In-Depth Features

A Different End-to-End Solution

Ted Farrell addresses the challenges of SOA-based implementations.


App developers saw the largest jump in salaries compared to other IT staff positions covered in the survey for the second year in a row.

2005 Java Pro Editors' Choice Awards

See what products won in development, architecture, and platform categories.

Effective SOA Management

Your management system must ensure that the business processes running and exposed as services in the SOA live up to expectations. Paul Lipton shows you the way to effective SOA management.


Java tools undergo an extreme makeover... Thanks to the influence of Eclipse's open-source tooling platform, the new face of the Java IDE will resemble a lean plug-in environment rather than the traditional feature-stuffed tool suite.

Aligning Business Goals, IT Projects

At Java Pro Live!, IBM's Lee Nackman spoke of the convergence of Java, Eclipse, and SOA and how aligning business goals with IT projects reflects the collapse of communication barriers worldwide.

Make Optimal, Legal Use of Open Source

Ira Heffan discusses the issues you should consider when reviewing open source licenses.

5 Keys to Authoring Successful Patterns

Patterns are not a panacea, but they can improve productivity and quality. Peter Varhol offers five practices that can help you integrate patterns into your development efforts successfully.

Both Sides Now to Business Intelligence

For a number of reasons, enterprises are doing far less building and much more buying today. The consequences of this transition have blurred a once-clear ROI picture.

New Technologies Debut at PDC

Bill Gates led a keynote team that demonstrated new technologies in data access, Web development, and more.

5 Best Practices for Portal Apps

Learn some tips for building and deploying rich, flexible, and personalized applications quickly and efficiently through a portal.

Collaboration Tools Go the Distance

Software development managers have discovered that the right tools and techniques can make globally dispersed teams nearly as effective as under-one-roof, traditional teams.

Risk Management: From Adversity to Advantage

Many enterprises, and IT teams specifically, are implementing sophisticated risk-mitigation strategies that let them better understand and more effectively manage the risks they face.


Businesses are relying on data visualization software to wring greater value from their data, get a better handle on their operations, satisfy customers and stave off competitors.

Embedded App Dev at the Crossroads

Some enterprises are developing hybrid, or interdependent, applications that have both conventional (client desktop) and embedded (mobile or wireless) components.