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DevPartner Java Edition 3.0
Compuware Corp. has announced DevPartner Java Edition 3.0, a suite of software development productivity tools that deliver high-performance Java applications and components.

Accessed through a Web browser interface, DevPartner Java Edition uses analysis and profiling techniques to help Java developers understand how their code performs before an application is deployed. A memory analyzer automatically locates memory-intensive methods in Java code and visually provides real-time memory analysis and debugging capabilities. This allows developers to improve runtime performance and resource utilization of their code by optimizing objects that consume or waste the most memory.

In addition, developers can gather runtime information from any number of licensed clients and servers and see the results in a single view. Developers can analyze performance and coverage data on Java servlets, applets, JavaBeans and EJBs. The information can then be viewed and analyzed on a workstation.

DevPartner Java Edition 3.0 is $1,495 per seat.
Compuware Corp., Farmington Hills, Mich.,

Highdeal Transactive 3.0
Highdeal has announced the latest version of its Highdeal Transactive product, previously known as Highdeal Software Suite.

Designed for content, portal, e-service, wireless and wireline companies participating in service value chains, Transactive 3.0 enables service providers to define profitable pricing strategies; model, test and implement offers instantly; and manage the transactions, revenue and payment of third-party partners in real time through the life cycle of a service.

The Transactive 3.0 Simulator provides users with a Web-based GUI to simulate, validate and optimize offer structures, including service bundling promotions, shared plans and custom offers for key customers. The system enables users to calculate prices, and meter- or rate-usage, based on per-use, per-hour, per-user, per-license, per-click, per-download or any other parameter. The Transactive 3.0 rating engine supports high-volume processing of multi-user accounts, simultaneous multi-service usage and discounts for poor service quality delivered. The product's GUI and tools can also be used to model all upstream and downstream partner transactions, including royalties, commissions and sponsorships associated with each service use.
Highdeal, Paris, France,

Object Assembler Professional 2.5
ObjectVenture Inc. is now shipping ObjectAssembler Professional 2.5, a visual Struts development environment for the design, development, assembly and deployment of enterprise and Web applications.

ObjectAssembler allows developers to design, develop, assemble and deploy solutions using visual representations of components, frameworks and assemblies. Version 2.5 includes visual support of Struts 1.1 development, including full Tiles and Validator functionality; support for the development, assembly and deployment of J2EE 1.3 apps using EJBs, JSPs, Servlets and JavaBean components; and synchronization between the visual representation of an app and its underlying source code.

In addition, the product is internally programmed (code generation, project management, compiling) to a VIDE, which allows all of the tool's functionality to be used inside of popular IDEs. Currently, ObjectAssembler provides a complete standalone enterprise development environment as well as plug-in support for Borland's JBuilder, and the Sun ONE Studio and NetBeans IDEs.
ObjectVenture, Milford, Mass.,

Primavera TeamPlay 3.5
Primavera TeamPlay 3.5, from Primavera Systems, helps corporate IT groups to manage the unique characteristics of software development and IT projects.

The latest version allows project managers to have more criteria available to define specific requests for resources, enabling resource managers to automatically search for the best-qualified person. Users can also create custom dashboards or use standard corporate views to analyze projects and resources, prioritize initiatives and make project decisions. In addition, an easy-to-use interface allows for the quick capture of issues and risks that may impact project performance.
Primavera Systems Inc., Bala Cynwyd, Pa.,

Project Analyzer v6.1
Aivosto has added multi-project analysis to Project Analyzer v6.1, a Visual Basic code review tool.

The product reads Visual Basic source code to resolve and document cross-project dependencies in component-based systems. Project Analyzer displays cross-project call trees to describe the structure of a system consisting of VB projects and COM files. It detects dead code, such as class methods that are not called, and properties that are not read or not written to. The product can also optimize code by removing the unused parts and keeping only what is required for the programs to function correctly.

Project Analyzer v6.1 Enterprise Edition is priced at $699. Versions for analyzing a single project system start at $99.
Aivosto Oy, Helsinki, Finland,

PDA Defense Enterprise
PDA Defense Enterprise uses a unified Windows-based policy editor to set and implement handheld security policy across the enterprise for Palm, Windows Pocket PC and Blackberry devices. It is available from Asynchrony Solutions.

