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JProfiler 2.1
Ej-technologies has launched JProfiler 2.1, a product aimed at helping developers to manage performance risks and to produce fast, reliable enterprise apps. With the product, developers use profiling technology to identify performance bottlenecks and memory leaks during development.

The quality assurance tool can be used as a supplement to conventional debuggers and, according to the company, the product's early integration into the development process can improve the quality of the final app and help developers to reduce costs by identifying programming issues earlier.

The product's features include: CPU, memory and thread profiling; a graphical interface organized around memory, CPU, threads and JVM telemetry graphs; an app server integration wizard; and CPU profiling through full instrumentation as well as sampling and dynamic instrumentation developed by the company. The product also offers support for J2EE app servers, including BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, Sun ONE Application Server, Oracle 9i Application Server and Apache Tomcat via the application server integration wizard; as well as integration with IDEs, including Netbeans, Sun ONE Studio, Eclipse and Borland JBuilder.

The product runs on Windows 98/NT 4.0 and XP; Linux x86; Mac OS X; and Solaris 7/8/9 SPARC. A commercial license of JProfiler 2.1 is priced at $399. An academic license costs $199.
ej-technologies GmbH, Munich, Germany,

Acclaro Scheduler for Rational Rose
Axiomatic Design Software has announced Acclaro Scheduler for Rational Rose. Integrated into Rational Rose, it is said to help developers manage the assessment and implementation of new features or changing requirements in new development and legacy code.

The product is said to help users assess the impact of changing designs, determine the scope of code affected by the changes, estimate the development effort to implement the changes, identify where to begin in coding the changes, and generate coding and testing work plans. Accessed from within Rational Rose, the product helps developers analyze new designs or changes to UML models to assess the required effort and create implementation and test work plans. The product is also said to be able to identify circular dependencies and output to Microsoft Project to simplify scheduling for project managers.
Axiomatic Design Software, Boston, Mass.,

Cape Clear WSDL Editor
Cape Clear Software has released the Cape Clear WSDL Editor, a free graphical Web Services Definition Language (WSDL) Editor. The development environment is appropriate for novice programmers as well as more experienced Web services developers.

The product's features include: an intuitive graphical environment for viewing and editing WSDL files; a Web services creation wizard, which automates the creation of service definitions, port types, binding, template operations and messages; automated wizards for creating and editing XML schema, schema array, complex types, simple types and enumerations; the ability to import any XML Schema; support for WSDL validation; support for WSDL profiling; support for advanced WSDL capabilities such as imports, faults, SOAP headers, multiple bindings and parameter ordering; support for the latest WSDL specification; retrieval of WSDL from across networks, UDDI repositories or Internet locations; support for WSDL documentation; as well as a user's guide and access to the CapeScience forum.

Cape Clear WSDL Editor is available for download from at no cost. The WSDL Editor is part of Cape Clear's CapeStudio Web services development tool.
Cape Clear Software, Campbell, Calif.,

Expand Beyond Corp. has released PocketAdmin, a wireless enterprise software solution for PocketPC and Palm OS platforms.

PocketAdmin is said to monitor, manage and troubleshoot networks and servers from PocketPC and Palm OS wireless handheld devices at any time, from every place. Using the product, network and system administrators can start, stop and restart applications; respond to security breaches as soon as they are notified; examine and alter OS-level permissions; control connections to the system's underlying enterprise applications; and view and modify files such as configuration files, e-mails and logs.
Expand Beyond Corp., Chicago, Ill.,

MKS Source Integrity Enterprise
MKS Inc. has integrated its MKS Source Integrity Enterprise with IBM's WebSphere Studio Application Developer and WebSphere Studio Site Developer.

MKS Source Integrity Enterprise provides IBM WebSphere developers with software configuration management capabilities directly from within the two IBM WebSphere development environments. Users can also have a visual update of the status of the files in their project through the Bookmark Window. Development teams building Web-based applications within IBM WebSphere Studio Application Developer and Site Developer are said to benefit from fully integrated software configuration management capabilities, facilitating software quality and team communication.

