Sept. From the Pages Features

Java on the Palm Pilot

Gernot Starke
For several years, 3Com's Palm Pilot has been one of the most successful PDAs. The official development environment for the Palm platform, CodeWarrior from Metrowerks, is based on C/C++, but Java is quickly gaining terrain. With free tools such as Waba and the KVM, the Palm Pilot is open to Java enthusiasts.

Java in the Home: OSGi Residential Gateway

David Jordan
David attended Connections 2000: Advancing the Networked Home. The focus of this conference was primarily on networking technologies. He outlines the relevance of the emergence of nifty new home networking technologies to Java software developers.

Tips and Tricks for Debugging Jini™ Technology-Enabled Services

Willie Walker
Debugging a Jini service can be an exasperating experience if you do not know how to tell the system to complain when something goes wrong. Unless you tell it to complain, the system will stoically swallow all exceptions. Willie helps you avoid the frustration of these silent failures so you can concentrate on developing your Jini service.

Reusing CORBA Web Services With JavaScript

David Houlding
David explores an architecture and development paradigm that leverages both the high accessibility and ease of use of Web information systems, and the power of CORBA to deliver sophisticated Web services. These Web services can be reused over intranets or the Internet by simple JavaScript clients to build Web-enabled distributed object systems.

Objects Don't Polymorph: A Conceptual View of Subtype Polymorphism

Wm. Paul Rogers
Paul presents a conceptual view of subtype polymorphism. Understanding this kind of polymorphism requires an understanding of the dual roles a Java class plays in defining implementation and interface, as well as the effect these roles have on the structure of inheritance.

Rubber-Banding and Object-Oriented Design

Vince Huston
Recently Vince wrote a Java application that required rubber-banding of lines, rectangles, and circles. Refactored implementation eliminates the "case" statements, protected attributes, and replicated code. The application is then more elegant and maintainable.