In Brief: Linux under siege?, GNU compiler update, free cancer trend viewer and more

Linux open-source software hit a bump in the road last week when The SCO Group claimed its Unix code has been illegally incorporated into Linux. The company sent letters to about 1,500 of the world's largest corporations warning that they could be liable for violating its intellectual property rights due to their use of Linux. For more, please go to

The GNU project has announced the release of GCC 3.3. The compiler supports C and other languages. A new pipeline schedulor descriptor, ISO C99 and many other features have been added. For more, please go to

TerraSeer has announced the release of its free Cancer Atlas Viewer software. This tool helps interested parties, from citizens to health practitioners, to better understand the data in the online Atlas of Cancer Mortality in the United States. For more information, as well as a Cancer Atlas Viewer download, please go to:

Texas Instruments Inc. and Virtio Corp. have announced the availability of the VPOM-1510 Virtual Platform for full-function software emulation of the TI Innovator Development Kit for the OMAP Platform ... Parasoft has announced the Parasoft Global Reporting System (GRS), which collects and correlates all information within Parasoft Enterprise Solutions ... Tarari Inc. said it has released an Anti-Virus Content Processor capable of accelerating anti-virus functions up to 10 times. The Tarari Anti-Virus Content Processor is a hardware board that accelerates anti-virus decoding and decompression in servers and gateways.


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