java objects. TME Glue can be plugged into any servlet engine and ships with its own high-performance servlets/ JSP engine for out-of-the-box standalone use.

TME Glue pricing starts at $2,000 per runtime license and $1,000 per developer seat.

The Mind Electric, Dallas, Texas,

NetZyme Enterprise Version 5.0
NetZyme Enterprise Version 5.0 is platform-independent, enterprise- grade integration middleware that supports Universal Messaging Bus (UMB), Web services, SSL/TLS and Wireless to HandSpring. It is available from Creative Science Systems Inc.

The product is said to facilitate seamless and full duplex data exchange capabilities between any messaging environment to any messaging environment, and allows multiple heterogeneous middleware platforms provided by major vendors such as IBM, BEA, Tibco and others to communicate with each other without changing any infrastructure.

Creative Science Systems Inc., San Jose, Calif.,

XA-Xchange for Homeland Security applications
XAware Inc. has announced XA-Xchange for Homeland Security applications. The software package is said to enable government agencies involved in Homeland security initiatives to complete information-sharing projects in weeks, rather than the months or years traditional approaches can take to complete.

Features include bi-directional read/write capabilities; support for any number of data sources in a single view; a rapid application development IDE with configuration wizards; and a standards-based architecture that leverages XML, Web services and Java technologies. Also included are: mobile client and GIS support; a Web portal; and database app connectivity to hundreds of structured and unstructured formats, from mainframe CICS to Oracle DBs.

Pricing ranges from $75,000 to $150,000, depending on project and connectivity requirements.

XAware Inc., Colorado Springs, Colo.,

Elite Business Intelligence
Elite Information Systems has released Elite Business Intelligence, a product that provides a set of solutions that simplify the retrieval, reporting and analysis of crucial information for professional services firms.

The product integrates critical data management tools, including a full Business Objects toolset suite with unlimited access licenses; an online real-time data warehouse; report management; a pre-built package of management reports and profitability analytics; a flexible cost-rate modeling, calculating and forecasting engine to drive profitability metrics; and an automated e-mail notification system for subscription-based delivery of data on key business indicators.

Elite Information Systems, Los Angeles, Calif.,

Predictive Web Analytics
Predictive Web Analytics, from SPSS Inc., is a solution that lets firms transform their Web data into deeper customer intelligence.

The Predictive Web Analytics solution integrates the company’s NetGenesis 6.0 Web analytics platform with its Clementine 7.0 data mining workbench. The product provides segmentation of visitors based on their behavior, detection of content and product affinities, automatic identification of the most significant paths taken through a Web site, and prediction of visitors’ propensity toward particular behaviors.

Pricing starts at $135,000 plus services, and scales based on the size and complexity of the deployment. Implementation services are charged on a time-and-materials basis.

SPSS Inc., Chicago, Ill.,

Enterprises Computing Services has announced a new Web version of ECSDTool (DTool), an ad hoc query, analysis (OLAP) and reporting tool.

The Web version allows users to have access to their information from virtually anywhere. New features include the ability to drill across cubes and to drill down through cubes and graphs to see table-level data. Users can also perform virtual cubing, which is uniting two or more cubes with common dimensions to compare similar values.

Enterprises Computing Services, Atlanta, Ga.,

ANTs Data Server 2.0
ANTs Software has launched the ANTs Data Server 2.0, a SQL database management system that is designed specifically for applications requiring intensive updating, such as messaging services, stock trading, reservation systems and package tracking.

The product uses the industry-standard SQL92 database programming language. Advanced connection management techniques are said to optimize network traffic and minimize network overhead so that applications can handle thousands of concurrent connections.

Licensing for the ANTs Data Server 2.0 starts at $25,000 per processor. The software currently runs on Windows 2000 and Solaris 8 platforms.

ANTs Software, Burlingame, Calif.,

Stellent Site Studio
Stellent Site Studio is a Web content management application that is offered as part of the Stellent Content Management suite of products. It is available from Stellent Inc.

Using Stellent Site Studio, companies can create libraries of Web site components, such as templates, navigation, graphics and code, which are then available to their business units when building their own sites. The reusable components allow business units to deploy their unique Web sites while complying with corporate requirements.

Stellent Site Studio will be included with the Stellent Web Content Manager solution, which is sold as an option to Stellent Content Server. Stellent Web Content Manager is priced from $25,000 to $100,000, based on the number of contributors.

Stellent Inc., Eden Prairie, Minn.,

Cumulus Internet Client Pro
Canto has released Cumulus Internet Client Pro, which enables users to create dynamic Web pages that allow users to search for images and documents within Cumulus catalogs using a standard Web browser and to then sort, select and download the items.

The product is part of Canto’s Cumulus Enterprise Edition and is based on Cumulus Java Classes and JSP technology. It is said to be designed for users who do not merely publish their assets, but who also intend to use them for marketing and generating business. Internet Client Pro’s integrated ordering system enables users to choose a preferred method of asset delivery -- download, e-mail or physical fulfillment. A separate management of users and groups has now been implemented, based on the Cumulus database, so that no additional installation and licensing efforts are required.

Canto, San Francisco, Calif.,

Vyant Technologies has launched RealTime, its rapid data-recovery software for enterprises.

The product can be added on top of existing backup software. It runs across two systems: an application server and a backup server. RealTime is said to capture data continuously, without impacting the application or network, and time-stamps and logs each write to disk on the backup server. In the event of a system failure or data corruption, RealTime’s “Time Slider” screen can be used to roll back data to any point in time. This allows users to back out corruption by undoing the data writes in reverse order until they have moved past the crash or corruption point.

Vyant Technologies, North Fairfax, Va.,

PointBase Embedded database Version 4.6
PointBase Inc. has released Version 4.6 of its PointBase Embedded database.

For PointBase products in production-level environments, PointBase Embedded 4.6 provides additional flexibility in data organizations and can now connect to multiple databases from within a single JVM. For mobile applications, PointBase UniSync 4.6 features increased security with optional password authentication. PointBase UniSync connects and synchronizes mobile databases, such as PointBase Micro, to back-end databases, such as PointBase Embedded or other leading SQL databases.

Other new features include enhancements to the UniSync Console so that the full functionality of the API is now available through the GUI.

PointBase Inc., Santa Clara, Calif.,


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