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NetAdvantage 2003 Vol. 2
Infragistics has released NetAdvantage 2003 Vol. 2, a presentation layer component toolset that can be used to design commercial-class applications for Microsoft development environments, including Visual Studio .NET, the .NET Framework and COM. Volume 2 comprises 85 components, including grids, scheduling, charting, toolbars, tabs, explorer bars, menus, listbars, trees, dock manager, as well as a UI and editing components.

New components shipping with this release include Windows Forms .NET Tab and Tab strip, Windows Forms .NET ExplorerBar and ASP.NET Web Forms Listbar/ExplorerBar. Subscription and Enterprise editions include all source code for .NET Framework and ASP.NET designers and components. NetAdvantage 2003 Vol. 2 is said to help RAD designers maximize productivity and minimize code, and has the Windows XP and Office 2003 look and Windows XP theme support, as well as an advanced architecture and the Presentation Layer Framework.

NetAdvantage 2003 Vol. 2 is $495, NetAdvantage 2003 Vol. 2 with Subscription is $695, while the Enterprise Edition costs $995.

Infragistics Inc., East Windsor, N.J.,

RetrievalWare 8
RetrievalWare 8, a knowledge discovery platform that helps large organizations to automate knowledge management and discovery processes, is available from Convera. Using an infrastructure that can be optimized for specific apps, the product integrates scalable enterprise search with industry-specific taxonomies, categorization and dynamic classification software to provide techniques for searching, navigating and discovering knowledge.

With the dynamic classification software, users can launch a search and automatically classify the results. The product’s categorization and dynamic classification solution organizes unstructured information by automatically creating a scalable, stable and consistent information infrastructure. Dynamic classification presents search results in context-specific views. The cartridge architecture supports plug-and-play combinations of industry-specific and customer-specific taxonomies and semantic networks. RetrievalWare 8’s architecture supports J2EE, Web services and .NET, and includes new GUIs, administration and search interfaces. The product also improves security with Remote Login, supporting Single Sign-On across existing information repositories. The Cartridge and Classification Workbench lets users tailor the knowledge discovery environment to each customer’s specific needs.

Convera, Vienna, Va.,

VisNetic MailFlow 2.0 has announced Version 2.0 of VisNetic MailFlow, a Web-based CRM product that helps small- to medium-sized enterprises to automatically route, track and process inbound customer e-mail. The product is said to make customer response faster and more efficient, and enable management to analyze inbound e-mail to gain insight into the flow of internal and external communications.

Version 2.0 has customizable per-agent and global dictionaries, as well as improved reporting tools. Life-cycle ticket tracking is included, and searches have been extended to support message body text; users can also search by ticket notes and numbers. The product has a quarantine management facility and a system e-mail address for virus and alert notifications. Windows-authenticated ODBC connections are supported, and improved database maintenance features are also included.

Pricing for VisNetic MailFlow Version 2.0 ranges from $195 for a three-user license to $3,500 for an unlimited number of seats., Gaylord, Mich.,

Pilot ApplicationConnector
Pilot Software has announced the availability of Pilot ApplicationConnector, an analysis modeling environment and data integration solution.

The product allows for tight integration with Pilot BusinessAnalyzer and Pilot BusinessMonitor for intelligent building of multidimensional models and “virtually limitless” options for application development. An intuitive modeling interface guides users through rapid development, deployment and management of analytic applications, while a logical model design facilitates the building of dimensional frameworks to support organizational decision-making.

Pricing for Pilot ApplicationConnector starts at $50,000, and is based on the number of developers and data sources.

Pilot Software, Mountain View, Calif.,

myExtra! Smart Connector Enterprise Edition
Attachmate Corp. has released its myExtra! Smart Connector Enterprise Edition.

The connectors extend the reach of SunONE Applications Servers by providing a link to the information and business logic from legacy apps on mainframe and mid-range platforms. myExtra! Smart Connectors are said to provide secure, fine-grain access to valuable legacy assets housed on back-end systems.

