A simple class that stores session state.

Component Java
The road to reusable Servlet components
by Attila Szegedi
Listing 1. A simple class that stores session state.

package com.foo.myapp;
import java.util.*;
import javax.servlet.*;
import javax.servlet.http.*;

class Session
  private static final String ATTNAME =

  private String userName;
  private Locale locale;

  // constructors and setters omitted for
  // brevity

  String getUserName() { return username; }
  Locale getLocale() { return locale; }
  // On-demand per-session initializer
  static Session getInstance(
    HttpSession httpSession)
      Session instance = (Session)
      if(instance == null)
        instance = new Session();
          ATTNAME, instance);
      return instance;

  static void invalidate(
    HttpSession httpSession)

About the Author

Attila Szegedi is the lead developer at Scriptum, a company located in Szeged, Hungary, specializing in information retrieval and data cleansing technologies. Attila may be contacted at szegedia@freemail.hu.


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