Java To Go!
Your Way to a Flicker-Free 3D Pie Chart
Anand Jain
Listing 3. Piechart.html.

<APPLET code=Piechart height=300 width=400>
<PARAM NAME="TITLE" VALUE="Top 16 Hardware Manufacturers (Worldwide)">
<PARAM NAME="slice1" VALUE="7.67-Dabudal">
<PARAM NAME="slice2" VALUE="2.2-PiCiL">
<PARAM NAME="slice3" VALUE="13.3-Menith">
<PARAM NAME="slice4" VALUE="2.99-Bacer">
<PARAM NAME="slice5" VALUE="7.00-Zompeq">
<PARAM NAME="slice6" VALUE="9.0-Fateway200">
<PARAM NAME="slice7" VALUE="1.30-AIBM">
<PARAM NAME="slice8" VALUE="12.04-Dill">
<PARAM NAME="slice9" VALUE="10.10-HaP">
<PARAM NAME="slice10" VALUE="13.89-Jonesand">
<PARAM NAME="slice11" VALUE="10.23-Adosre">
<PARAM NAME="slice12" VALUE="12.10-Elsuble">
<PARAM NAME="slice13" VALUE="9.01-Janiem">
<PARAM NAME="slice14" VALUE="12.29-Mals">
<PARAM NAME="slice15" VALUE="5.34-Ands">
<PARAM NAME="slice16" VALUE="3.86-Gupraj">


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