An example logical rule format in XML.

<logical-rule name="some-rule" id="001" author="Some name" timestamp="some time">
    <with-ejb class="biz.Customer" id="customer">
      <apply function="equals">
        <arg><get-prop name="name"/></arg>
      <apply function="<">
        <arg><get-prop name="income"/></arg>
        <arg> 10,000 </arg>
    <with-ejb class="biz.Offering" id="offering">



    <modify-ejb id="customer">
      <set-prop name="name">
        <apply function="concatenate">
          <arg><get-prop name="name"></arg>
          <arg>" is cool"</arg>


    <assert-ejb class="biz.Offering">

      <set-prop name="product">"Apple Pie"</set-prop>

      <set-prop name="discount">10</set-prop>


    <retract-ejb id="offering"/>




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