2. EInternalWindow.

Listing 2. EInternalWindow.

if (mail == true) {
	EInternalWindow w = new EInternalWindow (root);
	w.setBorder (new BaseBorder (Color.lightGray));
	w.setLayout (new BorderLayout());
	ELabel message = new ELabel("You've got mail!");
	w.add (message, BorderLayout.CENTER);
	EPanel buttons = new EPanel();
	buttons.setLayout (new FlowLayout(FlowLayout.RIGHT));
	EButton now = new EButton ("View now");
	EButton later = new EButton ("View later");
	buttons.add (now, later);
	buttons.add (later);
	w.add (buttons, BorderLayout.SOUTH);

	// set window's size, give x,y address in ERootPanel
	w.setSize (150, 100);
  	w.open (30,70);


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