getComponentData() to retrieve and return value of object.

Component Java
Build Wizards Quickly Using a Swing-Based Wizard Framework
Chang Sau Sheong
Listing 6. getComponentData() to retrieve and return value of object.

. . .
  public void customize() {

. . .
    Hashtable textBoxes = new Hashtable();
    textBoxes.put("Class Name", new Integer(20));
    textBoxes.put("Package", new Integer(30));
    textBoxes.put("Primary key", new Integer(30));

    tb = new WizardTextBoxPanel(textBoxes);
    centerPane.setLayout(new BorderLayout());
    centerPane.add(tb, BorderLayout.CENTER);

public void nextAction() {
  try {
    putData("classname",tb.getComponentData("Class Name"));
    putData("packagename", tb.getComponentData("Package"));
    putData("primarykey",tb.getComponentData("Primary key"));
  catch (Exception e) {

. . .

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