Power Java
Techniques for Optimizing Web Site Development and Runtime Characteristics

Christopher A. Fregly
Listing 7. OrderEntry.jsp.

<TITLE>Order Entry</TITLE>

<!- The following script sets the action selected by the user. ->
function submitForm( theAction ){
	document.form.navAction.value = theAction;


<!- order entry HTML here ->
<FORM NAME = "orderEntryForm"
ACTION="/servlets/OrderEntryServlet" TARGET="buffer">
<INPUT TYPE = "button"
NAME = "SubmitOrderAction"
VALUE = "Submit Order"
<INPUT TYPE = "button"
NAME = "CancelOrderAction"
VALUE = "Cancel Order"

The following are required to give the controller servlet enough
information to call the appropriate method and redirect to the next scene.  ->
<INPUT TYPE = "hidden"
NAME = "navAction"
VALUE = "">
<INPUT TYPE = "hidden"
NAME = "currentSceneName"

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