Use the Mobile Action design pattern.

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Roger L. Cauvin
Listing 3. Use the Mobile Action design pattern.

public class FindByNameAction implements EmployeeAction,
  public FindByNameAction(String targetName)

  public Object perform(IEmployeeStorage employeeStorage) throws
    Vector employees = null;
      employees = employeeStorage.retrieveEmployees();
    catch (RetrievalException retrievalException)
      throw new ActionException(retrievalException);

    String targetName = getTargetName();

    Employee employee = null;
    Enumeration enumeration = employees.elements();
    boolean wasFound = false;
    while (!wasFound && enumeration.hasMoreElements())
      employee = (Employee) enumeration.nextElement();
      wasFound = targetName.equals(employee.getName());

    return wasFound ? employee : null;

  ... code for getTargetName, setTargetName, etc. ...

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