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Building Apps Through Conversation

Microsoft's Copilot in PowerApps allows devs to describe the app they want to build, and then an AI will design it for them. This development has our columnist almost speechless.

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Help Your Citizen Developers Succeed and Thrive: Start Small!

If you want your fledgling developers to succeed and thrive, our columnist advises, give them some "band-aid" projects they are likely to solve. It will build their skills and their enthusiasm for the role.

Artificial Intelligence and the Citizen Developer

The evidence of the growing impact of AI on the tools and platforms used by citizen developers is inescapable, our columnist observes. If the low-code/no-code platform providers are embracing the value of this "collision of computing crazes," shouldn't you?

Climbing Out of the Skills Gap: What a Citizen Developer Needs to Know

The "software skills gap" is nothing new, and it keeps getting wider because we can’t seem to train enough coders fast enough. The solution a growing number of organizations are turning to is the citizen developer. But according to our columnist, a great citizen developer needs more than basic training.


The Citizen Developer’s First Challenge: Choosing a Development Platform

It’s safe to say there are hundreds of low-code/no-code application development platforms currently available, with more on the way. Having so many choices can be as much of a challenge as it is an advantage. Our columnist offers advice and strategies on the critical task of evaluating and selecting an LCAP.


10 Characteristics of an Ideal Citizen Developer

Anyone could become a citizen developer, but it's not for everyone. Our columnist offers a list of 10 essential personal traits of the model citizen developer.

Coming to a Low-Code Platform Near You: Artificial Intelligence

AI is everywhere--even in your low-code development platforms. Or it will be soon. Our columnist looks at the potential of this technology for citizen developers.

How to hire a Citizen Developer

What should you look for in a Citizen Developer, and how should you go about hiring one? Our columnist explores this challenging aspect of an evolving job title.

The Citizen Developer as Ideal Digital Transformer

Our columnist explores the idea that the Citizen Developer can be a much-needed catalyst for digital transformation in the enterprise.

In the Beginning

Our columnist looks at the early days of low code/no code development through the observations of a toolmaker who saw it coming.

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The Key Role of Citizen Developers in Creating Digital Transformation

Citizen developers live in the department or business that is considering digital transformation--which means, our columnist observes, they have the potential to accelerate your software development and lighten expensive forklift upgrades.

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Key to Citizen Developer Success: Set Everyone’s Expectations Properly

Low-code/no-code platforms enable people with little or no coding experience who know the processes being supported and the functionality required to build the apps themselves. Realizing the potential of these platforms in your organization, our columnist explains, will require some planning and a shift in expectations.

If You Can't Beat 'em, Support 'em!

Our new monthly columnist starts a conversation about at the evolution of a relatively new role in the enterprise enabled by platforms that radically change the nature of how applications are assembled, and which may hold the key to a more productive relationship between business users and IT.

A Visit to the Automated Testing Zoo

Our Agile Architect wants to talk about lessons learned from his experiences with test automation. As usual, he does it in his own unique way.

Building New Software? Beware The Tail: It Could Destroy You!

Our Agile Architect muses on the total cost of ownership of software and the ongoing cost, after initial development, of paying back technical debt due to bugs, low-quality software, and lack of automation.

Want to Make the Right Decision? Procrastinate Until 'The Last Responsible Moment'

Our Agile Architect offers some last-minute, just-made-the-deadline observations on the positive power of procrastination.


Crafting the Perfect Agile Retrospective

Our Agile Architect leads you through all the things that go into crafting a perfect agile retrospective.


Scientists use Big Data Techniques to Solve for Pi

Big Data analysis is being used to solve problems never before attempted. Our Agile Architect reports on a new technique that is groundbreaking in the breadth of its application.

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Crafting the Perfect Agile Demo

Our Agile Architect leads you through all the things that go into making a perfect agile demo.

Why CEOs Should Care About Test Automation

As CEO of a tech company, you've been briefed by your VP of IT on the benefits of test automation. While the reasoning seems sound, it clearly is not an area you personally care much about. You should care. A lot! Our Agile Architect will tell you what your VP should have.

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