In-Depth Features

Looking to LINQ

Will Microsoft's Language Integrated Query transform programmatic data access?

Crossing the Divide

Open source interoperability tools extend .NET applications to other platforms.

A Database Archiving Solution Like No Other

Though StorHouse is principally a data warehousing system, its stronger value may be as a database archiving solution.

Glassfish 3 Beta Geared to the Enterprise

The Glassfish V3 beta, an open source Java application server, offers better support for SOA and Web 2.0 applications.

It's All in the Cache

There are advantages and disadvantages to today's application-tier caching techniques. Consider your data caching options for improving data-intensive application performance.

Addressing SOA's Vulnerability

Get beyond the myths of service-oriented architecture. Learn how to leverage WCF to successfully implement SOA design patterns that can help deliver on the promises of SOA.

Getting the Real Data about Your Data

SRM is probably the most important investment that storage managers can make, but it’s riddled with problems.

Use the Ruby on Rails Alternative

Take a more expedient approach for developing MVC Web applications than you might take using J2EE technologies.

Altova Delivers on UML 2.1

Altova demonstrated a new version of its UModel 2007, which displays the full UML 2.1.1 compatibility, at VSLive! San Francisco 2007.

Profile: It's All About Quality

Most organizations in software development are interested in application quality; Instantiations is doing something about it.

Storage Standards, Part 3: Users Sound Off

Storage standards don’t top the list of customer needs.

The Open Group and Enterprise Architecture

Steven Nunn from the Open Group, an enterprise architecture framework and certification body, weighs in on the theory and practice of enterprise architecture.

Standards-Based Storage, Part II

Only when the pain and cost of the status quo becomes too great to bear will users start to make some noise.

Profile: Enerjy Promotes Change in Software Development

To create quality code development teams must continually collect and analyze data on their processes for writing and building applications.

Terabyte Drives Have Arrived

In less than 18 months, perpendicular recording has gone mainstream. It is one of those little-noted technology innovations, but one that is extraordinarily important.

Impressive Growth Ahead for Application Server Market

The application server marketplace isn’t the exclusive playground of J2EE and .NET: CICS is amply represented, market watcher IDC says

Resolved for 2007: No More Lying

The release of CERT information raises a controversy between storage security vendors.

Consultancy Puts IBM’s TCO Claims to the Test

Do Big Blue’s mainframe TCO assertions add up?

Find Balance in Your Work

Your activities outside of your job can be as beneficial as your activities within the workplace.

Profile: InterSystems Demonstrates the Benefits of Good Health

Delivering an application platform and database to vertical markets such as health care has propelled InterSystems to a long history of revenue growth.