The product uses a feature set to completely lock down handheld devices. Administrators can mandate password control, including minimum length, alpha and numeric characters, and forced time-based password changes. Once PDA Defense Enterprise is installed on a device, users cannot disable the password protection without intervention from an administrator.

Pricing starts at $30 per user for a minimum order of 50 users.
Asynchrony Solutions Inc., St. Louis, Mo.,

Wind2 Award Web Edition
Wind2 Software Inc. has released Wind2 Award Web Edition, said to be the first fully Web-based client relationship management  (CRM) and marketing automation software product designed specifically for enterprise-wide deployment by professional services organizations.

The product uses the power of the Web to ensure that users have real-time access to client, opportunity, staff and project experience information whether located at a home office, branch office or on the road. The Web Edition uses the same database as the Standard Edition. This allows Award customers to use a Windows-based interface when working on their local-area network, or the Web-based interface when working over the Internet.
Wind2 Software Inc., Fort Collins, Colo.,

Surround SCM
Seapine Software has shipped Surround SCM, the company's cross-platform software change management solution.

Surround SCM provides users with control over source code changes to software development teams that require remote access, integrated defect tracking, and advanced branching and merging capabilities.

The product is also a full replacement for Microsoft Visual SourceSafe and integrates with Visual Studio 6 and Visual Studio .NET. Seapine includes a migration program to move files and their change history from Visual SourceSafe into Surround SCM.
Seapine Software Inc., Mason, Ohio,

HAHT iChannel 4.0
HAHT Commerce has released HAHT iChannel 4.0, which provides an integrated approach to supporting and protecting manufacturer's brand and product information by optimizing the transactions between the manufacturer and its channel partners.

New features include partner segmentation, the ability to create and manage product assortments, collaborative personalization, new product launch and end-of-life synchronization, and easier to manage product definition and assortment.
HAHT Commerce Inc., Raleigh, N.C.,

Groove Version 2.0
Groove Networks has shipped Groove Version 2.0, an upgrade to its centralized collaboration platform.

Version 2.0 has added new features to both client and server software, including integration with Microsoft Office applications, new project and meeting management toolsets, and the introduction of customer-hosted management and system integration capabilities. This latest version gives customers the option to deploy three enterprise-class servers: the Enterprise Management Server, Enterprise Relay Server and Enterprise Integration Server.

Groove Workspace Standard Edition Version 2.0 is $49 per user. Groove Workspace Professional Edition Version 2.0 is $99 per user. Users are granted access to groove Hosted Relay Services and Groove Hosted Management Services at no additional cost. Enterprises with more than 1,000 seats will also require the Enterprise License pack, priced at $49 per user annually with a three-year commitment.
Groove Networks Inc., Beverly, Mass.,

Network Instruments' Observer product line
Network Instruments LLC has added wireless support to its Observer product line. Wireless support is seamlessly integrated with the existing features of Observer, Expert Observer and the Observer Suite.

New wireless features and enhancements include: complete 802.11b Packet capture and Decode; a set of wireless statistical collection tools -- wireless network vital signs, wireless AP statistics, wireless types by station, wireless speeds and signal strength by station, wireless latest statistics, wireless errors by station, wireless channel scan, and wireless triggers and alarms -- and wireless trending to view wireless statistics for baselining over days/weeks/months/years.

The Observer product line includes Observer at $995, Expert Observer at $2,895, the Observer Suite at $3,995 and the gigabit wire-speed, full-duplex Gigabit Observer solution starting at $8,000.
Network Instruments LLC, Minneapolis, Minn.,

Universal Application Network
The Universal Application Network, from Siebel Systems, is a standards-based vendor-independent application integration solution that can be deployed across multiple applications.

Based on XML and Web services industry standards, Universal Application Network is said to enable organizations to select best-in-class applications and to ensure that customers are not locked into vendor-specific proprietary architectures. The product consists of three components: Best-Practices Process Library, a library of pre-packaged, industry-specific business processes based on best practices; Business Process Design tools, a selection of business process design tools -- provided by leading integration server vendors -- used to model and configure existing business processes and create new ones; and Integration Server, an integration server -- also provided by Siebel's integration server partners -- that is used to execute business processes as well as to coordinate interapplication communication.
Siebel Systems Inc., San Mateo, Calif.,

exe4j is a Java exe maker that allows developers to start their Java applications reliably, display native splash screens, detect suitable Java Runtime Environments (JREs) and handle start-up errors while operating in a Windows environment. It is available from ej-technologies GmbH.

