In-Depth Features

The Mainframe Capacity Conundrum Revisited

zLinux or Big Iron J2EE workloads perform better and are cheaper than their RISC- or Intel-based alternatives

CA Teaches Old Databases New Tricks

How many new tricks can you teach an old pre-relational database? Plenty, especially if customers are still actively banking on it.

Case Study: Software-as-a-Service Quickly Enables File and Application Sharing

On-demand application suite offers big benefits for a small company

Distributed Computing, Specialty Engines Bring Companies Back to the Mainframe

The cost of distributed complexity—which is also measured in air conditioned BTUs and kilowatts per hour—is about to get even more expensive

Are You Ready for Enterprise Architecture?

Before you realize the benefits of EA, you must communicate its value to the business so that it''s implemented properly.

Maximize the Value of Your EA Program

Facilitate coordinated change throughout your organization by establishing a comprehensive enterprise architecture (EA) program.

Podcast: Protecting Mobile and Remote Users

Best practices to keep mobile and remote users safe

Survey Says Big Iron a Solid Bet for the Future

The mainframe is entrenched for the long haul, respondents say

Sometimes It’s Not a Storage Issue

Trying to reconcile the technologies and products offered by the storage industry with the actual problems confronting IT can seem like a thankless job.

Reducing Complexity in the Enterprise Data Center

Businesses need to be agile. An interconnect-driven server architecture may help. Here’s how.

Speaking of Programming Languages

Are PHP, Ruby, and other languages a threat to Java? Is there room on the platform for the others? See what experts said about programming languages at the 2006 Java Technology Roundtable.

Records Managers Are Suddenly Sexy

Data management should stand on its own as an umbrella effort driving all of IT’s efforts, because the essential task of IT is data management.

Best Practices for IT Migration Projects

Eight best practices to keep the user experience front and center during IT migration projects.

An Architecture for Your Mid-Size Apps

Learn how you can architect a structurally sound system that will grow over time and accommodate changing requirements.

Plug In RBAC Security for Enterprises

Reduce maintenance costs from security logic that is interwoven with application logic. Apply a simple design that lets you plug in a role-based access control component.

Case Study: HIPAA Concerns Push Network Security Solutions

A federal regulation forced a medical center to lock down privacy, which coincidentally increased savings.

IBM and Microsoft Crank up the Pressure on Rivals

IBM and Microsoft made significant data management-related announcements last week

Tooling of the Java Trade

In any discussion of Java and the Java platform, tools can't be ignored. See what the expert panelists at the 2006 Java Technology Roundtable had to say about IDEs and other tooling issues.

How Vista’s Arrival Will Affect the Security Market

Vista’s arrival will shake up the $3.6 billion Windows security market. Here are the implications for IT managers.

The reality of virtualization

As the business world catches on to virtualization, its value beyond hardware consolidation may surprise enterprise users.