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  • RedHat

    Forrester: Accelerate Your Path to Innovation With Containers

    Forrester Consulting evaluated the current state and challenges of container usage and assessed changes since 2015. It found that 50% of respondents who use containers also use advanced container orchestration tools today. Learn more.

  • RedHat

    Executive Cloud-Native Platform Checklist

    Access to data anytime and anywhere is a requirement in both our personal and professional lives. This checklist will help organizations choose a cloud-native platform by helping to assess business needs and impacts. It also details the features and benefits of Red Hat® OpenShift Container Platform. Learn more.

  • RedHat

    Best Practices For Migrating to Containerized Applications

    Migrating existing applications into containers provides better manageability and greater portability. This e-book outlines specific, technical recommendations and guidelines for container migration, ranging from image build procedures to production best practices. Also included are technical checklists for architecture, security, and performance. Learn more.

  • The Role of IT in Driving Customer Satisfaction with Customer IAM

    One-Minute Whitepaper. 99% of IT leaders rate CX as a top priority or very important initiative. IT leaders in every industry are watching and responding to the rise of CIAM. They know that this renewed emphasis on the consumer is reshaping their organizations and their priorities. Understand recent survey insights on the importance of digital transformation and the role of IT. Learn more.

  • Security in the API Economy

    Technology has revolutionized how we interact with the world around us.  The critical systems we rely on are pervasive in every imaginable format and on every connected device.  Unfortunately, our security practices haven’t kept pace with this evolution and every day people and companies fall victim to identity theft, data breaches and irate customers and employees. Learn more.

  • API Security

    It is incumbent on today’s API builders to be smart, informed and proactive. In this new guide to building and securing APIs, explore the role of API Gateways and learn best practices for protecting data in transit, managing API credentials, and handling authentication and authorization. Learn more.

  • Logo: IBM

    Forrester Names IBM a Leader in Machine Learning Data Catalogs

    The promise of AI is that it will deliver digital transformation and improve productivity and efficiency across businesses. For many of our customers, IBM Watson has already helped deliver on this promise – by enriching customer interactions, accelerating research and discovery, empowering employees, and mitigating risk. Learn more.

  • Logo: IBM

    The Total Economic Impact of IBM Watson Studio and Watson Knowledge Catalog

    IBM commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study and examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying Watson Studio and Watson Knowledge Catalog. The results? A projected ROI of 459%, over three years, achieved in less than six months. Learn more.

  • Logo: IBM

    The Ethics Of AI: How To Avoid Harmful Bias And Discrimination

    How aware are you of hidden bias in your machine learning models and neural networks? A biased model can harm your customers, your brand and your business if it results in unintended, unexplainable actions against individuals or groups. Learn more.

  • Enterprise Mobile Testing Trends & Stats for 2018

    Understand what your peers are doing, how much they’re spending on mobile application testing, and how often they’re releasing. We analyze the results of the 2018 Mobile Testing Trends and Stats survey along with interesting industry insights. Learn how to minimize app abandonment, improve app quality and speed release cycles. Learn more.

  • RedHat

    Gartner Report - API Management Quadrant

    We all use APIs every day. The demands of digital transformation, and the related need for platforms and ecosystems, make it essential to manage APIs throughout their life cycle. We identify the pros and cons of a wide range of API management vendors and offerings, to help you make the right choice. Learn more.

  • The Build vs Buy Challenge

    Data quality is important to your business – to every business. For things like, operational efficiency, analytics that mean something, and nurturing good customer relationships. Learn more.