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Yes I Know, But!
Dwight Deugo

Philip J. Gill
Java is Changing the Face of Email; WebSprockets VMserver Attacks Internet Appliance TCO; Espial Tools Part of SA-1110 SDK; Sun Tools Leverage XML Standards for Graphics; and more.

Digital Book Services: Paper? We Don't Need No Stinking Paper
Reviewed by John K. Waters
The digital reference book market is about to explode. Many (if not most) of the top technical book publishers are taking notice, paring up with service providers, and just basically jumping into this service with both feet. John took a test-drive of,, and netLibrary and shares his experiences.

Java Makes a Splash in Real-Time
MotionTechnology provides Java reporting and remote Internet access for hot tub environmental and control systems
Philip J. Gill
Java may well make one of its first splashes in the real-time embedded systems market as an integral part of the environmental monitoring and control system for a new generation of spas. Yes, that's right, a Java-powered backyard hot tub that can be remotely controlled via a phone or wireless connection across the Internet.

Close Every File You Open
Jonathan Amsterdam
Files must be closed. They should be closed sooner rather than later. While it is true Java's garbage collector will close any file stream object before it is freed, there is no assurance that garbage will be collected in the near future—or at all in the life of a program. Therefore, files must be closed manually.

Reflections of a Company-Wide JUG
Andrew Turner
Normally Java User Groups (JUGs) are open to everyone in a city or region. Another way is to have a company-wide JUG. Andrew discusses the advantages and disadvantages of a company-wide JUG, and the basic steps to start one.

Process Patterns for Better Object-Oriented Development
Reviewed by Jacques Surveyer
Process Patterns brings a leavened combination of theory, design, and hard-earned practice to the fore in elucidating the pivotal tasks of OO development.

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