Attachmate Corp., Bellevue, Wash.,

Mongoose::PortalStudio 4.0 Enterprise Web Suite
The Mongoose::PortalStudio 4.0 Enterprise Web Suite, from Mongoose Technology, includes an IDE to design, assemble, deploy and manage Composite Applications; the PortalStudio Runtime Framework, a vendor-neutral portal runtime platform for integrating content and apps on leading J2EE application servers; and the PortalStudio Library of reusable portlets, connectors, skins, portal templates and collaborative Web services.

One-step deployment to the JBoss application server is now supported, and a Portlet Wizard allows designers to create new portlets by capturing existing JSP, ASP, .NET, HTML, Cold Fusion, Flash or other Web technologies.

A 30-day free trial is available at

Mongoose Technology Inc., Houston, Texas,

Sydock XML Document Processor
The Sydock XML Document Processor (XDP), from Sydock Software, lets users work with XML documents in the same way as with regular documents in text processors such as Microsoft Office.

The product’s built-in XML Schema Editor facilitates XML schema editing by presenting it in the form of a tree of elements. The visual representation of an XML document in the WYSIWYG editor is described with the help of Extended Style Language, which consists of XSLT and CSS directions. Sydock XDP allows for using add-ins as COM objects and for VBScript, Jscript macros. The product can also be used as a “smart” client for Web services working with XML.

A single Standard Edition user license of Sydock XML Document Processor is $200. A trial version is available for downloading.

Sydock Software,

FioranoMQ 7.0
Fiorano Software has released FioranoMQ 7.0, the next generation of the firm’s Java Messaging Server with high-availability.

New features include a true high-availability implementation that is said to ensure that messages exchanged between business apps are not only never lost, but are always available. Local and distributed two-phase transactions for atomic actions provide the ability for several messages to be grouped together as a logical unit of work and either committed or rolled back as a single unit. Utilizing the JTA XAResource API, FioranoMQ transactions can be directly integrated with database and application server transactions.

Fiorano Software Inc., Los Gatos, Calif.,

HiT Software
HiT Software has announced new releases of its JDBC/DB2 and JDBC/400 type 4 SQL middleware that conform to the Java JDBC 3.0 specification

. New features for both products include support for savepoints, connection pool configuration, retrieval of parameter meta data, holdable cursor support, boolean data types and updatable BLOB/ CLOB fields. Additionally, HiT JDBC/400 supports retrieval of auto-generated keys, Array and REF data types, and database meta data APIs.

Fully functional trial versions can be downloaded from the company’s Web site.

HiT Software, San Jose, Calif.,

Heroix eQ Agentless Windows Server Solution
Heroix Corp. has announced the Heroix eQ Agentless Windows Server Solution, a new agentless monitoring capability in its Heroix eQ Management Suite.

The product, which is licensed on an annual subscription basis, monitors and alerts on the availability and performance of remote Windows-based servers, without requiring any software to be installed on the monitored systems. It monitors some 40 availability and performance metrics, including system uptime, CPU and memory utilization, page fault and I/O rates, and process and thread counts.

An annual subscription is $1,400 plus $100 per monitored server, including support.

Heroix Corp., Dallas, Texas,

Aelita Enterprise Directory Manager
The Aelita Enterprise Directory Manager (EDM) has been enhanced to offer new administrative capabilities and extended support for new features in Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Active Directory.

New features include Group Policy management, including modeling and “what-if” analysis, resultant set of policies for any user or computer, and role-based, granular delegation of Group Policy administration; a new, highly customizable Web interface for use by administrators or by users for self-administration; and rules-based, automated management of distribution lists and security groups for streamlined administration and improved end-user productivity.

Aelita Software, Columbus, Ohio,

Aladdin Knowledge Systems’ (HASP) .NET Assembly
Aladdin Knowledge Systems has introduced a new Hardware Against Software Piracy (HASP) .NET Assembly to more simply integrate application security for developers building software in the .NET environment.

