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Java Primer

Method Types In Java
Dirk Riehle
Dirk presents three method-type categories and nine key method types to use in our daily design and programming work

Enterprise Java

Java 2 RMI and IDL Comparison
Matjaz B. Juric and Ivan Rozman
The advantages and disadvantages are presented for both models based on a set of selected criteria. Special emphasis is placed on performance, along with how RMI and IDL behave under some relevant usage scenarios.

Enterprise Java

Porting Visual Basic Applications to Java,
Part 2

Bill Pierce and Adam Levin-Delson
The authors complete their two-part study with observations about error handling and then benefit from the hindsight of the completed project, looking at the results of the porting decisions

Graphic Java

Data-driven graphical user interfaces
David Geary
David discusses separating the data used in a graphical user interface from the code that creates the interface, allowing data to be modified without any changes to the software.

Patterns in Java

Patterns of value
Kevlin Henney
The simple issue resolved here, that of value-based programming in Java, illustrates how a pattern language combines patterns to work through a problem and support a set of principles.

Java Means Business

More programming with generic interfaces
Lowell Kaplan
Programming with generic interfaces presents some great advantages, e.g., making it easy to add new functionality while writing a minimum of code.

Scott's Solutions

Using Swing's glass pane feature to perform overlay drawing
Scott Oaks
Scott explains how to use Swing's glass pane feature to perform overlay drawing.

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Editor's Note
It's Free
Dwight Deugo


Philip J. Gill
Java Is Here to Stay; Jini Community Tops 20,000; Tendril Integrates With JDeveloper; Tidestone Updates Formula One; Inline, Rational Deal; HP, Oracle Deal on ChaiVM for Oracle8 Lite; and more.

Product Review
A Powerful Tool, But Limited
BulletProof's JDesignerPro 3.5

Reviewed by Frank Flowers
If beginning programmers are BulletProof's target audience, then they've done well, but, as experience grows and systems become more complex, the programmer may find they're frustrated with its limitations.

Real World Java

E-commerce in Internet Time speeds merchant deployment with leading-edge Web technologies
Philip J. Gill was one of the first online sites to provide e-commerce tools and services that allows merchants to open for business or to enhance their Web sites.

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