July From the Pages Columns

Exception handling in large systems

Steve Ball
Steve highlights an approach to exception handling in large systems that runs contrary to established Java wisdom.

Understanding the Java™ 2D API: Composite

Vincent J. Hardy
Vincent defines what compositing is and where it is used in the API. He discusses the internals of compositing and how the blending process is implemented.

A Rule Engine integration architecture for the enterprise

Chris Roberts and Will Schenk
Chris and Will examine Rule Engine technology in the enterprise and provide various ways to create interesting Rule Engine-based architectures. Rule Engines empower the enterprise with greater flexibility, while still managing the demands of adaptability in larger, more complex applications, by offering faster development times and offsetting application changes for those most qualified to make them—customers.

Java faces death sentence by browser duopoly

Tig Tillinghast
The companies who bundled Java into the browsers—and thereby brought it to the masses—have forsaken us. AOL/Netscape's new browser version does not provide Java compatibility in the default installation. This type of shenanigan is perhaps expected of Microsoft, but et tu Brute?