In-Depth Features

SOA Governance: 'Not Much' Success, Panelists Say

Experts described the state of governance, which isn't easy to do but it's really necessary for your SOA effort.

IT Pays a Price for Poor Requirements Practices

A new survey quantifies the costs for poor requirements gathering. Companies should focus on process, rather than documentation, report argues.

Connect Apps with WCF

Learn when and how to utilize Windows Communication Foundation to develop and maintain your communications layer when creating a loosely coupled, scalable, interoperable services-oriented application.

Lessons From a Yahoo Scrum Rollout

Yahoo's top coach in Agile practices describes the process, and how it speeds up Web application delivery.

A Closer Look: Oracle Acquires BEA

The move seems to have come out of nowhere. What does it all mean?

What's In Store for Storage 2008

Disaster recovery tends to become a focus during any period of economic uncertainty -- and 2008 will deliver uncertainty in spades if market pundits are correct.

The Original

Creator of the java programming language, James Gosling.

Build Web Apps With Java

Google Web Tools let you code Web apps in Java and then compile them to JavaScript and HTML. Java guru Joshua Bloch described some of the nuances at a recent event on the topic.

Virtualization Key at Oracle OpenWorld

Plans for Linux, Fusion and 11g were also part of the announcements at recent Oracle user group meeting.

IBM To Acquire Cognos for $5 Billion

IBM’s bid marks the third acquisition this year of a prominent BI and PM pure-play vendor.

Microsoft's Oslo: Putting SOA on the Map

The initiative builds on previous Microsoft enterprise strategies, with the aim of fostering model-driven development and service-oriented architecture.

Agile Process Showcased at IT Architect Event

Architects got an earful on the proper way to do agile software development at a recent IASA event.

Speed AJAX Development With ATF

The new AJAX Toolkit Framework promises a comprehensive open source solution for JavaScript-based development of data-intensive, Web-based business apps.

Improve Business Productivity With AJAX and SOA

Commercial toolkits have made it easier for developers to create AJAX apps, but it also helps to work in an RIA/SOA environment, says Tibco exec at AjaxWorld.

Access Cloud Data With Astoria

A Microsoft rep shows how to create and consume data services for the Web, using a simple HTTP interface for AJAX-based Web sites and RIA apps.

VMworld Shines Spotlight on Virtualization

Products and partnerships announced at event.

Usability and Design for Rich Web Experiences

Websites that provide a rich Web experience get more clicks and make more dollars, all else being equal. The trick is figuring out what users regard as rich.

Microsoft and Open Source: Friends or Foes?

Both views have their advocates.