The product is said to provide simple and efficient linking to all .NET languages and supports new industry standards that ensure that code based on .NET can integrate with other code.

Aladdin Knowledge Systems Ltd., Arlington Heights, Ill.

Group Technologies has released the latest version of securiQ.Wall, an anti-spam and content filtering app within the iQ Suite of e-mail security solutions.

Running on Lotus Domino and Microsoft Exchange messaging platforms, the new securiQ.Wall scans databases as well as encrypted, zipped and PDF files, and features an advanced self-learning engine that automatically identifies new forms of spam or inappropriate content. The latest version can also deliver detailed spam notification to administrators, recipients and senders.

Group Technologies, Milford, Mass.,

Dot Net Builders has released Constructor(), which enables business and data object code generation direct from a database schema or UML model while allowing programmers complete control over the business logic and front-end design.

Developed specifically for the Microsoft .NET Framework, Constructor() is designed to automate the more mundane tasks involved in turning a business or data model into a working Microsoft Visual Studio .NET application, while freeing up programmers to do other tasks. Product features include class diagrams to allow visualization of the model structure, the ability to create models from scratch using the built-in designer, and full support for mapping between language and database types.

Dot Net Builders, Hitchin, U.K.,

Salamander Suite
The Salamander Suite provides developers with a solution for protecting Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL) code against reverse engineering, disassembly and decompilation. The product provides protection to server or client MSIL code that targets the .NET Framework as well as for device code that targets the .NET Compact Framework. It is available from Remotesoft Inc.

The integrated developer suite introduces the Remotesoft .NET Explorer’s GUI, which is said to encapsulate all the tools necessary to protect apps. An obfuscator makes reverse engineering more difficult through symbol renaming, meta data removal and cross-reference obfuscation, while the Salamander’s advanced code protector stops MSIL disassembly and decompilation by emitting native code and providing MSIL code encryption.

Remotesoft Inc., Fremont, Calif.,

Eiffel ENViSioN! Plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
Eiffel Software has announced the latest version of its Eiffel ENViSioN! Plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET.

The Eiffel-language development tool plugs into Visual Studio .NET, and supports both the 2002 and 2003 versions. Since Microsoft makes it possible to run both versions of Visual Studio .NET side by side, Eiffel ENViSioN! has also been redesigned to allow developers to run a single copy simultaneously in both versions.

Eiffel Software, Santa Barbara, Calif.,

DCom Solutions has released yKAP -- Your Kind Attention Please, a 100% Web-based product for tracking bugs, managing issues and exchanging messages.

YKAP uses XML to provide users with much higher productivity vs. that of traditional Web applications. This level is achieved by eliminating unnecessary overloads caused by frequent screen refreshes. yKAP uses your browser to intelligently process and exchange XML data and messages with the server, thus avoiding reloading of “heavy” visual elements such as images, combo boxes and list boxes. Users can add their own custom values for system parameters, such as priority, status and complexity. The product also allows you to maintain “test environments,” thus providing the developer with maximum information about the software and hardware configuration under which a bug has occurred.

YKAP pricing ranges from $350 for 30 users, to $750 for an unlimited amount of users.

DCom Solutions, Chennai, India,

ComponentOne LLC
ComponentOne LLC has announced the availability of two integrated Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 combos.

The company is offering Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 Professional with its ComponentOne Studio for .NET, making this integrated combo useful for Visual Studio .NET development. The full version combo, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 Professional plus ComponentOne Studio for .NET, delivers a fully functional version of Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 Professional and ComponentOne’s ComponentOne Studio for .NET subscription service. The upgrade version combo, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 Professional plus one ComponentOne tool for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, includes Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 Professional and gives developers their choice of one of ComponentOne’s tools for Visual Studio .NET plus a one-year subscription to that tool.

ComponentOne LLC, Pittsburgh, Pa.,

Microsoft’s Windows Storage Server 2003
Microsoft’s Windows Storage Server 2003 has been introduced as part of the firm’s branded Windows Server System.

