Diving into DevOps

GitHub's New 'Actions' Adds CI/CD Features

GitHub unveiled an upgrade of its Actions workflow automation and customization solution today that comes with a new bundle of continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) capabilities. The new version is now in beta.

Compuware Adds DevOps Pipeline Integration, Other Features, to Topaz

Compuware kicked off the new year by unveiling a new set of enhancement for its Topaz mainframe DevOps solution, including new functionality in Topaz Team Profiles that facilitates knowledge-sharing between experienced mainframe developers and newer generations.

DevOps Intelligence Gathering: What Are We Measuring Here?

Tim Buntel, DevOps Advocate at XebiaLabs, advises companies to focus on a combination of global measurements (traditional metrics from across the organization) and outcomes (delivery of software with speed and stability).

Database DevOps Adoption Accelerates, Lags in Some Industries

While more enterprise developers and their teams are adopting DevOps practices across both applications and databases, a Redgate Software survey suggests some industry verticals are "turning their backs on DevOps."

DevOps 2018: What to Expect in the Coming Year

Our DevOps specialist dives into predictions for the coming year concerning DevSecOps, serverless architecture, "after agile" and more.

Need for DevOps Talent Prompts New Specialty at Toptal

For anyone out there still harboring doubts about enterprise interest in DevOps, consider Toptal's recent launch of a new on-demand talent specialization focused on "meeting the rising need for skilled DevOps engineers."

OutSystems Marries DevOps with Low-Code

The low-code development specialists at OutSystems aren't going to be left out of the DevOps revolution, having added a new set of DevOps features to its namesake development platform specifically designed to help enterprise IT shops adopt low-code practices that accelerate app delivery.

Compuware Launches Topaz on AWS

Compuware took another step along the trail it's been blazing for the past year to "mainstream the mainframe" by making its Topaz suite of development and testing tools available on the Amazon Web Services cloud.

Opening a DevOps Bottleneck

Toad DevOps Toolkit addresses a potential bottleneck in the continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline: Oracle database changes.

Atlassian Striding Toward 'After Agile'

"We're asking, what's the next step? How does Agile evolve? How do we extend the reach of enterprise teamwork?"

Jenkins World 2017: CloudBees & Electric Cloud Diving Deep for DevOps ROI

John finds two new solutions marking the next step in the evolution of DevOps: CloudBees DevOptics and ElectricFlow 8.0.

The DevSecOps Skills Gap

Without baking in proper training and education, a new study suggests that the rush to adopt DevOps practices might be leading enterprises to an insecure place.

CollabNet and VersionOne Merger Combines DevOps and Agile Expertise

The two companies expect the combined organization to "set a new standard for integrated software delivery," and give them a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving DevOps marketplace.

Shippable Enterprise Advances 'DevOps Assembly Lines'

Shippable Server is designed to unify DevOps tools and activities behind-the-firewall into software "assembly lines" that provide control and visibility across all DevOps tools and processes.

Compuware Integrates COBOL Unit Testing Tool with DevOps Platforms

Compuware advanced its ongoing mission to "mainstream the mainframe" with new integrations of its Topaz for Total Test unit testing tool with the Jenkins source code automation server, the SonarQube continuous code inspection platform and its own ISPW source-code and release-automation solution.

Annual State of DevOps Report: It's Now About 'Transformational Leadership'

The evolution of DevOps continues apace, and the sixth annual "State of DevOps Report," published today, suggests the next phase of that evolution will be driven by what the report's authors call "transformational leadership."

Atlassian Furthers Quest to Bring 'DevOps to the Enterprise'

Company releases Bitbucket Server 5.0, Bitbucket Data Center 5.0 and Bamboo 6.0.

Scrum + DevOps = ScrumOps

"It's a total misconception that it has to be either Scrum or DevOps," Scrum.org CEO tells John. "And there's a tension between the two that is wholly misplaced."

New DevOps Maturity Survey: You Might Not Be Where You Think You Are

One finding: Companies implementing DevOps are often "sharing tools, but not knowledge."

Microsoft Adds Database DevOps Tools in VS Enterprise 2017

It's another step in the company's goal of driving DevOps earlier in the development process.