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Watchfire WebXM 2.0
Watchfire WebXM 2.0 automates Web site testing and analysis to help manage content quality, privacy and accessibility for large enterprise Web sites.

Version 2.0 includes a standalone Web accessibility testing module, AccessibilityXM, to test a site's level of standards compliance. The module performs accessibility checks and supports custom accessibility standards. The product also includes integration with content management systems, like those from Documentum, Microsoft, Vignette and Interwoven, through a Web service interface. This allows Web content to be checked automatically throughout the Web development workflow process to help catch Web site errors and check Web standards before content goes live on Web sites. The product also includes a documented SDK.

The WebXM platform comprises three modules and three optional plug-ins. The modules are QualityXM, PrivacyXM and AccessibilityXM. QualityXM scans Web sites and reports on content and interaction issues. PrivacyXM generates privacy reports to identify information collection, privacy policy linking, user tracking and Web page security practices. The TrafficXM and FeedbackXM plug-ins correlate user traffic patterns and survey information. The Content Management System plug-in helps integrate WebXM checks into the CMS workflow. The product also includes a Web-based 'dashboard' view that provides a snapshot of a site's overall health.
Watchfire Corp., Ottawa, Ontario ,

Orbyte Wireless System Extended Version 2.0
Orbyte Wireless System Extended Version 2.0 from ServiceFactory has been adapted to accommodate public hotspots and includes SIM card authentication and one-time-password (OTP) distribution via SMS.

The product is said to make it easier for users to sign up for and purchase WLAN products and services through a Web interface, pay using credit cards and change their own passwords in real time. The product's SMS Mediator enables users to generate one-time passwords for delivery via SMS. Authentication is provided via the user's SIM card. V2.0 also includes improvements to system login functions, including support for end-user selection of multiple languages, and allows maximum bandwidth to be set per end user. The system includes the Hotspot Site Appliance (HSA) product, which is an access server for smaller premises. It supports roaming via the roaming broker iPass. The product includes network monitoring and management and improvements in detecting abuse, such as real-time search for a specific user ID or IP address. A new function also allows the immediate deactivation of an LCP, product or specific account.
ServiceFactory, Stockholm, Sweden ,

PowerOLAP 4.0
Paris Technologies has announced PowerOLAP 4.0, a real-time business intelligence product aimed at providing advanced analytics through dynamic connectivity among spreadsheet users' desktops. The product is said to provide financial and operational reporting with built-in transparency to underlying details. This is said to help users share knowledge across the organization from spreadsheet or Web interfaces.

The product brings live data from different departments into Excel to enable budgeting, forecasting, standard and ad hoc reporting. Version 4.0 is said to include improvements in speed as well as real-time connectivity and automatic updating of data from relational accounting and ERP systems. The product is compatible with Microsoft's SQL Server and Analysis Services and other relational transaction databases. The latest release includes upgrades to the OLAP engine and multithreading and multiprocessing capabilities to minimize the performance impact of multiple users accessing data simultaneously. The product is also said to include calculation improvements, increased offline availability and faster synchronization to corporate systems.
Paris Technologies International Inc., Doylestown, Pa.,

NXN alienbrain
NXN alienbrain provides a unified platform that enables software developers and artists to manage and protect their complete project data within the same system. It is available from NXN Software.

Version 6 offers advanced software configuration management features, a bundled version of Araxis Merge Professional, and seamless integration with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and Metrowerks CodeWarrior.
NXN Software, Los Angeles, Calif.,

Email Control! for Microsoft Exchange
DYS Analytics has released Email Control! for Microsoft Exchange. The product enables IT managers to automate the measuring, analysis, trending and reporting of enterprise messaging traffic on their Exchange network.

Email Control! for Microsoft Exchange allows users to drill down and view metrics with more than 100 standard reports and unlimited custom reports using the product's intuitive report designer wizard. The product automatically runs and distributes reports by e-mail or posts to Control! Portals.
DYS Analytics, Wellesley, Mass.,

SteelEye LifeKeeper for Microsoft Exchange Server
SteelEye Technology has announced SteelEye LifeKeeper for Microsoft Exchange Server.

The product incorporates data replication, app failover and disaster recovery protection for Microsoft Exchange Server in a single solution. It provides health monitoring, failover and, if desired, failback of six Exchange Server components: World Wide Web Publishing Service, SMTP Service, Message Transfer Agent, System Attendant, Information Store and Routing Engine.

Pricing for data replication starts at $1,400 per server, while pricing for local-area failover starts at $4,500 per server. Pricing for wide-area disaster recovery capabilities starts at $9,500 per server.
SteelEye Technology Inc., Mountain View, Calif.,

PatchLink Update 4.0
PatchLink Corp. has released PatchLink Update 4.0, an automated, cross-platform security patch management system.

Version 4.0 includes intelligent, multiple patch deployment with grouping capability; reporting and export capabilities; automatic deployment of mandatory patches and the ability to roll back to previous patch configurations; and access to the world's largest automated patch repository, including those for hardware, software and drivers for many vendors.

