November/December 2001 Development Solutions Buyer's Guide

101communications' Development Solutions Buyers Guide...the most efficient business-to-business media buy in the professional software development market.

101communications' Development Solutions Buyers Guide offers marketers an authoritative audience of well-placed technical professionals who greatly influence tool adoption and product purchases across multiple levels within their organizations...and throughout virtually every imaginable industry and business sector.

From advanced C++ programmers to high-level drag-and-drop Java developers...from three-tier client/server to nth-tier distributed computing...from the expert QA engineer to the enterprising CIO, the Development Solutions Buyers Guide provides the latest information on emerging technologies to an eclectic group of authoritative technical professionals.

For more information, contact
Maurine Blake
tel: 201-392-1166
email: [email protected]

Blue Samba Solutions
Object Mentor
Tall Tree Software

Blue Samba
Blue Samba Solutions specializes in delivering solutions and train-ing in XML, J2EE, .Net and web services. Our courses include:

  • XML with Java
  • Web Services Development (NEW!)
  • Java Security (Coming Soon!)
  • Intro and Advanced EJB with BEA WebLogic Server
  • Intro and Advanced EJB with IBM WebSphere
  • XML with Microsoft Technologies
  • XML Security (Coming Soon!)

Please visit our web site for our entire curriculum and schedule of public cours-
es.Mention code #101Nov and get a 5%discount on training.Also ask us about
referral bonuses.

For our consulting services,we employ a hybrid delivery model that can provide
significant savings for our clients.

Blue Samba Solutions
3340 Peachtree Rd NE #1000
Atlanta,GA 30326
(888)834-8003 or (770)457-4144
[email protected]


Dinkum C++ Library for GCC/Solaris or GCC/Linux Available Now!

The Dinkum® C++ Library for GCC/Solaris or for GCC/Linux includes our Dinkum® C Library. The Dinkum® C++ Library is completely compliant with the ISO/IEC 14882 C++ Standard. Use these Dinkum C++ Library packages with the GCC V2.95.2 compiler under either SPARC Solaris or PC Linux.

Dinkumware offers a commercial software license product that contains no Gnu Code. You can purchase it at and download it immediately. Single User License starts at $90.

Dinkumware, Ltd.
398 Main Street
Concord, MA 01742
v: 978 371-2773 f: 978 371-9014
email: [email protected]

Dinkum C++ Library for GCC
Now works with Comeau too!

The Dinkum ®C++Library for GCC is completely compliant with the final C++
Standard.It also includes our powerful Dinkum C Library and dozens of locales cov-
ering the major Western cultures.Our latest version works with GCC V2.95 or later,
including V3.0.As an added bonus,it also works with the highly compliant compilers
from Comeau Computing (based on the Edison Design Group front end).A compre-
hensive HTML reference manual is included.Binary licenses start at $90 for a single-
developer,packaged either for PC/Linux or Sparc/Solaris.Source license start at $400,
packaged for use on a wider variety of platforms.Purchase single or multi-developer
licenses directly from our web site,for immediate download.

Dinkumware, Ltd.
398 Main Street, Concord MA 01742
email: [email protected]


Embedded Database Technology For all your development needs!

Programmers worldwide have used FairCom database technology for years to handle mission critical data in embedded apps, vertical apps, web, e-business, etc. Develop royalty free apps or scale to the FairCom Server by simply recompiling! FairCom's server is known as a "plug-n-play" Server. Install it, start it, and forget it! FairCom's tools are fast, portable and proven. Now with full 64 bit support!

  • Support for 25+ platforms
  • Full Source
  • Free development Servers and ODBC Drivers

FairCom Corporation
800-234-8180 or 573-445-6833
email: [email protected]

Object Mentor, Inc.

Extreme Programming (XP) Training and Mentoring
Object Mentor, Inc.

Better Software at Internet Speed. Everybody is talking about XP and with good reason. The practices of XP enable developers to rapidly develop software and adapt it to their customers' needs. Students rave about our XP Immersion Training, where you learn from the creators and practitioners of XP.

Our XP training and mentoring compliments our industry leading object-oriented design and programming services.

Visit for more information and articles on advanced software development technologies.

Object Mentor, Inc.
V: 1.800.338.6716 f: 847-548-6853
Email: [email protected]

Tall Tree Software
Tall Tree Software

Source Code Documentation System

DocJet is the premier tool for building documentation for your project. It reads your source code, finds all the objects in your system and any comments associated with them and then builds documentation for you.

  • It reads C, C++, VB, IDL and Java source code.
  • It adapts to your commenting conventions-no need for weird markers cluttering up your code.
  • It produces output in HTML, HTMLHelp, RTF (for MSWord) and Microsoft Help formats.
  • With its companion product, AltHelp, you can access your HTML or HTMLHelp output from Developer Studio or VB just like documentation from Microsoft!

Visit and download a free evaluation copy today!

Tall Tree Software Company
3104 King Street, Austin, TX 78707
v: 512.453.4909 f: 512.288.5055 sales: 877.756.2654
e-mail: [email protected]


Advanced Technology Consulting and Training

Process and UML

  • An Introduction to Object Technology
  • Requirements and Object-Oriented Analysis
  • Object-Oriented Analysis and Design with UML and Patterns
  • Advanced Object Design with UML and Patterns
  • The Unified Process
  • Managing Advanced Technology Software Projects


  • An Introduction to Java Technology and Architecture
  • Java and Object Design for Non C Programmers
  • Java and Object Design for C/C++ Programmers
  • Building Web Applications with Java
  • Advanced Java and Object Design


  • Designing an Internet Application with J2EE and EJB
  • Essential CORBA Development with Java


  • Essential C++ and Object Design
  • Intensive C++ and Object Design
  • Advanced C++ and Object Design

5080 Spectrum Dr., Suite 1010 West
Dallas, Texas 75001
V: 972.789.1200 1.800.249.0123 f: 972.789.1340
email: [email protected]