New XML schema unveiled

A newly available XML schema for digital receipts provides retailers with a standard data format for verifying customers' credit for payment and providing them with electronic proof of purchase.

The IXRetail digital receipt XML schema works for all purchases from standard cash and credit card to more innovative shoppers making a payment via a cell phone or other hand held device, according to the Association for Retail Technology Standard (ARTS).

Having a standard for handling retail transactions involving stores, vendors, banks and customers is seen by ARTS as a win-win situation for all involved. It will help authenticate credit and facilitate charge backs between stores and banks when a customer uses a credit card for a purchase. The customer will have an electronic receipt that can be stored on a PDA and provide handy proof of purchase when returning items or taking a product in for warranty service and repair.

The IXRetail digital receipt standard was developed during the past two years by the Digital Receipt Alliance that includes retailers such as Office Depot and Home Depot, computer companies like NCR, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft and America Online, and credit card companies such as Visa International, according to ARTS.

Further information and a download of the specification is available from the ARTS web site at

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