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Enterprise Auditor 3.0
Ecora Software has released the Ecora Enterprise Auditor 3.0 suite, which is said to provide control over the IT infrastructure through automated, cross-platform configuration reporting and change management. The product automates configuration reporting and change tracking by providing solutions for configuration change control, security, system recovery and regulatory IT compliance.

Enterprise Auditor 3.0 includes a cross-platform configuration data repository that collects data from a variety of platforms into a Microsoft SQL database that users can access to generate configuration data reports. This data can be used for auditing, reporting, disaster recovery, and change identification and tracking. The product also provides built-in database reports, as well as a drag-and-drop interface that enables the creation of customized reports based on the configuration data needed. Reports can be run interactively, or scheduled for off-hours or on a recurring basis. To identify unauthorized configuration changes, a “before-and-after” provides a view of changes, and has the ability to observe and track changes taking place in any time period.

Ecora Software Corp., Portsmouth, N.H.,

iBolt Integration Suite
Magic Software has announced the iBolt Integration Suite, an enterprise application integration product that includes the iBolt Studio app integration and development environment; eDeveloper, a business rules-oriented toolkit; the iBolt Integration Server, a multi-tiered development engine; and the iBolt Integration Flow Monitor, which includes activity monitoring and logging functionality, a graphic view of the integration project with drill-down functionality to the component level, statistical information, and performance reporting and tuning.

The suite includes capabilities for handling integration and exchanging transactions in a heterogeneous environment; support for BPM, monitoring and real-time reporting; as well as database interoperability and the ability to work with multiple databases in the same process. It also includes various smart connectors and adapters.

Interfaces for messaging and middleware technologies are provided, and solutions developed with the product can be deployed on Windows and many Unix platforms. The product also supports several combinations of integration architectures.

Pricing starts at $65,000 (for Intel) and $90,000 (for non-Intel) for a starting package that includes a testing, staging and production deployment and monitoring environment, as well as the iBolt Studio integration and development framework.

Magic Software Enterprises, Irvine, Calif.,

Visual SlickEdit v8.0
SlickEdit Inc. has announced Visual SlickEdit v8.0, a new release of its code editor for software developers. Version 8.0 provides more tool, language and encoding support. Also included is more flexibility with directory-based projects, auto-updated distributed tagging, Secure FTP, and accessibility for blind and vision-impaired developers. A three-way merge UI complements the existing DIFFzilla file and directory tree differencing engine.

V8.0 provides Borland JBuilder users with editing, debugging and building capabilities, including automatic setup of build and compile commands. GNU C/C++ debugger features have been added, including remote debugging, suspend support and a memory toolbar, as well as support for Apache Jakarta Ant for doing builds. For developers using the CVS open-source version control system, V8.0 provides a new graphical user interface to perform tasks previously done via the command line.

Pricing starts at $299 for a full media kit on Windows and Linux x86 platforms.

SlickEdit Inc., Morrisville, N.C.,

Source Insight 3.5
Source Dynamics has released Source Insight 3.5, a project-oriented program editor and source-code browser with new .NET framework support, multi-user security and User Interface (UI) enhancements.

New features within Version 3.5 include increased user data security and support for roaming user profiles, and a new project folder organization that is said to simplify project management. UI elements now support XP theming and visual styles, and Dialog boxes also support ClearType. Conditional parsing improvements let users specify compile-time variables for interpreting pre-processor statements with arithmetic in C/C++ and C#.

Source Insight 3.5 is $249.95.

Source Dynamics, Issaquah, Wash.,

Iron Speed Designer Version 1.3
Iron Speed Designer Version 1.3 introduces user interface page-generation features that allow developers to generate full-featured Web apps, even if they have no experience building .NET applications or writing SQL queries. The application generation software product is from Iron Speed.

The latest release offers two tools to help users create complex Web-based user interfaces. The first is Iron Speed Markup Language, a set of XML tags for building Web pages with a variety of database-connected components, as well as multi-table joins, virtual tables and filtering for any combination of records.

The second tool is Design Themes, which gives developers a choice of application look and feel without having to hand-code Web pages. Themes include individual presentation styles for each component type, including tables, reports, menu bars, page controls and navigation.

Iron Speed Inc., Mountain View, Calif.,

Detagger 2.0 for Windows
JafSoft Limited has released Detagger 2.0 for Windows, an HTML-to-text converter and markup remover.

The product runs in two modes: selective markup removal and full conversion to text files. As a markup remover, Detagger allows users to “tidy up” HTML code by selecting classes of tags to be removed, sections of code to be stripped out or tag manipulations to be performed. As an HTML-to-text converter, Detagger allows users to convert an HTML newsletter into a more compact and e-mail-friendly format, helping authors to maintain HTML and text versions. The utility supports wildcards and drag-and-drop operation.

Detagger 2.0 is priced at $20 for a single-user license.

