Representative testing tools

A listing of some of the testing tools on the market

Borland Software Corp.
Scotts Valley, Calif.

Optimizeit Suite -- Allows developers to find and fix issues such as memory leaks, performance bottlenecks and thread deadlocks throughout the development process.

ClassIQ Inc.
Wilmington, Del.

IQTest -- Test harness for Java, BizTalk, iPlanet and other platforms.

Compuware Corp.
Farmington Hills, Mich.

DevPartner Studio-Distributed Analysis -- One portion of a complete development and test suite, Distributed Analysis helps to track down and correct bugs throughout a system. Microsoft platform only.

Waltham, Mass.

Bean-test and FirstACT -- Bean-test for JavaBeans; tests functionality and scalability. FirstACT for Web services.

Mercury Interactive Corp.
Sunnyvale, Calif.

LoadRunner -- Suite of products for functional, load testing and testing management.

Parasoft Corp.
Monrovia, Calif.

jtest, SOAPtest, c++test -- Family of products for different platforms: class, function and other types of testing.

RadView Software Inc.
Burlington, Mass.

WebLoad 5.0 -- Reports bottlenecks, constraints and weak links. Visually monitors test metrics while tests are underway. Uses the same script to generate test loads.

WebRM 5.0 -- Web application testing and analysis solution.

WebFT 1.5 -- Web-centric testing solution.

WebGTS -- Tests and deploys Web applications.

Rational Software Corp.
Lexington, Mass.

Rational Visual Test 6.0 -- Improved functionality for component-based testing, including the ability to manipulate ActiveX and COM objects, and DLLs.

Rational Suite DevelopmentStudio -- Runtime error detection automatically pinpoints hard-to-find bugs. Advanced performance profiling highlights performance bottlenecks.

Rational Test RealTime -- Memory leak detection, bottleneck identification, test-case code coverage, data-driven component testing, regression testing.

Rational QualityArchitect -- Automates component testing process and generates the necessary test drivers and stubs itself.

Rational Rose -- A component-based architecture enables developers to build scalable, reusable code and assemble disparate components together.

Segue Software Inc.
Lexington, Mass.

SilkPilot -- Tests CORBA and EJB servers.

SilverMark Inc.
Raleigh, N.C.

Enhanced JUnit -- Method coverage and object interaction profiling; load testing across any number of threads, JVMs and CPUs; automatic test generation.

Test Mentor-Java Edition -- An automated, component testing tool for Java. Provides a specialized test development and code generation environment. Promotes well-structured, reusable tests through a component-oriented test architecture.

Sitraka Software
Toronto, Ontario

PerformaSure 1.5 -- Increased emphasis on database metrics (tracks SQL statements and stored procedures).

JProbe Profiler -- Diagnoses performance bottlenecks in Java; zeroes in on critical code with advanced filtering and triggers.

JProbe Suite -- Performance profiling, memory debugging.

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