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JetBrains Launches New IDE Designed for Rust Programmers

Dev toolmaker JetBrains has created a new IDE called RustRover designed specifically for the Rust system programming language.

Oracle Unveils GraalOS for Faster Cloud-Native Java Apps

Oracle announces new Java-based deployment tech, GraalOS, that uses the Oracle GraalVM Native Image to run apps as native machine executables to take advantage of the latest features of Arm and Intel processors on Oracle OCI.


Is IBM's Latest Watsonx Release the GenAI Answer to Mainframe Application Modernization?

IBM is set to preview the 'Watsonx Code Assistant for Z,' which is designed to speed up the translation of COBOL to Java on the company's line of z/Architecture mainframes.

Will Microsoft's RWA Pattern for Java Lure Devs to Azure?

Microsoft recently announced the availability of its Reliable Web App Pattern for Java Tomcat--a potentially powerful move to attract more Java developers to its Azure cloud platform.

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BellSoft Liberica Release

BellSoft releases version 23.0 of its Liberica Native Image Kit (NIK) with new features, including ParallelGC.

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JetBrains Releases New Version of Aqua IDE for Test Automation

Software development toolmaker JetBrains has released a new version of its IDE for test automation, Aqua, adding support for the open-source Playwright and Cypress web app testing frameworks.

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Apache Pulsar 3.0 is First Long-Term Support Release

The community behind the open-source Apache Pulsar all-in-one messaging and streaming platform has announced its first long-term support (LTS) release: Pulsar 3.0. This is the first of what the community promises is a new, faster release cadence.

Azul and Java on CRaC

Open-source Java platform provider Azul has announced that its Zulu downstream distribution of OpenJDK now supports Coordinated Restore at Checkpoint (CRaC) functionality.


Amazon AI-Assisted CodeWhisperer Now Free to Individual Developers

Amazon's CodeWhisperer AI-supported coding assistant is now available for free to individual developers who sign up with an AWS Builder ID. The Individual edition provides code recommendations, reference tracking, and security scans.

Eclipse Foundation Claims New Licensing Has Contributed Momentum to Open Source

The Eclipse Foundation and the Adoptium Working Group claim that the chief impact of its new licensing fee structures is a significant increase in momentum for the global open-source Java ecosystem.

JetBrains Releases IntelliJ IDEA, WebStorm, and RubyMine Updates

Software development toolmaker JetBrains has announced the 2023.1 versions of its three integrated development environments: IntelliJ IDEA, WebStorm, and RubyMine.

Oracle Releases JDK 20 First Under New License

Oracle's latest release of its reference implementation of the Java SE platform, Oracle JDK 20, includes seven JEPs comprising thousands of performance, stability, and security improvements.


Gradle Inc. Speeds Scala Compiler Times with Triplequote Acquisition

Grade, Inc., the company behind the commercial version of the open-source Gradle build automation tool, Gradle Enterprise, has announced the acquisition of Swiss-based software development technology provider Triplequote.

Payara Now Part of the Eclipse Foundation's MicroProfile Working Group

Payara, the company behind the popular fork of the open-source GlassFish application server, has joined the Eclipse Foundation's MicroProfile Working Group.

Red Hat-Oracle Collaboration Brings Red Hat Enterprise Linux to OCI

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is now certified to run on Oracle's cloud services platform as a supported operating system. The move is part of a multi-stage alliance to offer customers a greater choice of operating systems to run on OCI.

SingularityCE Now Accessible for Enterprise Linux

SingularityCE, an open-source container runtime designed for data science, AI, and compute-driven analytics on performance-intensive systems is now accessible for Enterprise Linux users through the Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux repository.

Google Offers Public Preview of SDK Extensions for Android

Google announced this week the release of the first public preview its SDK Extensions, which leverage modular system components to add APIs to the public SDK for certain previously released API levels.

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Apache Cassandra 4.1 Goes GA, 'Paves the Way for Cloud-Native Future'

The 4.1 release of the Apache Cassandra NoSQL database is now generally available. The project’s major release for 2022 comes with lots of new features and "paves the way," the community said in a blog post, for "a more cloud-native future" for the project. It also marks the community's commitment to annual releases, announced last year.

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App Monitoring Toolmaker Sentry Acquires Code Coverage Provider Codecov

Sentry, a leading provider of dev-first app monitoring, acquires dedicated code coverage tools makes Codecov.

New CLI Tool Allows Java Devs to Add 'Fuzzing' to JUnit

Code Intelligence's CI Fuzz CLI tool now allows to Java developers to incorporate fuzz testing into their existing JUnit setups.