In-Depth Features

Novell Releases Mono 1.2

Mono brings .NET execution to Linux and other platforms.

Welcome to the World of Windows Vista

Microsoft operating systems have a reputation for providing sophistication, ease of use, and reliability. Get acquainted with Windows Vista and see why it will continue this trend.

World Changing for Developers

Developers now must understand how development processes and decisions affect business and profitability. Is more visibility into their daily activities through IT governance a good thing?

Profile: Cordys Delivers Services from Beginning to End

Cordys quietly built a comprehensive SOA technology stack, including a dev environment, that places it in the forefront of technology providers.

Profile: A Fresh, Open Source ECM Platform

Alfresco Software provides a fresh, open source alternative for enterprise content management. Following the release of its Java SDK, Alfresco is looking to make its system the ECM platform for Web 2.0.

The In-Process Integration Alternative

ESBs or Web services approaches to integration can work well in many enterprises. However, take a look at a middleware alternative that can successfully streamline integration better.

Productizing Storage Services the IBM Way

How do you help businesses better manage information and increase the performance of their database and storage-related infrastructures?

Eclipse ALF Automates the Life Cycle

ALF is a new concept in vendor cooperation, and any one ALM vendor doesn't have the best solution for all disciplines. See how ALF provides a new level of repeatability and transparency.

Profile: Above All Software's New Way to SOA

Above All Software helps turn legacy applications into business services.

Next-Generation Storage: Low Cost Isn’t Enough

New vendors trumpet products with lower price tags, but if they lock you into a single source, what’s the point?

The Role of the ESB

ESBs provide a multitude of services for an enterprise committed to optimizing IT in support of business processes.

Telelogic Rhapsody Expands Modeling for Embedded Apps

Release targets software reuse and Simulink model integration.

Service Orchestration and Windows Workflow Foundation

Building and executing workflows without a traditional Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) is possible using Microsoft .NET 3.0 technologies.

The Year of the Build

Is wrestling with your software builds a fact of life? Not necessarily.

Careers: IT Hiring Still Strong

Thirteen percent of CIOs expect to hire new IT workers in the coming quarter

Podcast: Real-Time Business Intelligence

BI 2.0 gives you “one version of the truth” in real time.

First Look: Tying Together Mainframe Applications and SOA

OnWeb for Customer Information Control System transforms CICS data into standards-based XML for integration and SOA initiatives.

Achieve Useful Requirements Processes

Aligning IT and business is more than a marketing slogan. Learn best practices that let IT teams share requirements that align IT priorities with business needs more effectively.

Careers: Despite Favorable Job Market, IT Pros Stay Put

IT pros have long endured the slings and arrows of an employer’s marketplace. The tables are turning, but there’s still considerable disparity between the thoughts and perceptions of hiring managers and prospective job seekers.

Mapping ILM to ITIL

Do what needs to be done to operate storage infrastructure with a quality of service you can live with.