PATTERNS IN JAVAMatters of state

Matters of state

Kevlin Henney

Listing 3. Implementation of the clock's life cycle using a Stateless Object for the mode.

public class Clock
  public synchronized void changeMode()
    { mode.changeMode(this); }
  public synchronized void increment()
    { mode.increment(this); }
  public synchronized void cancel()
    { mode.cancel(this); }
  private interface Mode
    void changeMode(Clock context);
    void increment(Clock context);
    void cancel(Clock context);
  private static class DisplayingTime implements Mode ...
  private static abstract class SettingTime implements Mode
  private static class SettingHours extends SettingTime ...
  private static class SettingMinutes extends SettingTime
    public void changeMode(Clock context)
    { context.mode = displayingTime; }
    public void increment(Clock context)
    { ++context.minutes; }
  private int hours, minutes;
  private Mode mode = settingHours;
  private static final Mode
    displayingTime = new DisplayingTime(),
    settingHours    = new SettingHours(),
    settingMinutes = new SettingMinutes();

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