In-Depth Features

The OOXML Appeals: What Next?

In-depth Q&A analyzes what developers can expect after the appeal's expected defeat.

Spring Gets Expanded Java Annotation Support

Spring 2.5 embraces annotations in a variety of new ways.

Q&A: IASA's Paul Preiss

Paul Preiss champions the role of software architects.

Master Builder

Paul Preiss champions the role of software architects.

IBM Computer Achieves Petaflop Performance

A National Nuclear Security Administration supercomputer reaches an operational rate of 1 petaflop, making it the world's fastest computer.

SOA: It's the People, Process and Orientation

Disputes between rival IT factions can stop an SOA project dead in its tracks.

Microsoft Outlines 'Social Networking' Vision

Exec says Live Mesh key for tying together various online and offline solutions

In Search of Trust

Microsoft's end-to-end trust initiative is long on vision, but short on developer details.

Microsoft To Release SOA Tool Paving The Path To Oslo

Looking to broaden the reach of high performance .NET applications across multiple clustered tiers and platforms, Microsoft this week will release a sample application, tutorials and benchmarks to help simplify the development and deployment of service-oriented architecture (SOA) composite apps.

The Return of Ada

Ada, used mostly by the aviation industry, is forgotten, but not gone.

Keeping SOA Under Control

Runtime governance is the key to healthy SOA applications

What To Expect in NetBeans 6.1 Beta

This latest Java IDE release includes Ruby, JavaScript and MySQL integration improvements.

RadRails 1.0 Adds Options for Ruby Coders

This latest Ruby IDE release features improved installation, plus a few customization features to suit your coding preferences.

What's New in IE 8?

Microsoft's latest Web browser beta includes new development tools and AJAX enhancements, plus features for users.

Open Source Computer Donation Program Aims To Go Nationwide

Northern California effort pulls together volunteers to get computers to schools.

Trustworthy Computing: Examining Trust

Microsoft's Trustworthy Academic Advisory Board has been keeping tabs on security issues -- external as well as internal -- that continue to challenge Microsoft's developers. Here's a peek into the board, which marks five years on watch.

VSLive! San Francisco Preview: LINQ to SQL Q&A with Perry Birch

Perry Birch shares his take on the best LINQ to SQL features, and walks you through the biggest changes from ObjectSpaces and more.

Study: The Year's Top-10 Web Application Vulnerabilities

Web applications top the list of security problems for IT, study says.

Managing Batch Processing in an SOA

An IBM expert describes how to adapt batch-processing operations when your infrastructure has become service oriented.

Build a Reuse Framework for SOA

Some say the benefits of reuse are exaggerated. Prove them wrong by implementing a plan of action.