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Message-oriented Middleware (MOM) vendors have been jumping on the JMS bandwagon for the better part of a decade. As of late 2001, virtually all middleware vendors had JMS APIs associated with their products. Here are some examples of leading vendors with a description of their offerings:

BEA Systems
BEA WebLogic Workshop -- A unified development platform that enables developers to build and connect components, data and application business logic, while insulating them from the complexities of J2EE. Allows application and enterprise developers to work together on the same platform in the same language.

Cape Clear
CapeConnect -- Web services platform that automatically connects with JMS and MQSeries via Web services initiated on J2EE, Java, CORBA and .NET platforms.

JMS Courier -- Provides express integration of JMS and C++. Allows C++ applications to take part in enterprise-wide JMS communication systems without porting. In a matter of hours, C++ applications can be communicating with any Java application and with any other C++ applications that use JMS Courier.

HP Message Service -- An advanced JMS messaging product that enables the development of portable, message-based applications. An implementation of the JMS 1.0.2 specification, HP-MS provides asynchronous delivery of messages between disparate systems, enabling loosely coupled integration of application systems.

WebSphereMQ (Formerly MQSeries) -- Well-established messaging middleware, now Big Blue's business integration offering. Provides an open, scalable, ''industrial-strength'' messaging backbone.

Pramati JMS Server -- Allows applications to interact with remote applications via a logical message queue. Supports message forwarding, filtering, alerts, and acknowledgments through Topic and Queue objects. Any client can access the Pramati Message Server -- Java clients, EJB, JSP pages or Servlets, components residing on other J2EE application servers and applets.

Sonic Software
Sonic MQ -- Enterprise class message server. Utilizes patent-pending Dynamic Routing Architecture (DRA) and advanced clustering technologies to scale ''without limit.'' Supports authentication, authorization and encryption inside and outside the firewall. Integrates with industry-leading J2EE app servers, including BEA WebLogic Server and IBM WebSphere.

SpiritArchitecture -- An open JMS framework that provides drivers for existing third-party MOMs, such as MQSeries, Tibco Rendezvous and MSMQ. Comprises two messaging products that operate with each other or standalone to provide messaging transport across the enterprise. SpiritWave also offers the SpiritJMQ Java message server and SpiritLite, which uses the Java Light Weight Message Service (JLWMS) to reduce footprint and bandwidth requirements for applets and mobile environments.

Sun Microsystems
SunONE Message Queue (formerly iPlanet Message Queue for Java) -- A message-oriented middleware product that implements the JMS specification to enable disparate applications across an enterprise to interact efficiently. Enables the integration of legacy, ERP and newly developed applications, both inside and outside the organization. Available in Platform and Enterprise editions on three platforms: Solaris, Linux and Windows.

Tibco Software
Tibco Enterprise for JMS -- A high-performance implementation of JMS from a venerable MOM vendor. Enterprise for JMS employs a store-and-forward architecture, and supports both queue-based and publish-subscribe messaging, local messaging transactions (in which multiple messages may be sent or consumed as an atomic unit of work), message selectors and more.

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