April From the pages Columns

Durable Java
Hashing and cloning

Mark Davis
Mark takes on hashCode and clone, which are far too easy to get wrong. The carrot for writing hashCode is that whenever your objects will be in hash-based collections such as Hashtable, HashMap, or Set, a good implementation of hashCode will give you an excellent payback in performance!

Effective Java
Solutions for implementing dependable clone methods

Steve Ball
Steve presents workarounds that will enable you to implement dependable clone methods even in the presence of Java's most cloning-hostile language features. The source of this contention originates in Object.clone.

Patterns in Java
Value added

Kevlin Henney
Calculating and storing amounts is a typical requirement of software. Value objects represent the simple, granular pieces of information you find in a system: strings, dates, money, dimensions, colors, etc. Kevlin spotlights each pattern in a brief problem solution format to reveal more detail.

Madison Avenue Java
The State of the Java

Tig Tillinghast
Working for Internet start-ups for the past few years, it's been a long and interesting process watching our industries grow up. I have to admit, I'm not altogether positive on the maturation. It was fun being the insurrectionist with a beef. This year's State of the Java reflects this growth and change.