May CRO Features

Disambiguated Glommable Expression Templates Reintroduced
Geoffrey Furnish
Furnish summarizes the work done in the classical discipline of building expression template enabled containers, then extends the technique to become container neutral, thereby increasing the technology's accessibility. The presented template tricks, employed to achieve the generalization of expression templates, are potentially of wider applicability.

Expression Templates as a Replacement for Simple Functors
Peter Higley and Gary Powell
Creating functors for use with STL algorithms is a messy task. For each algorithm a class with an operator() must be created, which clutters up the source code. This article shows how expression templates can be used in place of these functors to simplify the source code without any loss of efficiency.

Software Engineering for Peak Performance
Jeremy Siek and Andrew Lumsdaine
There have been growing reports of how C++ can be as fast as Fortran on numerical codes. Siek and Lumsdaine explore high-performance C++ with numerical linear algebra libraries, and show how to engineer performance optimizations using template techniques, which results in a big gain for software development and maintenance.