Integration between MKS Source Integrity Enterprise and IBM's WebSphere Studio Application Developer and Site Developer can be downloaded by visiting the MKS Web site.
MKS Inc., Waterloo, Ontario,

NetDive has unveiled the next version of CallSite, a software system for Web-based live customer service and CRM.

The product allows Agents to effectively take control of customers' PCs and share any application with them; provides Web call buttons so customers can call Agents; and allows for instant Voice over IP communication.

CallSite is available as a service from NetDive's ASP division for small businesses or as enterprise software for medium- to large-sized organizations. CallSite service is $99.50 per Agent seat per month; CallSite Enterprise is $995 per Agent -- a one-time payment -- for a minimum of 25 Agent seats, and includes complete installation support.
NetDive, San Francisco, Calif.,

Siebel 7 Mobile Solutions and Siebel eFinance 7
Siebel Systems Inc. has launched Siebel 7 Mobile Solutions and Siebel eFinance 7.

Siebel 7 Mobile Solutions is a suite of enhanced mobile applications that extend Siebel's customer relationship management (CRM) functionality into the field. The product employs a variety of technologies, including SMS messaging, wireless browsing and remote data synchronization, to deliver mobile solutions for specific markets and applications.

Siebel eFinance 7 is a suite of CRM, employee relationship management and partner relationship management apps. With Siebel eFinance 7, retail finance organizations are able to up-sell and cross-sell products and services. Companies are also able to personalize a customer's experience across channels, including Web self-service, view their entire book of clients, and automate business processes to reduce cost.
Siebel Systems Inc., San Mateo, Calif.,

Exactus Impulso
Gupta Technologies LLC has partnered with Hewlett-Packard and Exactus to launch Exactus Impulso, an enterprise resource planning solution aimed at small- and medium-sized businesses.
The solution will be developed using Gupta's Team Developer application development tool and will utilize its SQLBase CenturaGarde embeddable database, which offers a triple DES encryption for security at all levels of the client/server process.

Exactus Impulso includes four modules -- Management and Finance, Sales and Distribution, Human Resources and Payroll, and Production -- that can be acquired separately or as a set.
Gupta Technologies LLC, Redwood Shores, Calif.,
Hewlett-Packard, Palo Alto, Calif.,
Exactus, Mexico,

Advantage Database Server T-DataSet Descendant client for Kylix
Extended Systems has released Advantage Database Server T-DataSet Descendant client for Kylix (Delphi for Linux), a high-performance client/server RDBMS for standalone, networked, Internet and mobile database apps.

Kylix support helps Delphi developers to port existing Advantage Database Server TDataSet Descendant applications to the Linux operating system without rewriting any of their database access code. The new Advantage Kylix components will provide database access without the use of Borland's dbExpress.

Advantage Database Server TDataSet Descendant for Delphi/C++Builder/Kylix is a free add-on to Advantage Database Server. Pricing for Advantage Database Server ranges from $249 for a two-user license, to $7,495 for an unlimited-user license.
Extended Systems, Boise, Idaho,

ClientSoft Tanit Services
ClientSoft Inc. has released ClientSoft Tanit Services (CTS). The product provides a runtime environment for enabling IBM CICS or batch applications on the OS/390 platform to call 'services' -- anything that is callable from an external program, such as Word, SAP, e-mail, Internet browsers and accounting packages -- on any Microsoft Windows or Java platform.

Call centers using a 3270 interface to store data from incoming phone calls can activate CTS, which automatically updates and prints out a Word document. Instead of installing an e-mail program, Microsoft Outlook can be activated. When accessing a SAP database located on Windows from CICS, CTS can launch a Visual Basic program that uses BAPI to query the SAP database.

CTS uses a standard TCP/IP network to access Windows from a mainframe. No gateway or black boxes are involved.
ClientSoft Inc., Miami, Fla.,

DeXa.Mobile Enterprise Office Suite
DeXa.Mobile Enterprise Office Suite (EOS), from Schlumberger Network Solutions, is a wireless solution adaptable to various security environments based on the Sun ONE platform that includes iPlanet messaging, calendaring, directory services, and standard or enterprise-specific apps to an array of wireless networks and devices. This is said to allow users to access and update their information anytime, anywhere, even when wireless coverage is unavailable.

