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Our Agile Architect Saves the World!

This is the completely true and not at all exaggerated story of how I, the Agile Architect, saved the Earth from complete and utter destruction. I'm sure there's an agile lesson in there somewhere.

Box 'Reimagines' Its Developer Experience Platform

Box released a group of updates including a new visual API navigator, a new developer console, and new interactive and crowd-sourced documentation.

DevOps Security: Turn Security into Code

A presenter at the upcoming RSA security conference explains how security must be continuous and automated to be successful in DevOps.

The Stress of Agile

Agile software development can be stressful. Recognize it, admit to it, deal with it, fix it.

Compuware's 'Mainframe Renaissance' Continues with Topaz Release and MVS Acquisition

Firm steps up its DevOps-on-the-mainframe campaign with new COBOL testing tool and batch automation acquisition.

Continuous Delivery Enables DevOps Reality

According to the self-described "Code Curmudgeon," leveraging the advantages of DevOps will require organizations to shift from test automation to continuous testing -- which are very different things.

Swimming in DevOps

In which we assess the state of DevOps one survey at a time.

Improving Agile With Self Organization

Agile proponents promote self-organization. But what does this really look like? It turns out that achieving real self-organization takes...organization.

Respect and the Agile Workplace (a.k.a. 5 Failings of Your Humble Agile Architect)

Who needs respect? It's more important to be right! And to be right, you have to be heard. So go ahead and talk over your colleagues. It's for the betterment of the project. Am I right?

CollabNet's Big DevOps Move

DevOps Lifecycle Manager is a new platform for managing the entire DevOps toolchain.

Microservices and Docker: The PB&J of Modern App Delivery

Electric Cloud CTO previews upcoming talk at the DevOps Enterprise Summit.

Atlassian's DevOps Strategy

Atlassian doesn't bill itself as a DevOps company, but it finds itself in the middle of the DevOps movement. Here's how it got there.

Making the Agile Standup Obsolete

A standup meeting is supposed to be an effective way to have a quick, meaningful team meeting, yet it is routinely despised as being too long and a waste of time. And it can indeed be a waste of time. Our Agile Architect explains why you might just not need a standup.

Compuware: Bringing DevOps to the Mainframe

From new APIs to collaborative IDEs to Agile-friendly SCM and more, Compuware is making a major push to innovate mainframe development and maintenance.

14 DevOps Leaders Join Forces

CloudBees, Sonatype, GitHub, CA Technologies and 10 other IT solutions and service providers have announced that they are forming an alliance with the goal of making it easier for enterprises to adopt the software stack needed to implement DevOps in their organizations.

The Agile 5 Minute Daily Standup

A standup meeting is supposed to be an effective way to have a quick, meaningful team meeting. Yet it is routinely despised as being too long and a waste of time. Our Agile Architect investigates ways to turn that around.

DevOps: The Novel (and More)

In this first edition of John Waters' new "Diving into DevOps" column, he talks with DevOps Guru Gene Kim why he and his co-writers took a different approach with writing "The Phoenix Project," and a bit on the evolution of DevOps since then.

How To Win With Agile By Cheating (a.k.a., Rules Are For Other People)

Agile rules can sometimes become a barrier to progress and even be perceived as impenetrable. Our Agile Architect spins a story about recognizing these artificial barriers and how to break through them.

How To Be a Superhero Software Developer, Agile or Not

If you've seen any trailers for movies lately, you know that superheroes are the new hotness. In a blatant rip-off of the genre, our Agile Architect describes how to have your own secret origin as a super software developer.

The Softer Side of Agile: It's Not Just Coding

Our Agile Architect, for whom Spock was his primary emotional role model, brings in a ringer to talk about the soft skills required to be successful in the agile world.

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