In-Depth Features

Testing in Application Lifecycle Management

Understand the five phases of the application lifecycle, and learn which tests to perform in each of them.

Application security comes under attack

There's a renewed focus on application security, but experts say most enterprises still don't have a handle on how to go about fortifying their apps. That's partly because getting control of the app-dev lifecycle to add security measures is just plain tough.

New ways to police the enterprise

More important than ever, intrusion detection and prevention systems offer new ways to reduce data overload and false alarms.

Options on demand

Enterprises use utility computing, Software-as-a-Service and other on-demand models to ply new markets, serve customers and use IT resources more efficiently.

Managing Enterprise Governance: When the Enterprise Outgrows the Span of Control

Discover how EA and governance give managers the necessary tools for streamlining user services and creating platforms that deliver faster and cheaper services.

The SOA-wise enterprise

All the fanfare about service-oriented architectures falls short when IT teams still learn the hard way on these projects. Best practices are emerging, but some analysts say it's too soon to rely on early lessons.

Best Practices for Design and Modeling

Here's how to look for warning signs that might indicate future problems, and how to balance your design decisions accordingly.

Catching the Java Wave

Open sourcing Java was the buzz at JavaOne, and discussions among attendees influenced part of the 2006 Java Technology Roundtable. Find out the experts' views on the state of Java.

The Experts of the Roundtable

The 2006 Java Technology Roundtable comprised a colorful cast of industry thought leaders. Get to know the panel, wikipedia style.

Bringing Mobility to the Table

Java mobile development is a hot topic in the IT industry these days, as evidenced by considerable discussion at the 2006 Java Technology Roundtable. Here's a highlight from the event.

Really Big Storage on the Cheap

How a pair of protocols and unique interconnect software can lead the way to inexpensive storage

Behind Big Blue’s SOA/Mainframe Blitz

Big Blue announced initiatives to help programmers and ISVs get that old-time mainframe religion

SOA, BPM and Model-driven Development: Creating the Perfect IT Storm

BPM is both a management discipline and a technology platform; modeling complements -- and is a critical aspect of -- a larger BPM strategy.

Moving the Enterprise Platform Forward

Just in time for JavaOne, the JCP approves the openly developed Java EE 5 spec unanimously. The latest platform offers ease-of-use features and an overhauled programming model.

SOA: The Services Are Out There

Successful service-enablement requires a high degree of visibility into an organization’s IT inner workings.

A Season of Disasters: The Signs Are There

Forget the tape versus multi-hop-mirroring battle. Our storage analyst, Jon Toigo, has some suggestions.

5 Practical Tips for Enterprise Architects

Enterprise architects are poised uniquely to make distributed development more effective. Apply five practical strategies to communicate effectively and drive business forward.

Podcast: Securing Your IP-Centric Network

In the age of IP standards, what should IT do to secure its network?

New Budget Mainframe Targets SMEs

For a starting price of $100,000, customers get Big Iron hardware and software along with specialty processor engines

Innovator Awards 2006

ADT’s 12th annual Innovator Awards recognize the work of IT teams who developed—and deployed—unique apps to solve their company’s business problems.