The product is a dedicated file server that offers a scalable solution ranging from 160 Gb to multiple terabytes. It also features Distributed File System, server clustering and Multipath Input/ Output technology.

Microsoft Corp., Redmond, Wash.,

DataDirect Connect for .NET, edition 2.0
DataDirect Technologies has announced DataDirect Connect for .NET, edition 2.0, newly updated connectivity components that enable software developers to access enterprise data using .NET.

The product communicates directly with the database, with no database client libraries required. DataDirect Connect for .NET has also added support for DB2 and Microsoft SQL Server to its existing support for Oracle and Sybase.

The DataDirect Connect for .NET Developer’s license is a complete set of data providers for all the major relational databases that allow 100% managed data access. The $199 price includes a year of technical support.

DataDirect Technologies Inc., Rockville, Md.,

MySQL Manager 2.0
MySQL Manager 2.0 is an update of a MySQL administration tool for Windows 95/98/ 2000/NT4/XP available from EMS HiTech.

A user-friendly graphical interface allows users to create and edit all database objects in a direct way, execute SQL queries and scripts, manage users and their privileges, manipulate table data and more. Using the product’s Visual DB Designer, users can lay out their schema visually and then generate the SQL to create their database.

Program registration is $135 for the Professional Edition, $85 for the Lite Edition and $95 for the Linux version.

EMS HiTech,

XA-Suite Release 3.0 for Java
XAware Inc. has announced XA-Suite Release 3.0 for Java with advanced Enterprise Information Integration (EII) capabilities.

Release 3.0 includes new features for streaming large XML documents, XML-to-XML mapping that is said to simplify schema transformation, functoids for flexible data manipulation and business rules, and increased support for stored procedures with relational databases.

XA-Suite Release 3.0 for Java is priced from $5,000 to $50,000, depending on the processor and connectivity requirements. It is available from the company’s Web site.

XAware Inc., Colorado Springs, Colo.,

Information Quality Suite
Information Quality Suite (IQ Suite), from Firstlogic Inc., is a data quality software solution that is said to provide an advanced framework for global organizations that struggle with managing the data sets they collect and maintain from countries or regions around the world.

The latest offering has robust support of multi-byte and Unicode character sets. This adherence to the Unicode standard provides for universal character mapping between character sets in computing environments, and is said to allow organizations greater flexibility in how they collect and manage critical information about their international customers.

Firstlogic Inc., La Crosse, Wis.,

Actuate e.Services Rapid Time-to-Value
Actuate Corp. has announced the Actuate e.Services Rapid Time-to-Value (RTTV) Package, a professional service that enables new customers to implement Information Applications in 45 days.

The product provides on-site professional services to complete the implementation if customized Actuate Information Applications and is said to ensure that the customer begins realizing business value from the application. Time-to-value is measured as the time from purchase of the software to the first time a user adopts the new information Application with real data. Actuate’s Information Application Platform provides an object-oriented development environment that also expedites the ongoing development and enhancement process.

Actuate Corp., South San Francisco, Calif.,

i-Reports Server V4.5
i-Reports Server V4.5, from Da Conti -- the reporting division of Raima UK -- includes a high-performance client/server architecture and the ability to divorce the extraction of data from the presentation. The product continues to build on report and document technology targeting Birdstep RDM (Raima Database Manager) and Birdstep RDM Server (Velocis)-based apps.

With the introduction of server-side generation of report pages, pages are now available as soon as they are created. In addition, users can now navigate to the required pages of the report in random order. Also included is the ability to dynamically determine at runtime which instanced databases/tables you would like to join.

Da Conti, Brighton, U.K.,

PentaSuite allows PC users to take control of their personal file sharing and management by delivering all major compression formats, PGP encryption technology, CD burning, scripting/ scheduling features and more. It is available from PentaWare Inc.

The product can be downloaded at and is priced at $99.95. Boxed versions are an additional $10.

PentaWare Inc., Hampton, N.H.,


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