PatchLink Update 4.0 pricing for Microsoft Server software starts at $1,249. Single-user licensing, including an annual subscription and maintenance, is $15 per single user (minimum 10-user license) for Windows and $120 for Unix/Linux and NetWare.
PatchLink Corp., Scottsdale, Ariz.,

Flashline CMEE Version 3.2
Flashline CMEE Version 3.2, a software asset reuse solution, is now available from Flashline.

A discussion forum can now be associated with any asset managed in CMEE. These forums allow users to participate in discussions related to specific assets such as previous usage, performance, new requirements and defects. CMEE now integrates with SCM tools such as Rational ClearCase and Merant PVCS Dimensions. In addition, Version 3.2 allows users to upload assets directly to CMEE from a file system when the source code or artifact is not managed by an SCM system. The latest version also offers the ability to automatically import collections of asset information directly into CMEE.
Flashline Inc., Cleveland, Ohio,

e-Manager Enterprise 2.0
Empirix has shipped e-Manager Enterprise 2.0, the newest version of its test management solution.

The product is said to reduce test cycle times, lower development costs, facilitate collaboration across quality assurance and development, and improve application quality by providing an integrated framework that coordinates all testing activities. e-Manager Enterprise provides users with a central location for storing all test assets so they can be leveraged throughout the application life cycle.

E-Manager Enterprise 2.0 costs $3,000 per user. The price includes first-year maintenance.
Empirix, Waltham, Mass.,

Cafesoft Access Management System
Cafesoft has announced the beta release of the Cafesoft Access Management System (Cams). The product is security software that centrally controls access to Apache and Tomcat server content and application resources.

The product includes single sign-on and fine-grained access control to Web server content and J2EE applications. Cams provides native user repository integration with industry-standard LDAP and SQL databases. Other repositories can be added using the Java JAAS API.

The Cams beta download is available on Cafesoft's Web site for Linux and Windows NT/ 2000. Cams developer licenses are free. Cams 1.0 licenses are $995 for a 25-concurrent user license. Additional concurrent user licenses cost $100 per concurrent user and can be purchased on demand. The Cams 1.0 final release will be available from the firm's Web site early this year.
Cafesoft LLC, San Diego, Calif.,

ON Command MSI Package Wizard V2.0
ON Technology has released ON Command MSI Package Wizard V2.0, a product that allows IT administrators to configure next-generation Windows 2000/XP applications for unattended deployment from centralized ON Command CCM servers.

Version 2.0 features a series of point-and-click wizards that guide administrators through each step of creating Windows 2000 and XP deployment packages. The solution also deploys standard Windows Installer files that are then installed by the standard Windows Installer service; this provides all of the built-in benefits of Windows installer within a centrally managed ON Command CCM environment. In addition, ON extends Windows Installer technology by providing a single, centralized ODBC-/JDBC-compliant database for all Windows Installer error messages and deployment status information, as well as a Microsoft Management Console-compatible GUI for administering the console. The MSI Package Wizard lets administrators customize applications from drop-down menus in the ON administrative console.
ON Technology, Waltham, Mass.,

ManHunt Version 2.1
ManHunt Version 2.1, from Recourse Technologies, provides ultra-high-speed attack detection at network speeds of up to 2.0+ Gbps in software with up to four Gigabit interfaces per node.

ManHunt agents collect data from NetScreen security products and report back to the ManHunt administration console. The product enables network administrators to enhance protocol-anomaly detection and false positives by importing custom attack definitions using the de facto standard Snort format to meet the specific needs of the network. In addition, protocol-anomaly detection has been extended with Router Protocol Attack Detection such as BGP and HSRP. Web- and SQL-based customizable charts and graphs allow for detailed analysis and reporting, as well as real-time threat status summaries.
Recourse Technologies, Redwood City, Calif.,

Lantronix Inc. has announced ConsoleWorks, a console management software product that gives software professionals a control panel from which they can view and manage every device in their organization.

The product's control panel offers color-coded displays that notify IT professionals about events occurring on a device, as well as critical details that help to solve problems when they arise. ConsoleWorks comes in three versions: Workgroup, Departmental and Enterprise. All three versions enable IT professionals to determine where attention is needed, and provides them with the tools to diagnose problems and make corrective actions to remote equipment. The latest versions of ConsoleWorks are initially available for Solaris and Windows platforms, and are compatible with enterprise management tools such as HP OpenView, CA's Unicenter and BMC's Patrol.
Lantronix Inc., Irvine, Calif.,

PlanView Version 7.2
PlanView has announced Version 7.2 of its enterprise Web software for integrated resource, project and service management.

New analytics and opportunity analysis features are fully integrated with PlanView's performance measurement to support investment decision-making. Features include a Portfolio Manager role, a Portfolio Portal and additional Scoreboard reports on customizable portfolio attributes of work and resources. HomeView, PlanView's user portal, has been enhanced with easier customization and displays of organizational workflow. Top-down organizational budgets are now integrated with bottom-up project budgets to support accurate financial management and tracking of revenue, benefits and expenditures. In addition, PlanView now includes a full-featured document repository that links content management with opportunities, projects, resources, budgets and service agreements.
PlanView Inc., Austin, Texas,


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