In-Depth Features

Enterprise Architect

The creator of the Zachman Framework talks about the matrix at work.

Build AJAX Security With JSON

AJAX-era security requires tossing out a lot of what you thought you knew about security, starting with Same Origin Policy.

Integrate Windows Apps With Oracle

Publish a PL/SQL procedure in Oracle as a Web service and consume it from a Web service client in WCF.

Search & Destroy Bugs

Learn how to write programs that not only protect themselves from bugs, but that also seek them out and destroy them.

BPM Learns To Play With SOA

New tools and initiatives such as BPMN, BPEL4People and WS-HumanTask provide a start at marrying BPM's business acumen with SOA's IT-savvy.

Build Enterprise SOA With Rich Metadata

Model-driven business process platforms provide the best path to enterprise service-oriented architectures (SOA). It's all about the metadata.

Ozzie Reveals More About Live Platform Plans

Microsoft exec describes strategy for Live as part of a layered business approach and calls Software Plus Services "critical" over the next few years.

Best Practices for Dev Outsourcing

Some useful guidelines for choosing the the right IT partner. (Article courtesy of Redmond Developer News, July 15, 2007.)

Game Theory

Can the practices of leading game developers help you write better software? (Article courtesy of Redmond Developer News, July 15, 2007.)

Second Life, Second Chance for CodeGear

Can Delphi thrive now that it's free from corporate parent Borland? (Article courtesy of Redmond Developer News, July 15, 2007.)

Expanding the Team

Microsoft's roadmap for Visual Studio Team System promises richer collaborative development. (Article courtesy of Redmond Developer News, July 1, 2007.)

Versatile Querying With db4o

This open source, object database provides you with a collection of APIs that adapt to diverse querying requirements.

Windows Communication Foundation

The skinny on Microsoft's programming model for messaging. (Article courtesy of Redmond Developer News, July 1, 2007.)

Simplify Your Real-Time Programming

Implement Real-Time Java''s high-level abstractions and easily and quickly develop predictable Java code for embedded systems.

Mainsoft Overhauls .NET-to-Java Porting Tool

Mainsoft Corp.'s tool for porting .NET Web apps to Java gets major new upgrade.

Waterfalling Forward to Agile

Manage the transition to agile processes. (Article courtesy of Redmond Developer News, July 1, 2007.)

Developers to Get Hooks Into SQL Server 'Katmai'

Katmai could improve Microsoft's standing in the database space (article courtesy of Redmond Developer News, June 1, 2007).

Muglia Maps Microsoft's 'Journey Towards Dynamic IT'

Bob Muglia, senior vice president of the Microsoft Server and Tools division, talks .NET, Windows Server 2008, SQL and more

BEA Unveils Products for 'Event-Driven SOA'

New server and performance-engine products support complex event processing in Java environments.

Black Duck Expands Its IBM Rational Ties

The company's integrated app helps hunt down open source software and ensure licensing compliance.