The product offers optional distribution of bundled JREs, compilation of GUI applications or console applications, a user-friendly wizard for configuring an exe4j project, and a command line compiler for integration with automated build process. exe4j also allows for the creation of individualized Windows launcher executables for Java apps.

exe4j is priced at $69 per license and can be downloaded for a free evaluation at A site license is available for $699.
ej-technologies GmbH, Munich, Germany,

Westbridge XML SOAP Monitor
Westbridge XML SOAP Monitor enables enterprises to monitor their networks for all XML Web services traffic without requiring changes to the network. It is available from Westbridge Technology.

The product is a lightweight application that plugs into any router mirror port and monitors all network traffic for unauthorized SOAP traffic without affecting the architecture or performance of the network. App architects, security analysts and IT operations staff can detect SOAP traffic, view the content of the message for sensitive information, and view the sender and receiver of each message. Filtering occurs in near real time or to log file for later processing. The product is available on Windows and many Unix platforms, including Linux and Solaris.

Westbridge Technology is offering the XML SOAP Monitor for free to qualified organizations. For more information, please contact Westbridge Technology at com/soapmonitor.htm.
Westbridge Technology, Mountain View, Calif.,

Actuate Corp. Portlets
Actuate Corp. has developed a series of portlets that provide companies running IBM WebSphere Portal with easier access to Actuate-managed content.

The portlets enable IBM WebSphere Portal customers to more easily offer visitors relative, appropriate content. The portlets offer tighter integration with IBM WebSphere Portal administration tools so IT users can install and configure them using the WebSphere administration interface.
Actuate Corp., South San Francisco, Calif.,

NetBSD 1.6
NetBSD 1.6 is the latest release of the BSD operating system widely used in embedded and storage applications. It is available from Wasabi Systems.

Release 1.6 improves the performance and stability of applications, file systems and networking; adds support for 11 new platforms and many new devices; incorporates various security enhancements; and updates many third-party programs.

A four-CD 'Standard' release, with full binaries for 39 platforms, is priced at $24.95; a six-CD 'Deluxe' release with more than 3,000 popular applications for the OS, including the Apache Web Server, desktops from KDE and GNOME and the OpenOffice productivity suite, is priced at $64.95.
Wasabi Systems Inc., New York, N.Y.,

Metrowerks has shipped a new set of tools that enables application and content development for Tao Group's intent -- a high-performance, portable media platform for consumer appliances.

CodeWarrior Development Tools for intent allows developers to create and deploy content and applications for a multitude of media devices with a minimal amount of porting. This includes set-top boxes, PDAs, mobile phones, VCRs, DVDs and digital cameras. The toolset allows for 'pre-platform' applications development, which means developers can begin creating applications before the device is ready. Once hardware engineering is complete, the code base can then be moved to the prototype device. The toolset supports intent, Java Technology Edition, a Sun-authorized, Java-compliant and branded engine that runs real-world, rich multimedia Java content in very small footprints.

CodeWarrior Development Tools for intent Media Platform, Java Technology Edition is available for Intel processors and Hitachi SH3 processors.
Metrowerks, Austin, Texas,

Eiffel ENViSioN!
Eiffel Software has announced Eiffel ENViSioN!, its new Eiffel-language plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET.

The product is fully integrated with the Visual Studio .NET IDE, has a compiler that is designed to fully support all of the Eiffel languages supported by Visual Studio .NET, and contains Class and feature browsing. In addition, ENViSioN! has auto-documentation, supports XML, includes several Eiffel code libraries and comes with EiffelBuild, Eiffel Software's multiplatform GUI builder.
Eiffel Software, Santa Barbara, Calif.,

Ultra Light Client (ULC) Version 5.1
Canoo has released Ultra Light Client (ULC) Version 5.1, a thin-client framework based on Java and Swing.

ULC extends HTML-based Web architectures with rich GUI clients. The latest release includes a new tree component, as well as improved table and table-tree components. There is further reduced network traffic between the UI Engine and the server, and ULC is now integrated with IBM's WebSphere development environment.
Canoo Engineering AG, Basel, Switzerland,

ArcStyler 3.0
ArcStyler 3.0, an architectural IDE that supports Model Driven Architecture, is available from Interactive Objects Software GmbH.

