PATTERNS IN JAVAMatters of state

Matters of state

Kevlin Henney

Listing 2. Implementation of the clock's life cycle using a Stateful Object for the mode.

public class Clock
  public synchronized void changeMode() { mode.changeMode();
  public synchronized void increment()  { mode.increment(); }
  public synchronized void cancel()     { mode.cancel(); }
  private interface Mode
    void changeMode();
    void increment();
    void cancel();
  private class DisplayingTime implements Mode ...
  private abstract class SettingTime implements Mode
    public void cancel() { mode = new DisplayingTime(); }
  private class SettingHours extends SettingTime ...
  private class SettingMinutes extends SettingTime
    public void changeMode() { mode = new DisplayingTime();
    public void increment()  { ++minutes; }
  private int hours, minutes;
  private Mode mode = new SettingHours();

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