February 2001 From the Pages Features

Java Primer
TicTacToe on the KVM

Stephen Petschulat and Duane Benatar
Stephen and Duane demonstrate the basics of developing software for the KVM by walking through its installations, as well as the development of a simple TicTacToe application, the step-by-step compilation, and running of the game.

Power Java
High-Performance Java Software Development
James Schatzman and Roy Donehower
Coding for efficiency can be much more important for Java than for C/C++. By following some straightforward, though perhaps surprising guidelines, many software projects can be effectively implemented in Java, giving excellent performance.

Power Java
Understanding the Dynamic Proxy Classes in Java 1.3, Part 2
Tarak Modi
The dynamic proxy classes are a powerful addition to the Java Reflection API package for tool and architectural framework developers. By leveraging these classes, the creators of architectural frameworks can provide much more design flexibility to the software developers who use these frameworks to create complex software applications in less and less time.

Enterprise Java
Using Java With Enterprise Objects and WebObjects to Implement a Web Site: b4blaw.com
John F. Hopkins
Developing the b4blaw.com Web site is a good introduction to database-driven Web site development using Java with WebObjects and Enterprise Objects. It is easy to scale for increased volume and higher performance requirements, and it is easy to maintain.