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Understanding the Java™ 2D API: Strokes
Vincent J. Hardy
Vincent presents the process of drawing the outline of a Shape. This process, referred to as stroking, is more complicated than it may seem at first and was not supported in earlier versions of the Java platform, where all Shapes were rendered with a 1-pixel-wide solid stroke.

XML—the enterprise infrastructure glue?

John Crupi
John examines XML in the enterprise and provides various ways to create interesting XML-based architectures. XML is based on three very important features that have an excellent track record:
1) Openness, 2) Standards-Based, and 3) Trim and Slim.

Everybody into the pool!
Scott Oaks
Scott discusses issues surrounding the use of thread pools. All thread pools manage lists of threads and tasks and assign tasks to threads. Encapsulation is the key benefit to using a thread pool: It introduces a very powerful, object-oriented approach to thread management into your program.