Version 3.0 features a new module, the MDA-Enabler, which parses existing Java sources and EJB archives to automatically generate the corresponding UML model elements, thus enabling migration to MDA-compliant standards. Also included are new and extended MDA-Cartridges that automatically generate optimized code and infrastructure for leading Java Application Servers.
Interactive Objects Software GmbH, Sausalito, Calif.,

Green Hills Software's ARM
Green Hills Software has announced an optimizing C/C++ compiler and assembler for the ARM family of microprocessor cores.

The new compiler and assembler, part of Version 3.6 of the Multi2000 Integrated Development Environment, simplify the development of fast, compact code for embedded systems utilizing the ARM6, ARM7, ARM9, ARM9E and ARM10 processor families, and the ARM architecture-compliant Intel StrongARM and XScale microarchitectures.

The Multi Development Environment for the ARM core, including a C/C++ compiler, assembler, linker and instruction set simulator, is priced at $5,900 (single-seat developer's license) for a node-locked license, and at $8,900 for a floating license.
Green Hills Software Inc., Santa Barbara, Calif.,

CMS100 Version 2.0
Ektron has released CMS100 Version 2.0, a Web content management solution with new support for Microsoft ASP.NET and PHP.

The product offers a familiar word processor-like editing toolbar and intuitive interface for content publishing by non-technical users. Web professionals can configure and customize the solution to maintain control over navigation, look and feel, and other site infrastructure. User-controlled dynamic navigation allows non-technical content contributors to create dynamically generated navigation based upon content in the database. Additional enhancements include improved style sheet support, new search functionality, a new interface for editor configuration and improved branding capabilities.
Ektron Inc., Amherst, N.H.,

Cache 5
Cache 5, is the latest release of InterSystems Corp.'s post-relational database.

Key features include built-in support for Web services without requiring a separate application server or other complications; automated Bean Managed Persistence (BMP); and an Enterprise Cache Protocol -- architected for the extensive thin-client deployments typical of enterprise Web systems -- that includes a new distributed concurrency engine and support for massive distributed cache memory.

Cache 5 is priced at $200 in a single-user version; pricing for a multi-user configuration starts at $1,000.
InterSystems Corp., Cambridge, Mass.,

DataDirect jxTransformer
DataDirect jxTransformer, from DataDirect Technologies, is a new software component designed for Internet application architects and developers who need to transform data between XML and relational formats in Java programs.

The product is an XML transformer component that provides a consistent approach to creating XML data from any relational database or updating any relational database from an XML input. DataDirect jxTransformer enables architects and developers to write XML code once that works across multiple relational databases and with older versions of individual databases.
DataDirect Technologies, Rockville, Md.,

Alpha Five Windows Version 5
Alpha Software has shipped the latest version of its Alpha Five Windows database.

Alpha Five Version 5 sports advances in its language -- XBasic -- and introduces a new interface building language called XDialog. A new multi-pane, color-coded script editor has been added, along with the introduction of completely customizable menus and toolbars. A fully integrated debugger is also included. In addition, Version 5 offers auto-complete logic and a 'smart' function finder, as well as application scripting that automatically writes editable, highly structured and fully documented XBasic code with the ability to switch from the menu system of Action Scripting to the XBasic code editor.
Alpha Software, Burlington, Mass.,

Log Explorer for Oracle
Lumigent Technologies has introduced Log Explorer for Oracle, a product that is said to ensure continuous, secure access to enterprise information by identifying the causes of data corruption and providing the means to recover critical business data.

Log Explorer simplifies database management and problem solving for Oracle 8i users. Each time an Oracle database is changed, information is captured in a transaction log file that details the source of the change, as well as the new and previous information.

Log Explorer for Oracle 8i on Windows systems is priced at $1,295 for a single CPU machine; price is $1,995 for a multiple CPU machine.
Lumigent Technologies Inc., Acton, Mass.,

NeoCore XML Information Management System Version 2.6
NeoCore has released Version 2.6 of its NeoCore XML Information Management System (XMS), a self-constructing native XML database that is said to reduce the cost and time to market for dynamic business applications.

Enhancements to Version 2.6 include support for XQuery, enabling a rich set of standards-based query capabilities; a standalone server architecture that is said to increase the product's extensibility and simplify installation and management; support for the Solaris 64-bit platform; and an HTTP interface that provides a formatted URI method for Web services capability.

