One of the brand-new applications created by Internet is E-commerce. Not just high-tech is for sale online. Something as common as groceries are available. At NetGrocer, says the New York City-based company’s sales literature: "You can shop any time of day at the location that is most convenient to you." Said NetGrocer V.P. of Information Technology Bob Hyland, the database engine for this undertaking is Microsoft SQL Server, although the firm will soon bring up an Oracle DB for linking to suppliers. Working as a layer atop a Web Server is the Cold Fusion API from Allaire, Cambridge, Mass. "The structure of the site is dynamic," said Hyland. NetGrocer is located at Hyland, who leads a team of 12 developers, has tried a variety of Internet development software but he continues with Allaire. "Nothing else allows us to develop as rapidly." Prior to Hyland’s arrival his firm was using WebObjects from (then) NeXT Computer. While there is effort involved in mastering Cold Fusion, just learning it is no more difficult than learning HTML, adjudges Hyland.