The product supports an enterprise-wide wireless evolution by integrating multiple protocols and devices through a common wireless business platform. It uses the iPlanet portal server to deliver a unified system of administration and user management.

The DeXa.Mobile EOS is offered as both a managed service and as a licensed option, and is designed to support wireless devices, including RIM, Palm, PocketPC, smart phones and J2ME devices. In addition, the product works with various wireless data networks, such as Mobitex, ARDIS, GSM, GPRS and CDMA.
Schlumberger Network Solutions, Houston, Texas,

Report CE Version 3.0
Syware has released Version 3.0 of the Report CE report writing tool for Windows CE and PocketPC handhelds. The product enables users to design and share reports.

V3.0 includes improved software integration and a more flexible development environment that allows users to change the properties of multiple controls at once, and fields that can expand and contract to handle more information per page. Reports can be e-mailed as text attachments, as well as displayed and printed in color. The release also improves the range of numeric, string and date functions.

The product works with Windows CE 2.0 or higher devices. Reports can be designed on a desktop PC or on the Pocket PC/Windows CE device. Report CE Personal for single device applications costs $79, and can be used with Syware's Visual CE or Microsoft's Pocket Access. Report CE Professional is available as part of Visual CE Enterprise Edition for $599, or it can be purchased separately for use with Embedded Visual Basic or Embedded Visual C++ programs for $299.
Syware Inc., Cambridge, Mass.,

Kalido Dynamic Information Warehouse Version 7
Kalido Group has released Kalido Dynamic Information Warehouse Version 7. The product includes updated business modeling, new reference data management capabilities, Internet-based remote control and extended support for e-business standards.

Kalido 7 provides a view of the business for performance management with a data warehouse capability that integrates data from operational systems, and by managing a master set of definitions of the operational data. The release's business modeling tools provide additional perspectives on the operational data for business analysis, along with a more in-depth view of the enterprise's business models. The product's adaptive architecture allows data structures to be changed frequently without reengineering. The reference data management features include multiple versioning capabilities as well as security and audit controls. The product also uses SOAP, XML, J2EE, COM and .NET.
Kalido Ltd., London,

SonicXQ Enterprise Service Bus
Sonic Software has released the SonicXQ Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), a standards-based service-oriented architecture for business integration using Web services and the J2EE Connector Architecture. The product's distributed architecture helps systems architects to locate integration services within the ESB and scale them independently of one another.

Applications and services can be plugged in to the product to share information with other applications and services on the bus. Pre-built, configurable services perform integration functions such as content-based routing and XML transformation so that information can be used by any application on the bus, without additional coding.

The product's features also include: support for Web services and J2EE Connector Architecture (JCA) technologies for integrating applications within the enterprise and across the Internet; a distributed processing framework for configuring, deploying and managing services across the enterprise; the company's Dynamic Routing Architecture (DRA) technology to improve scalability; and authentication, authorization and encryption support.
Sonic Software Corp., Bedford, Mass.,

MicroStrategy 7i
MicroStrategy Inc. has released MicroStrategy 7i.

The product is said to help enterprises to standardize on a business intelligence platform and deploy business intelligence across the enterprise. The product's architecture also facilitates the implementation of business intelligence extranets.

New features include: Intelligent Cubes, which are said to provide an interface for reporting, ad hoc query, OLAP, statistical analysis and ROLAP; Windows on the Web, a Web interface that provides many of the features of a Windows client, like drag-and-drop report formatting, drop-down menu bars and right-mouse click drill-down, which lets users design reports and interactively analyze data; information collaboration, which lets users share reports with other users by e-mailing them, scheduling them for regular delivery, or exporting them to Excel, PDF or HTML; portable analytical modules, which contain pre-defined reports and workflows that can be customized and ported to existing databases and data warehouses; and the MicroStrategy 7i Portal Integration Kit, which has pre-packaged connectors to include business intelligence into portal products and lets users access MicroStrategy functions through standard Web services protocols and techniques.
MicroStrategy Inc., McLean, Va.,

Precise/SiteStor SRM
Precise Software Solutions has launched Precise/SiteStor SRM, a multi-platform storage performance management solution.