JafSoft Limited, Cheshire, United Kingdom,

Masked Edit control SftMask/ATL
Softel vdm Inc. has released a major new version of its Masked Edit control SftMask/ATL. This ActiveX control offers data input and validation features and is now fully supported with Visual Studio .NET and all .NET languages in addition to Visual Basic, Visual C++, Delphi, C++Builder and other languages.

A new help integration feature is said to integrate the complete product documentation into the Visual Studio .NET help collection. New syntax filtering capabilities of the online help documentation allow programmers to choose which programming language should be documented. A new QuickSetup feature provides access to pre-defined Masked Edit controls, such as date fields, currency fields, ZIP code fields and IP address fields.

SftMask/ATL is $339 (single developer license), and the controls are royalty-free.

Softel vdm Inc., Punta Gorda, Fla.,

HandyHTML Studio Version 2
HandyHTML Studio Version 2, from SilverAge Software, is an integrated Web development tool that supports HTML/CSS/JavaScript/ ASP/PHP/PERL/Java/XML and C++ as development languages.

The product is intended for both professional Web developers and “newbie” Webmasters. The application is said to bring hand coding to a new level of ease and confidence by allowing syntax highlighting for all Web development languages available today, as well as project-based Web site management, built-in ftp upload tools, customizable templates and even keyboard-bound code fragments.

HandyHTML Studio Version 2 is priced at $44.95.

SilverAge Software,

Project Office Version 4.0
Pacific Edge Software has released Project Office Version 4.0.

The latest version has extensive configuration tools that allow organizations to customize the way they manage their portfolios and provide personalized views to all portfolio stakeholders. Direct access to investment and project profiles is included, as well as access to related portfolio information contained in documents, logs and external links. New Connectors allow project managers to manage detailed task plans with Microsoft Project 98, 2000 and 2002, and to publish accurate cost and schedule information to the portfolio for analysis and review.

Pacific Edge Software, Bellevue, Wash.,

Replication Control! Version 4.1
Replication Control! Version 4.1 for IBM Lotus Domino environments is the latest upgrade to DYS Analytics’ replication management solution.

The product allows IT managers and business decision-makers to more readily view reports on replication traffic and performance directly from their Web browser. Also included are automated reports for scheduling the generation and posting of personalized reports to Control! Portals with optional e-mail notification, as well as unified reporting with all DYS Control! 4-based products for “single view” enterprise-wide analysis.

Replication Control! Version 4.1 is priced on a per-seat basis.

DYS Analytics, Wellesley, Mass.,

XML Nutshell product suite
The XML Nutshell product suite, from webXcentric Pty Ltd., is designed to relieve much of the pain associated with the use of e-mail as the principle means of business communication.

The product suite enables a user to encapsulate an entire document into a single file or “Nutshell” for transportation and storage. Instructions, interactive processes and data sets can also be incorporated in the XML Nutshell, instantly linking people, processes and content into a “portable workflow.” This provides a degree of precision in the collection, aggregation and presentation of both structured and unstructured content across an enterprise.

webXcentric Pty Ltd., Brisbane, Australia,

ionForge Corp. has released Evolution, a next-generation source-control management system that expands the traditional definition of the developer team to include not only code developers, but all of the departments that contribute to putting a software product out the door or preparing content for the Web.

The product’s graphic layout allows users to view their project as a whole, see where changes have been made, and track progress across as many departments, teams and levels as needed.

Evolution allows users to manage their projects and reuse software components or content through the use of Productions, Evolution’s advanced branching and synchronization features.

Evolution requires Windows 2000 or later for the server, and Windows 98 or later for the client; the server and client can be run on the same computer. It is available directly from ionForge through the company’s Web site ( for an introductory price of $399 per user, which includes one year of technical support and maintenance.

ionForge Corp., Las Vegas, Nev.,

ShadowConnect, from Neon Systems, is a robust connector technology designed specifically for customers and partners working with Web application servers and integration servers and who need industry standards-based connectivity to mainframe data sources and transactions.

The product is based on the Shadow code base, Neon’s technology for high-performance, transparent access to data stored on z/OS systems from J2EE and .NET platforms. Shadow ODBC, JDBC and J2EE connectors are said to provide scalable, transactional and systems-managed real-time access to mainframe data. ShadowConnect can also provide extra functionality with the following add-on modules: ShadowConnect Advanced Scalability, ShadowConnect Advanced Controls, ShadowConnect Enterprise Auditing, ShadowConnect Console and ShadowConnect SSL.

Pricing for ShadowConnect connector technology is priced from $12,000 for a single processor Intel-based application.

Neon Systems Inc., Sugar Land, Texas,

DE Management Server Version 1.6
Digital Evolution has released DE Management Server Version 1.6.

The product is a Web services management and security application that enables organizations to authenticate, find, monitor, manage and secure Web services across distributed enterprise and extraprise environments. Version 1.6 includes easy-to-use configuration wizards for Web service registration and management; Web service performance and usage charting; UDDI server caching; Web service versioning and message transformation; and proxy server configuration.

Digital Evolution Inc., Santa Monica, Calif.,


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