The Standard Edition of NeoCore XMS 2.6 (for 32-bit platforms) is priced at $20,000 per CPU. The Professional Edition (for 64-bit platforms) is $30,000 per CPU.
NeoCore Inc., Colorado Springs, Colo.,

PremiumSoft MySQL Studio Release 4.4
PremiumSoft has announced Release 4.4 of PremiumSoft MySQL Studio, a set of graphical database management, reporting and monitoring tools for MySQL database systems.

The new release offers high availability, business intelligence, backup features, as well as numerous performance and manageability improvements.
PremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd., Hong Kong,

Mobility Connectors
Mobility Connectors, from Xora Inc., allow database administrators who manage Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, Informix or any Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)-compliant database, to monitor and control database activity from any wireless device. The Mobility Connectors also enable remote access through automated speech recognition and standard Web browsers.

With Mobility Connectors, database professionals can use devices such as the Palm, iPAQ, Java phones and two-way pagers to work offline and synchronize the information to the back-end database; can set up personalized alerts to send notifications when certain key events occur in the database; and can wireless-, Web- and voice-enable existing DBA SQL scripts.
Xora Inc., Mountain View, Calif.,

Servertec Persistent Object Store Version 1.2.0
Servertec has announced a new release of Servertec Persistent Object Store (POS), a high-performance, cross-platform, object-oriented database engine written entirely in Java.

Version 1.2.0 features Object Store and Index Recovery Utilities, as well as the use of Virtual File Handles. Virtual File Handles allow Servertec POS to open a larger number of files than the native operating allows by mapping a pool of virtual file handles to a limited number of real file handles. Also included are new API calls, enhancements to Check Object Store and Check Index Utilities, bug fixes and updates to documentation.

POS can be used on any platform that supports Java V1.1.x or later. Servertec POS 1.2.0 is licensed on a per-user basis for $50.
Servertec, Kearny, N.J.,

Enterprise Information Integration (EII) package
The Enterprise Information Integration (EII) package enables users to access, aggregate and analyze data from a variety of sources -- including existing data warehouses, data marts, spreadsheets and external data -- without changing the existing data infrastructure. It is available from Sagent.

The EII solution is based on Sagent's Data Flow technology. Within the EII solution, data accessed from multiple sources flows in memory through analytic components, transforming the information at each step in the process and eliminating the need for storage of intermediate results in a database. Data from unrelated applications and databases can be combined. Results from any analysis are delivered directly to desktop applications such as spreadsheets and reporting tools.
Sagent, Mountain View, Calif.,

LiveArchive for PeopleSoft
OuterBay is now shipping LiveArchive for PeopleSoft, a live, online data archive that seamlessly integrates with PeopleSoft applications to improve enterprise application performance related to business issues such as inventory and order management.

The product is said to improve PeopleSoft application performance and ease data management challenges by identifying and relocating inactive data from the production database to a live, online archive. At the same time, users have transparent, real-time access to the archived data. OuterBay LiveArchive supports PeopleSoft Supply Chain, Financial, Human Resources and CRM applications. The software can also use PeopleSoft Process Scheduler to schedule and run archive processes and access archived data through standard PeopleSoft Panels and reports.
OuterBay, Campbell, Calif.,

Inforonics has unveiled Paragon4, a suite of offerings built to maintain, enhance and support custom applications.

The product explores a systematic inventory of the app's characteristics, current maintenance costs and structure, users, data and business processes using technical forensics. Inforonics then applies a systematic process of 'Review, Recommend, Refactor and Release' that is said to lower maintenance costs and create a more stable, portable and scalable platform.

The Paragon4 services are available individually or as part of a complete application management solution. They are delivered to organizations with a specific service-level agreement and for a fixed monthly fee.
Inforonics Inc., Littleton, Mass.,

AlohaBob PC Relocator
Eisenworld Inc. has announced three new versions of AlohaBob PC Relocator, a PC migration software application.

The AlohaBob PC Relocator allows users to migrate applications, files and settings from an old computer to a new one. It is priced at $29.95.

AlohaBob PC Relocator Ultra Control allows users to selectively migrate every aspect of a PC's personality, including all programs, desktop/Internet/application settings and data files at higher speeds and with premium features such as disaster recovery. It is priced at $69.95.

AlohaBob PC Relocator Enterprise can transfer computer personalities between systems on an ongoing basis, and includes a central management console for remote control over the process. A five-seat license is $249.95.
Eisenworld Inc., Sunrise, Fla.,


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