Precise/SiteStor SRM provides consolidated reporting for the analysis of storage usage patterns enterprise-wide, enabling companies to optimize the performance of storage devices running their databases, apps and Web sites, and storing business documents.

The product reports on storage usage patterns on a consolidated basis across multi-platform storage devices, including Unix, Linux, Windows 2000 and network appliance storage devices
Precise Software Solutions, Westwood, Mass.,

Empress Software Inc. and Tilcon Software Ltd.
Empress Software Inc. and Tilcon Software Ltd. have partnered to deliver a development environment to embedded and real-time QNX developers.

Engineers using QNX RTOS can tie Tilcon's graphical engine to the Empress data management system via ODBC or the Empress C-API MR Routines. The Empress API allows for real-time data ingest into the database and real-time output of stored data into the graphical engine.

Tilcon has included the Empress ODBC client libraries with its graphical engine on all product distribution media. Using the Empress C-API MR interface, Empress has modified Tilcon's Dashboard demonstration program to include data ingest and data output routines.
Empress Software Inc., Greenbelt, Md.,
Tilcon Software Ltd., Ottawa, Ontario,

Advantage Data Transformer 2.0 and Advantage Data Transformer Enterprise Metadata Edition (Advantage DT EME) 2.0
Computer Associates International Inc. has unveiled Advantage Data Transformer 2.0 and Advantage Data Transformer Enterprise Metadata Edition (Advantage DT EME) 2.0. These data transformation, replication and integration solutions enable organizations to execute strategic e-business projects, including data marts and warehouses, ERP and CRM deployments, and complex systems integration.

With Advantage Data Transformer, developers can 'drag and drop' their way through the mapping of sources, targets, transformations and workflows. They can also share and reuse pre-defined transformations and those they create.

A new graphical workflow manager in Advantage DT EME is said to simplify management of the entire transformation process, including conditional processing, scheduling interdependencies and invocation of external applications such as e-mail and backup software.
Computer Associates International Inc., Islandia, N.Y.,

FineGround Condenser
FineGround Networks Inc. has introduced the Condenser, which allows enterprises to accelerate and manage the delivery of business information.

Enterprises are said to accelerate secure sockets layer data with the FineGround Condenser by improving user response time by seven times and system capacity by four times. Using a range of optimization techniques, the Condenser is said to deliver up to 10 times faster performance for Web applications by eliminating redundant traffic and latency delays in the network and application, without any special client-side software.
FineGround Networks Inc., Campbell, Calif.,

divine Participant Server 4.0 and divine Content Server 4.0
Divine Inc. has launched divine Participant Server 4.0 and divine Content Server 4.0.

With divine Participant Server 4.0, users can create, update and publish content via interfaces that are transparent to their everyday work environment. It also includes capabilities to support greater integration with legacy and Web applications, as well as tighter integration with Microsoft Word and Dreamweaver. In addition, the product enables users to own and manage the content distribution process and includes content templates and drag-and-drop content functionality.

Divine Content Server 4.0 enables transparent content authoring, integration, management and delivery throughout the enterprise. The product also has the ability to author content in Microsoft Word, contains user enhancements such as one-click access to common content management tasks, and has a reworked, intuitive interface. Workflow improvements include timers, assignment delegations, automated actions, reporting and visualization.
Divine Inc., Chicago, Ill.,

eCOG1 evaluation board
Cyan Technology Ltd., a developer of low-power flash microcontrollers for connected devices, is now offering an evaluation board and free software development tools for its first product, the eCOG1 communications engine.

The company has complemented its microcontroller with a toolkit, including a macro assembler, ANSI-compliant C compiler, software simulator, and an on-chip real-time in-circuit emulator/debugger interface that supports up to 512 breakpoints. The eCOG1 evaluation board augments this integrated platform, providing developers with the resources they need to develop and test apps.

