March 2000 Code

From the March 2000 Issue
(Vol. 12, No. 3)

Destruction-Managed Singleton
Evgeniy Gabrilovich

Supplemental Code

Working with Classes and Interfaces
Dirk Riehle

  • Listing 1. Snapshot of initial Name class
  • Listing 2. A set of primitive member functions.
  • Listing 3. Working with primitive member functions
  • Listing 4. The Name interface class and the class and the StringName and VectorName implementation classes.
  • Listing 5. Identical implementations of the insert member function in StringName and VectorName.
  • Listing 6. Definition of the Name, AbstractName, StringName, and VectorName classes.
  • Listing 7. Some member functions of the AbstractName abstract base class.
  • Listing 8. The inheritance interface of AbstractName.
  • Listing 9. The narrow inheritance interface of AbstractName.