June From the Pages Columns


An overview of Sun's Java Data Objects specification
David Jordan
The Java Data Objects (JDO) specification is under development within the Sun Community Process. The main objective of JDO is to provide support for transparent object-level persistence of Java objects, so that Java class developers need not provide their own persistence support.

UML profiles and model-centric architecture
David S. Frankel
David explains what a UML profile is, provides some examples of profiles, and shows how profiles can be used as part of a rigorous architecture for complex business systems.

The evolution of Java Server Pages
David Geary
Servlets are Java programs that are powerful, efficient, and portable alternatives to CGI scripts. Java servlets run in a JVM and therefore do not require a separate process every time they are invoked. Servlets have access not only to their Web server, but also to the entire Java API.

Matters of state
Kevlin Henney
Kevlin focuses on the representation of the behavior of Objects for States in Java. The Stateful Object and Stateless Object patterns assist in the realization of Objects For States, but are not tied exclusively to it: The issues raised and resolutions given can be found in many object systems.

Taking advantage of the elements array
Steven W. Disbrow
What if you inherit a project where you have to integrate JavaScript into a bunch of HTML pages with "bad" control names? Your first thought might be to go through each page and fix those names by hand. While this might seem to be the easiest route, there's actually an easier way: using the "elements" array.