Editorial Calendar



Java Report provides structured information for developers making serious use of Java. Written by leading practitioners and authorities in the field, Java Report adheres to stringent guidelines to ensure editorial accuracy, quality, and integrity.

The four regularly appearing tracks are:

  • Enterprise Java: Feature content focuses on Java's use in the enterprise where architecture, distribution, communications, security, scalability, and reliability issues play important roles in the development of a successful application.

  • Power Java: Feature content in the Power Java track will focus on language and programming issues that enable the experienced developer to harness the power the Java, including coverage of advanced API's, and how to use them to develop interesting and often difficult applications.

  • Component Java: Feature content in the Component Java track will focus on the construction and application of JavaBeans, providing examples, tips, techniques, and patterns of visual and programmatic construction of beans to developers who need to use and create them.

  • Java Primer: Feature content in the Java Primer track will focus on learning to master programming in Java with style, by providing information on fundamental OO concepts, Java's base packages and classes, and programming tips and techniques.

  • Issue: Topic:
    January 2001 J2SE
    February 2001 J2EE
    March 2001 Patterns and Frameworks
    April 2001 Distributed Systems
    May 2001 Frameworks
    June 2001 JavaOne Issue
    July 2001 Java Server Pages (JSPs)
    August 2001 Enterprise Java
    September 2001 Design and Architecture
    October 2001 Peer-to-Peer Computing
    November 2001 101 Java Show Issue
    December 2001 Writer's Choice