The eCOG1 evaluation board is available for $249.
Cyan Technology Ltd., Cambridge, U.K.,

Ektron Inc. has released eWeb-EditPro+XML, a Web-based authoring tool that enables business users to add XML tags to Web content. The tool lets users input content such as text, tables, images and links into a Web page that looks like a template. The product then applies XML tags to that content behind the scenes to make information more readily accessible across different media such as the Web, text-enabled handheld wireless devices and print.

Giving business users XML capabilities is said to improve workflow and efficiency as well as reduce costs. The product's features also include improved searchability and usability of content via XML tagging; easier customization through simple-to-create tag definitions and CSS style attributes; simpler integration within dynamic Web server environments; rapid deployment; and ease of internationalization.

Ektron WebEditPro+XML is available from the company's Web site. A 10-seat license is priced at $599.
Ektron Inc., Amherst, N.H.,

Green Hills Software Inc. has released G-Cover, part of its Multi and AdaMulti integrated development environments (IDEs).

G-Cover is said to enhance the reliability of embedded software by enabling developers to test 100% of their code. The tool uses Multi's debugging facilities, such as breakpoints, single step and read registers, to monitor and analyze the execution of production code modules on the target system. G-Cover provides code coverage analysis at the object code level that is independent of the source language, including assembly, and analyzes all object code branches, including those that are not traceable to the source code. The tool also analyzes object code to determine the location of conditional branches, calls, jumps, branch targets, traps and exit instructions.
Green Hills Software Inc., Santa Barbara, Calif.,

Turbo Reports for COBOL
Canam Software has released Turbo Reports for COBOL, an app report writer for COBOL. Using visual design and a code generator, the product is said to allow developers to design and develop COBOL app report programs faster and with higher quality. The product's built-in version control capability provides full life-cycle change control support and is said to ease maintenance.

The product is also said to help companies improve productivity with visual report design; automate the development of report presentation code; deliver projects faster at lower costs; improve runtime performance with compiled code and static database binds; reduce training costs; leverage the same tool for traditional and Web reports; reduce database and file access time by running multiple reports in a single database pass; ease maintenance; and speed report change implementation with automatic version control.
Canam Software Labs Inc., Mississauga, Ontario,

CodeWright 7.0
Starbase Corp. has announced the availability of CodeWright 7.0, a code editing system for Windows. The product includes CodeMeeting, which enables instant communication and file editing from within IDEs, which is said to speed the editing process and improve the quality of mission-critical apps. CodeMeeting is said to enable increased collaboration in the source code editing, discussion and review process. The product is aimed at improving the functionality of IDEs, languages and version control systems while helping developers to research and edit existing source code.

A single Windows user version of CodeWright is priced at $299, annual maintenance is priced at $89, and upgrades are available for $99. Multi-user licenses are also available. Visit the company's Web site for more information.
Starbase Corp., Santa Ana, Calif.,

Jtest 4.5 and Jcontract 1.5
Parasoft has announced Jtest 4.5 and Jcontract 1.5, upgrades to the firm's automatic Java testing and error-prevention tools.

Jtest is said to automate the unit testing process, including black-box functionality, white-box construction and regression testing. It also automatically enforces industry coding standards and lets developers add their own coding standards. Other new features include: support for JSP; integration with IBM WebSphere Studio Application Developer, Sun Microsystems' Forte for Java IDE and Together ControlCenter; automatic generation of J-Unit Test Classes and JUnit Test Class templates; static analysis rules; CVS source control integration; and improved group sharing of test parameters and Jtest configurations.
Jcontract lets developers perform functionality testing at the system level using design by contract. After developers compile a class or component, the product's compiler checks whether an application misuses specific classes. It is also said to help automate functionality testing of Java software, and improve component testing.

Pricing for Jtest starts at $3,495; Jcontract starts at $1,500; and the two products together start at $4,495. They are available for Windows NT/2000/XP, Solaris and Linux.
Parasoft Corp., Monrovia, Calif.,

Precise/Indepth for IBM WebSphere 2.0
Precise Software has released Precise/Indepth for IBM WebSphere 2.0, a J2EE app component of the company's Precise i3 application performance management product. The product is aimed at enabling IT operations to isolate performance problems and optimize enterprise apps as they are deployed on IBM WebSphere servers.

The release extends the company's SmarTune technology to IBM WebSphere applications, identifies J2EE application performance problems and recommends corrective action in real time. The product also features an improved Web-based user interface that allows IT staff to exchange information to resolve performance problems.

The product correlates business transactions across the Web, J2EE and database servers, and provides a view of the transaction across the app infrastructure. When problems arise, this view helps to identify the failing component and isolate the root cause of performance degradation.
Precise Software Solutions, Westwood, Mass.,

Cirquet Solution Suite 1.0
Improv Technologies announced the availability of the Cirquet Solution Suite 1.0. The product comprises the Cirquet Development Environment (CDE) for developing Cirquet applications, and the Cirquet Operations Center (COCent) to deploy and manage those applications across the enterprise.

The technology is said to enable developers to create distributed apps or Web services from any Java language component. It wraps each Java component as a discrete app and allows for their assembly at runtime. Applications written using the product are said to be network- and device-neutral. The product uses Sun's JXTA technology as the distributed message transport to service n-tier and P2P architectures.

The initial release of the CDE is available as a plug-in to Sun's Forte for Java product.
Improv Technologies, New York, N.Y.,

SpatialFX 3.2
ObjectFX Corp. has released SpatialFX 3.2, a product that provides the ability to view and analyze data in location and spatial contexts by presenting data and events in the context of a map. The product is designed for the implementation and deployment of spatial services on a variety of clients ranging from desktop applications to the Web to wireless devices.

The release includes improvements to map projection systems, dynamic symbology aimed at defense and intelligence users, and extended J2EE support.
ObjectFX Corp., St. Paul, Minn.,

ISE Eiffel
Interactive Software Engineering (ISE) has released a beta version of the ISE Eiffel development environment for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET. This version enables developers using VS .NET to seamlessly use ISE Eiffel to build next-generation Web apps and XML Web services.

The product supports multiple inheritance, genericity and Design by Contract. These Eiffel techniques are said to extend to analysis and design, as well as programming to provide a full, reversible stream through project development, thereby eliminating the need for separate analysis, design and implementation tools.
Interactive Software Engineering Inc. (ISE), Goleta, Calif.,

Persistence Software has announced EdgeXtend, a complementary software module for J2EE app servers based on the company's distributed dynamic caching (DDC) technology.

The product is said to help companies improve the performance of J2EE servers by distributing data to business decision makers, improving response times, increasing productivity and reducing costs. The product works in conjunction with J2EE servers through the Java Connector Architecture (JCA). The product is said to improve server performance with a shared transactional cache, cache synchronization and model-driven development.

EdgeXtend is priced at $9,995 per CPU for the standard product, and at $14,995 for EdgeXtend with PowerSync for multi-cache support.
Persistence Software, San Mateo, Calif.,

Transvirtual Technologies Inc. has released XOE, an application framework built on XML and Java technologies that helps developers build and distribute scalable XML Web services and applications.

The product's package management and version control tools provision the remote update of software in the field. It provides automatic detection of required components, updates and enterprise level app synchronization. The online/offline integration feature provides app operation without a direct connection to the app server.

The product extends Transvirtual Technologies' products to the Windows XP OS, and J2SE Virtual Machines in addition to Linux. An evaluation version of the product is available on the company's Web site.
Transvirtual Technologies, San Francisco, Calif.,

Logidex 1.3
LogicLibrary has released Logidex 1.3, which is said to help users to find, understand and manage software development assets such as Web services, legacy applications, components, XML schema and patterns. The product helps users map assets to the company's business and architectural models.

Version 1.3 of Logidex includes expanded search functionality that lets developers browse through a domain model and search for assets that fit their needs. The product is also said to help developers better organize assets in a catalog for retrieval and use. Once an asset is found, the product allows users to acquire and use the asset or subscribe to a particular asset, review it and track how it changes over time. The product also includes configurable templates for defining the information collected and stored for each asset type. The product comes with a set of defined templates for all major asset types. Users can configure these templates, as well as create additional templates.
LogicLibrary, Pittsburgh, Pa.,


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